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About Me

  1. 1. What’s your In-Game Name? Just GJ 2. What’s your SteamID STEAM_0:1:614209203 3. What is your Rank? Elite Medic, Senior Combat Medic 4. Total strikes you’ve ever received? 0 5. How many warnings do you have on GL? 2 6. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 8 7. Why do you believe you should become a Medical Command member Now why I should I be command, Well I know a lot of medical staff which are very cool. I all so been in very diffient branchs like, e11, Sec, and CI. I have all been learning a lot about what command does over time when I'm free. I have been very active on medical to the point that the only thing that I play is medical on GL. I have all so been training alot of trainee the two week so we could have more medical. I would like to end this off by saying that I hope we have more medical in the near future so we can grow medical further and make it better. 8-1. You have found a Resident Medic in HCZ, what do you do? The first thing I would do is ask how he got into HCZ and why he is in HCZ if he says that he got in there by accident I would warn him not to go back in there and explain to him why he is not supposed to be HCZ. Now if he went in there on purpose I would ask why he is in there if said like he is squading with MTF I would not mind but if he is not with someone I would take him back to LCZ and tell him not to go to HCZ and give him something like a stike in a way. 8-2. There is a Medic requesting to be trained for Field Work, how would you train them? I would make sure that he can be trained for FW by checking the Roster then I would train him by explaining what FW does in the first place. I would next give him the SOP to FW and tell him to read over it. Then I would whitelist him and log it the utility promotion logs channel in the discord. 8-3. You see an Experienced Medic shooting D-Class in D-Block, what do you do? Now if i see a EXM shooting D-class I would ask him why he is shooting the the d-class in the first place and why he is in d block and I would explain why he should not shooting the d-class. But if I see a Combat Care Unit shooting d-class I would most likely think he is shooting the d-class because they pass the red line(I didn't know if to add CCU so added it anyway). Now if it was a Field Work I would ask him why he is shooting the d-class in the first place and explain why he should not shooting them. (I would all like to say that I would not ask why the FW would not be in d block because he can be in in D block at his rank)
  2. 1. What’s your In-Game Name? Snowwx 2. What’s your SteamID (e.g. STEAM_0:1:55975235)? STEAM_0:0:464519709 3. What is your Rank? Senior Medic 4. Total strikes you’ve ever received? 2 for inactivity when I came back for the 2nd time in Nu7. I was simply just not playing anymore. 5. How many warnings do you have on GL? One warn on January 11 2021 for LTAP 6. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 9 7. Why do you believe you should become a Medical Command member (100+ words)? Personally, I think I would be a great add to the medical command team. As a former Nu7 MAJ/HSU/RRH/Moderator I think that I gained a lot of experience with interacting with people and solving problems. I think that it made me a better leader. I feel more comfortable giving out orders and leading my people to get better as "players". I am a very "talkable" person. What do I mean by that is that I am always open to listen to you if there is a problem or anything. I am always open to suggestions on how to improve things or anything else. I like helping people, I like solving problems and I like having important tasks or responsibilities on my shoulders. It would not be the first time I am a Command Member. I gained a lot of experience with my past journey in Nu7 and I know how being a Command Member works. I really love to be in this branch, I think that this is very enjoyable and fun. I get to meet new people each days and I have a lot of fun playing on Medic. If I get accepted into the Command Team, I swear to remain loyal to the Medical Branch and lead our people forward. I will train people, answer to questions, guide our medics into the right path, help the facility and of course, have fun! It would be my pleasure to be part of this wonderful team! [The following questions are intended to test your response and ability as command. You must answer 2 (two) of the questions, though you may answer all 3 if you wish.] 8-1. You have found a Resident Medic in HCZ, what do you do? I would definitely talk to that Resident Medic before doing anything else. First, I would ask him if he was squadding with people before I found him. If he didn't, I would inform him calmly that this place is restricted for Resident Medics and that he need to stay in LCZ except if he is squadding for a patrol for example. I would tell him to not do that again because it could lead to punishments like a strike. If it's just an involuntary error because he just joined the branch, that's how I would deal with the situation. I usually refer people to the SOP when things like that happens but I feel like it's important to explain the situation too to make sure the person understood. 8-2. There is a Medic requesting to be trained for Field Work, how would you train them? I would double check their medical rank to be sure if they are eligible for the sub-branch, if they are then I would tell them to come with me in the bunks so I can train them for Field Work. I would give them the link for the SOP in-game or in TS and then start reading/explaining it to the trainee. I would explain everything in the SOP so they 100% understand how everything work ( I would make them test the items afterward like the defibrillator ). I would give them the whitelist for the job then log it in #utility-subdivision-training-logs when everything is done. 8-3. You see an Experienced Medic shooting D-Class in D-Block, what do you do? I would take the Experienced Medic with me to the bunks and make him listen to me. First, I would explain it that Experienced Medic may only enter D-Block if there is no Field Medics on, and if no protocol is called. ( Let's assume there was a Field Medic ). I would explain him that he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place and that it's written clearly in the Medical SOP. I will additionally tell him that Medics are non combatants and that they can only fire their weapons against others if they get shot first. If he seem to understand what I am explaining I will simply verbally warn them and the next time they do something like that it will result in a strike.
