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  1. + support He chill cool and he do be doing a good job as Gm and admin and stuff!!!
  2. o7 (p.s. I will totally stop asking purge and ic "why do you all sound the same". You Won!)
  3. +support He's is literally the best choice and he was the best medical vice commander!
  4. +Support Rose is actually a great medic. Funny and creative, and plus i can get away with murder easer
  5. If you want to see the full thing go to here, if you don't want to do that just read below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BQC9VRiYw2CjqWiewBcbiV2wZDoNdLxE4drZzlWVQAM/edit Document Made By: ISB Enlisted ██-███ ██████████ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Of Report: 10 BBY Name: Kavis █████ Age:22 Original Home World: Naboo Current Home World: Coruscant Previous Occupation: Havoc LTCOL. Current Occupation: Medical LTCOL. CL Level: 3 Date Of Birth: 32 BBY Crimes: [REMOVED] (note: it appears our documents have been edited for an unknown reason, most likely sabotage.) Early Life: [REMOVED] (note: Again? It seems someone wants to hide something.) Adulthood: From his own account, he says he went to a university for a major for engineering and a minor in biology and medical studies. After completing his studies, he went to work for the imperial army and joined the battalion of HAVOC. After joining it he was perfect, but he was injured multiple times, his legs got destroyed, and the left arm from his account it was from Admiral Joe pressing a detonator activation button. A few years later The HAVOC Company was disbanded and All but one of HAVOC revolted, Kavis actively helped the empire against his former friends. After the revolt he joined medical, and it seems he will stay that way for now on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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