  3. A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR SECURITY, AND POTENTIALLY THE SERVER! What are you suggesting? I suggest we add more roleplay to security! We can't all just be combat 100% of the time and that is why we in security recruit so much but barely keep a fraction of the members of that week! It could boost recruitment for us, add more things for security and D - Class to do aside from gun each other down every 5 seconds, and finally make more people stay with the server as a whole. Well, what idea are you talking about Charlie? Well, my friends let me tell you this! As security, we are consistently dealing with an armed threat against our and the safety of the site as a whole. But how do we add better chances? Have more safety? And allow security to do more? Well, my friend, it's simple! Conduct pat-downs and searches! No, not unreasonably or threw unneeded force but threw either willing participation on the D - Classes end, or RP hostility, negativity, and threats against security that gives us reasonable suspicion to put them under fear RP and conduct a pat down. It would go like this! [STEP 1: GET D - CLASS FOR SEARCH, STEP2: BRING THEM TO A REASONABLE AREA, STEP3:CONDUCT A SEARCH THREW A /ME, STEP4: BOTH SIDES ROLL, STEP5.A: IF D - CLASS ROLL HIGHER ANY GUN OR CONTRABAND THEY HAVE ON THEM WILL NOT BE RPLY STRIPPED, STEP5.B: BUT IF THE GUARD WINS IT WOULD BE STRIPPED AND THE D - CLASS WOULD NEED TO RETURN TO LOWER D - BLOCK TO GET ANOTHER ONE RPLY AND I MEAN THEY NEED TO GO INTO A CELL AND CAN'T USE IT ON UPPER D - BLOCK TILL THEY DO SO AND GET ANOTHER ONE FROM LOWER D - BLOCK.] Another Idea for some more RP that would really kick up security is medical and psychological evaluations by medical professionals! Why would we do this? Well for testing we need the best results on what it can do to a normal human being not a mentally demented scaredy cat. Plus, this would add more to medical giving them more to do, allowing security to do more escorts, and giving D - Class an opportunity outside their cell which they could use to escape! Not just that but if a D - Class is heavily injured they could be rushed to the medical bay. Remember our D - Class supply is not infinite, we will run out eventual so we should take care of what little amount of them that we have even if they are a little bit demented or insane, they should get the help they need so they can give us the best results for the tests at hand! Hell, and maybe we can figure out why they want to kill security so badly and maybe we can spare a few more security lives! D - Class interrogations! Why should we even talk to these dumbos? Well with our supply of wardens that want to slam their hands on mental desks and yell out questions this could bring more sense to where D - Class might be getting its gun supply. Or resources? Or a large supply of contraband that allows them to have so much. With interrogations it would allow wardens to do a bit more, security gets to learn how to interrogate so if they do want to go into wardens they have a better handle on it, and lets D - Class RP out some strange figure named Billy Bob Joe that somehow has both a scar on their eye but they wear glasses? But overall using local rooms that aren't commonly used for interrogations would be another fun way to bring more people in! How would this change better the server? Well, my strange friend! It could better the server by adding more roleplay to security, making this server just a tad bit more fun in turn making it even more of a blast! Potentially changing how new players feel on the server so instead of feeling lost or bored and leaving, they are getting interrogated about TONY SPAGHETTI arms/pizza smuggler in D - Block! It adds a whole slew of new potential RP scenarios that could be played out by all of our fine people in security, medical, wardens, and D - Class! I know this will add more fun because people leave this server, or security because they are tired of just sitting behind a barrier all day or being cooped up in D - Block for so long. We had suggested this over in the security side of the discord months ago but since it was more of a server-wide suggestion they were ignored. Now I think we have an opportunity to make something even better than before! Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. Well, I think it works hand in hand with the rules already. Players have to follow the RP of getting their weapons stripped, but it could add some more potential staff sits if D - Class decide not to follow the rules of being stripped of their weaponry but it's so dumb because they could just Ya know go back into lower D - Block. If there are any disadvantages, I don't think they would be too big. Hell, small is as far as its goes' worst-case scenario. But that's my thinking if you think of something comment on it and I will dm back with what you could probably do/implement to solve it. Who would this change mostly benefit? Probably SECURITY, D - CLASS, and MEDICAL do to the majority of the RP stuff including them, I think maintenance if we decide to clean D - Block but who knows!
  4. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 69TH PRLM LTCOL RussTime 0385 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 69TH Medical Corps 3. Why do you want to be a vice commander of this branch? I want to be a Vice Commander of Medical because it has been one of my goals abet since I joined not only the server of reaching a high rank, but also has been my goal since I joined Medical. I have tried many times to prove myself worthy and am going to continue to show everyone that I can uphold a high position and help with some major problems that may pop up whenever they may. Another reason I want to be a Vice Commander is to prove to everyone that no matter if you start out with nothing, you can gain everything through hard work, perseverance, and leadership. This is something I take with me to ANY server I join and use it as a sort of mentality. Also to add along with my other reasons are that I have spent about 6 months in Medical and been raised by great people such as Hex, which was an amazing Commander and even Senior Commander when that was still a thing. With my knowledge about Medical, I feel like I can go even farther than expected and make a great Vice Commander. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? Around 3 weeks from the tab menu but around 5 months going off of my first join 5. What is the Main Purpose of a Vice commander for a branch? To assist the Commander in doing roster updates and taking care of the battalion while they are away to make sure everything stays stable and does explode on fire. They also are tasked with managing some Officers in which will then possibly become also a Vice Commander in the future. Vice Commanders are there to guide them into what could be their future position and shape them into either a better officer or just a better person. With Vice Commanders, they will know a lot about the major things in a division and can always be able to answer a question anyone has or find out the answer. With them helping their command team in getting new people, training new officers or NCOs, and of course help run a battalion is a very big job for anyone to do. Finally by having a Vice Commander, it gives people a chance to show if they are good enough to lead a large amount of people and move into the world of possibly even being a Commander or maybe even a part of High Command. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I feel that I should be trusted because not only of my experience in Medical, but also how I am towards others and how I am in all my other lives. As also an Admin in the server, I am entrusted to maintain a professional and orderly relationship with everyone no matter what. Another thing to note is that I have gained the trust of many different people and battalions. In the past I have been a Shock NCO twice, I am currently a high DT NCO, as well as me being a Vice Lead of Crimson Squad for IC while reaching the rank of 2LT. With these many feats have I gained trust from many people into which I have NEVER betrayed and will NEVER betray them and throw their trust away like it’s nothing. Finally with these to close out, I have been entrusted in leading a subdivision for over 3 months now and it has been doing amazing. The people are great and they trust me to lead them into a positive direction and make good choices for the sake of the Pararescue Squadron. 7. How often can you be Online? : Around a couple hours on week days but on weekends, around 6+. Time will fluctuate but I will definitely have time to play a pretty good amount. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 0, I am clean Note: This was done on phone, there might be some mistakes I may have missed and which I will fix once I am on my PC. I will also be making the text easier to read and be adding a pole as well once I’m on my PC.
  5. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 69th LTCOL Ken 9988 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 69th Medical Vice Commander 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? The biggest reason I want to join the 69th Medical command team, is the community as that is my favorite part of the server and of Medical. And there's days where I'm on the server all day talking to people and helping people with any issues or problems as I do enjoy that. And I believe that if I join the command team that I will be able to help people more, making their experience better, and make them want to come back and keep playing as I wish for everyone to have a great experience on the server. Cause at the end of the day it's just a video game and I want people to laugh and smile while they’re playing and to enjoy the community and overall just be happy on the server. My main goal if I get the position is to just make sure those in medical will have fun and enjoy medical as much as I have. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? At the time of writing this I have 554 hours on the server 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? I believe the main purpose of a command position is to be the face of that battalion and to be a leader to help others and to make the battalion and the server more fun. And as a vice commander it is their job to help out the command team by making meet notes, roster updates and much more. And I also believe that a vice commander should help with any document updates and to help make sure everything is going well and smoothly, a vice commander should also be there for anyone when they are able to be. As with being a part of command your battalion will be looking up to you, And a Vice commander should there absolute best in not letting anyone down. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I believe that I am trustworthy as I have been in medical for a while now and I have been trying my best by helping people out with any issues and giving people tips/advice and healing and making sure people will not die in events/missions. I also believe I am trusted by most on the server as I try to solve and help with any problems/issues rather than trying to start any. And I also believe that I am always trying my hardest for those on the server even when I'm not mentally the best and I think I do that just because of how much I enjoy the community and how much fun I've had talking to everyone and wish to do that as a vice commander for any new players, I wish for them to enjoy the community and to have fun on the server and to join the community. And that is why I believe you can trust me. 7. How often can you be Online? : I can be online almost all afternoon as work days end somewhere from 2pm-4pm EST depending on how much work I have left to do and my discord dms and activity in the channels can be open all day long I just might not see it right away. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I do not have any warnings at all
  6. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : RussTime or 69th RMS MAJ RussTime 0385 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Medical Vice Commander 3. Why do you want to be a vice commander of this branch? I want to become a Vice Commander of Medical because ever sense I joined the server, I have loved Medical and it has been a battalion I have stuck with for a while now. I had Hex give me tryouts to join Medical and ever sense that day, I have wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a command member of Medical. I want to become Vice Commander so I can have more perms to do stuff that I think would benefit the whole battalion and help out others. Finally I want to be a Vice Commander so I could promote more people that deserve it as I do see many people that go unnoticed that should be getting the promotions they deserve. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? As of me making this application, I have 393 hours but have been connected with the server for about 4 months now but in this short time I have accomplished many feats and hardships that I've encountered. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/2376272 5. What is the Main Purpose of a vice commander for a branch? What I think a main purpose for a Vice Commander in a branch is for them to assist not only their whole battalion but their Officers and especially their higher ups or fellow VCMDRs. A Vice Commander should be helping their Officers in getting quota and answering any questions that they may have. They should also be helping their Commander with meetings and setting up stuff whether that should be them doing roster updates, meeting notes, and anything else they need. Vice Commanders are very useful for controlling a battalion if in case a Commander becomes busy or needs to take time away from the server. With a Vice Commander available, they could take over for the Commander for the time being and keep the Battalion active and moving forward. Finally Vice Commanders are used to speak out for all their battalion on opinions they have whether that be on the job or just things inside of their battalion. 6. Why should we trust you to be a vice commander? : I believe that I should be trusted to be a Vice Commander because I am a dedicated and determined player and am very hard working. I am very familiar with controlling a high position in a battalion and even a whole regiment because of my past experiences from other servers and from being the leader of a sub battalion in Medical (RMS = Rescue Marshal). I know how to working with people positively and not cause any drama with anyone for any reason at all. Finally I think I should be trusted to be a Vice Commander because of how open I am with everyone and how trustworthy I am and if anyone needs anything I try my best to see if I can do anything for them. 7. How often can you be Online? : Mostly daily but if not I would update anyone needed if my activity will not stay consistent 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 0 Warns, 0 Bans
  7. 1. What is your IGN? (Ingame Name) : 69Th DIR COL Sharky 6798 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 69Th Medical Corp 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? When I first joined the server I joined medical and I have been with medical almost ever since. I love medical I have devoted hundreds of hours to the server most of them on medical. This battalion has been my escape from life as I have grown Into a young adult. Starting as PVT I sounded like a 8 year old in a BO2 Lobby [Not a joke]. So its good to say I have grown as this battalion has. and just as this battalion has had its down falls, so have I but I've never given up on on the battalion Nor has it on me. The only thing I love to see is for medical to strive as it once had, and for it to strive more. I have been been at the top of the ranks for a while now and plan on it being like that for a while no matter where it goes or where I go and that includes moving to Florida. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 972:18 Hours as of writing this just short of 1000 in the last year 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? Two of the biggest things is to assist the commander with whatever he needs the other main thing is looking over the battalion. Helping the commander with issues, mostly helping with easy tasks to take the weight off his or her shoulders. as well as lending a hand to officers if they need assistance with problems they do not know how to solve. Dealing with issues in the battalion, which is a wide variety including dealing with troopers dealing with bugs as in finding issues in documents that need to be fixed. In general managing lots of tasks 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : As stated before this server and this battalion has helped me with so much, It has helped me grow in many ways The biggest way of gaining trust is time in which I have been in medical for a long time as well as been an officer for a long time. On my last application people mostly said I need a bit more time and experience in which it has it has been three more loving months in medical since then. Personally I feel like I have grown a lot since then, many of you may have other opinions on me and I am fine with that I'm here to offer what I am able to give. With that said I have a FAT spot in my heart for medical. 7. How often can you be Online? : When school starts I will be able to do 4 hours a day during the week and as of Right now I am In the middle of moving we are going to Florida near the end of the month that's why I have been Simi-active since the start of the month but once we are there the server will have my fullest attention BATTLEMETRICS: https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/991991216?servers[4604844]=3M&servers[7991938]=3M&servers[10985401]=3M&servers[11522563]=3M&servers[15120335]=3M 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : In my year and one month of playing. I have Zero Warnings SIDE NOTES: I just want to say thank you for viewing my application. also It has been a thing I wanted to keep Simi quiet about but some people have said they don't like the way I talk that is mostly due to Asperger syndrome which is on the autism spectrum so if I have said anything that may seem rude to anyone I probably did not mean for it to sound like that, and I have been working on it for the past couple of months.
  8. If you want to see the full thing go to here, if you don't want to do that just read below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BQC9VRiYw2CjqWiewBcbiV2wZDoNdLxE4drZzlWVQAM/edit Document Made By: ISB Enlisted ██-███ ██████████ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Of Report: 10 BBY Name: Kavis █████ Age:22 Original Home World: Naboo Current Home World: Coruscant Previous Occupation: Havoc LTCOL. Current Occupation: Medical LTCOL. CL Level: 3 Date Of Birth: 32 BBY Crimes: [REMOVED] (note: it appears our documents have been edited for an unknown reason, most likely sabotage.) Early Life: [REMOVED] (note: Again? It seems someone wants to hide something.) Adulthood: From his own account, he says he went to a university for a major for engineering and a minor in biology and medical studies. After completing his studies, he went to work for the imperial army and joined the battalion of HAVOC. After joining it he was perfect, but he was injured multiple times, his legs got destroyed, and the left arm from his account it was from Admiral Joe pressing a detonator activation button. A few years later The HAVOC Company was disbanded and All but one of HAVOC revolted, Kavis actively helped the empire against his former friends. After the revolt he joined medical, and it seems he will stay that way for now on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. What's you're in-game name and rank? 69th RCS CPL Rose 2453 What's your timezone? Australian Eastern Standard Timezone, or AEST What's your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:173691913 How often will you be able to be active and at what times? Practically 24/7 due to loose work arrangements. Or, to be more specific, around 12AM - 7AM AEST Why should we trust you as a Medical NCO? I legitimately wish to help fellow Medics in their tasks to take care of the ship; be it due to our *Totally* ethical tests to the serious surgical procedures, and to prove the Medical's worth as the best than the rest Why should you be a Medical NCO? Because I believe that due to my flexibility and consistency, that I would be able to appear whenever the Empire needs it Why should we accept your application over other applications? I dont believe that I'm better than anyone in any regard, in fact, if I dont get accepted, than it is understandable, I dont mind as I can still try my best regardless of the outcome to improve on my skills as not only a Medic, but a Trooper as a whole Do you have any warns? (And what for?) Once, I was RPing as a Prisoner and since I'm a Tier 2 dono, I decided to increase the RP experience further and switch to a Shock trooper to order them to release the prisoners (I did not use tha arrest baton or anything and I didnt switch my name at all to be clear) but I was pulled into a sit shortly after and was warned. I didnt know it was that serious, but I regret it to this day despite it only being yesterday/the day before still
  10. 1 What is your in-game name? Hagrid 2 What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:556556459 3 What is your rank on the Naval Roster: Midshipman 4 What specialties are you applying for? medical overseer 5 What Naval Command (Commodore +) gave you permission to apply? rear admiral sauce 6 What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? I think I can improve the branch I will be responsible for by doing lots of fun sims to get people online and activity up. I will also do lots of tryouts to up our numbers to the point that if anyone is sick/injured they can be immediately cared for. I will also guide other enlisted into becoming the best they can be, while also working closely with other officers and the medical command team. To help pass along new regulations and rules. 7 Why should you be trusted with this position? I think I should be trusted with the rank because I am a loyal staff member and have spent tons of time working in naval and on the server. So, if I were to abuse my power it would not just leave a bad taste in my mouth but one on both battalions as a whole. It would also lead to me not being allowed back into medical so It would cut out two of my favorite battalions. 8 Why do you want this rank? I want this rank because medical was the first battalion I joined on the server and had tons of fun. I left to see what other battalion had to offer. But I have Alway's had a feeling that I should have never left and now that I have taken a love to naval I thought I could use my knowledge of the medical to help improve it. I have also spoken to members of the medical battalion to ask about what I could do to better help them if I was chosen. They have voiced there concerns to me and I will start to improve them IMMEADIETLY. I was told, "more things to do, we usually just sit in medbay" 9 Do you understand that if you receive a strike, you will be stripped of this rank? Yes, I do 10 What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: The purpose of my branch is to oversee the health of the ship. Making sure the enlisted are up to date on rules to guide them into being the best they can be. Whilst also listening to the command team as well as learning from other officers in the medical battalion to better myself in medical knoloage.
  11. Name Of Job: Utility High Command Job Model: Same Job Description: Same Job Weapons: Same Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Model: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Needs to be able to blacklist for SCP- 208 | Needs to be able to whitelist for Utility Trauma Engineer —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Medical Senior Command Job Model: Removing: models/player/blackmesa_scientific.mdl Adding: models/sentry/gtav/service/vdoctorpm.mdl Job Description: Same Job Weapons: -tfa_mp40 +tfa_vector Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Needs to be able to whitelist for Utility Trauma Engineer Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2341416569 —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Medical Command -> Medical Low Command Job Model: Removing: models/player/blackmesa_scientific.mdl Adding: models/sentry/gtav/service/vdoctorpm.mdl Job Description: Medical Low Command members have proven themselves loyal to the SCP Foundation, displayed through their exemplary work in their surgeries, checkups and precise care when on duty. Much of their effort has led to success and growth for the Medical Department and will continue to do so over the years. Medical Low Command personnel are made up of Surgeons, Doctors and Supervisors. Job Weapons: -tfa_mp5sd -tfa_csgo_revolver +tfa_smgp90 +tfa_model500 Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Needs to be able to whitelist for Combat Care Unit (Level 40+) Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2341416569 —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Job Name of Job: SCP-208 (Level 100+) Job Model (Model Paths): models/player/dr_schwaiger.mdl Job Description: SCP-208, also known as “Bes,” is a man of Egyptian heritage. They possess the ability to regenerate cells of anyone within their area. Due to their passive nature and helpfulness, they are allowed to roam LCZ and assist with any injuries. They are allowed in other parts of the Facility with escort. Job Weapons: wow_regrowth, gl_medkit, guthscp_keycard_lvl_2, csgo_m9 Job Salary: 200 Job HP: 250 Job Armor: 0 Job Slots: 1 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Access to /site and /utility SWEP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1603152262 This SWEP is a medium-ranged healing ability that has a cooldown. Intended to efficiently heal someone instead of making them stop and wait to be healed. Blacklistable by Utility High Command and Director Of Logistics Needs access to medkit charges (gl_medkit_charge) in F4 menu —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Senior Medic Job Model: Adding: models/sentry/gtav/service/vsurgeonpm.mdl Removing: models/armacham/scientist/scientists_1.mdl Job Description: Medical Senior Enlisted are members of the Medical Department who have shown dedication and experience when dealing with emergency surgeries and care for the sick and wounded. They have slowly built a reputation amongst fellow foundation personnel and hence, earned a spot as a Senior Enlisted. Medical Senior Enlisted personnel are made up of Senior Medics and Elite Medics. Job Weapons: -tfa_uzi +tfa_mp9 Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2341416569 —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Medic Job Model: Adding: models/sentry/gtav/service/vsurgeonpm.mdl Removing: models/player/kerry/medic/medic_01.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_01_f.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_02.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_02_f.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_03.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_03_f.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_04.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_04_f.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_05.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_05_f.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_06.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_06_f.mdl models/player/kerry/medic/medic_07.mdl Job Description: Medics are the junior enlisted of the SCP Medical Department. They are newly trained into the branch and have been tasked to tend to any sick or injured foundation personnel. They are necessary to maintain proper hygiene and a healthy environment throughout Site-50. They have a security clearance of Level 1. Job Weapons: -tfa_colt1911 +tfa_sig_p229r Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2341416569 —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Changing to Doctor Vladimir (Silver+) Job Model: -models/player/dr_schwaiger.mdl +models/player/blackmesa_scientific.mdl Job Description: Doctor Vladimir has been transferred to Site-50 after the events of [REDACTED]. Known for his unique and flawless methods, he has been equipped with high-grade medical equipment and a level 2 keycard to assist the Medical Department with the routine work performed around the site. Job Weapons: Same Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Defibrillator Charges need to be accessible through the F4 Shop Menu, Needs to be stated in the MOTD that he can only buy charges for himself. —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: E-11 Rapid Care Unit (Bronze+) Job Model: Same Job Description: Same Job Weapons: Same Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: 150 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): N/A —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Field Medic Job Model: Same Job Description: Same Job Weapons: Same Job Salary: Same Job HP: 125 Job Armor: 50 Job Slots: 3 -> 5 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): N/A —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Medical Research Job Model: Same Job Description: Same Job Weapons: +gmod_camera Job Salary: Same Job HP: 100 Job Armor: 75 Job Slots: Same Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): N/A —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Job Name of Job: Utility Trauma Engineer Job Model (Model Paths): models/swtor/combatmedic/combat_medicaldroid.mdl Job Description: Utility Trauma Engineers are highly trained medical or maintenance personnel converted to advanced robots equipped to deal with any injuries or broken doors with extreme efficiency. They have a level 3 security clearance and may roam LCZ or HCZ at any time. Job Weapons: Tfa_scoped_taurus, Tfa_ump45, Guthscp_keycard_lvl_3, Keys, Ztm_trashcollector, Weapon_physgun, Gl_armorkit, Gl_medkit, Weapon_physcannon, Broom Job Salary: 200 Job Sprint speed: 250 Job HP: 125 Job Armor: 125 Job Slots: 3 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Access to /site, /utility | Needs the ability to buy gl_medkit_charge and gl_armorkit_charge | Should be immune to SCP-610 & SCP-049 | Needs to be able to be whitelisted by Maintenance Senior Command, Medical Senior Command, and Department High Command —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Combat Care Unit (Level 40+) Job Model: Same Job Description: Same Job Weapons: -tfa_honeybadger +tfa_acr Job Salary: Same Job HP: Same Job Armor: Same Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): N/A —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Of Job: Maintenance Senior Command Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Needs to be able to whitelist for Utility Trauma Engineer
  12. Name: Infinity boot Rank: Supervisor Date: 2/4/2022 (as of starting) Update: Resignation from All Branches...AKA Medical 9/1/2022 - 2/5/2022 Sappy Sob story part VVV Yeah, It sucks that I am leaving on such short notice, many of you may not have known I was even contemplating leaving, But this has been slowly becoming apparent over the past Month or so. As much as I love the server, Gameplay and Community, I am just not having any fun with The game, I took LOAs but that didn't fix it, I came back, wanting to play with friends, but it is hard to do that when I, AT BEST, can run the server at about 15FPS, most of the time I might as well be doing a slide show. The Glitches and Bugs I encounter are horrible as well, I know these are Client side problems and not server side, JMT, SMTs, Managers, ETC are doing as best they can keeping a 16 year old game running as smoothly as it can. But that doesn't stop my computer from being a depressed potatoes, So Absolute Burn out, Horrible gameplay problems makes it so attempting to even get on the server are just...not worth it. Like I said before; not blaming anyone, Y'all are doing great at what you do. NOW THE SAPPIEST PART! Talking about people. - New rowphin: Dude, you are the reason I got so high in MR and in Medical, you stopping and being so nice in my early tests helped so much, Seeing you soar through the ranks and now be a Manager is great! Keep it going dude, HOMS and CI CMDR here you come. - Biggie Cheese: I know you aren't in Medical anymore but, you are worth a good mention...you are pretty cool dude, great miner in Minecraft as well, hope you do great as foreman! - Twix: Left Twix is better, lmao. - Dustin: Working as an MR and then DHMR under you was Awesome, able to write up the long tests and then having you bump up your standards is a highlight of my stay here. *CM FTW* - Nefario: you trained me, you got me into this, the amount of relaxed you were in training was pretty cool. Though selling my soul to satan may be a breach of contract. - Nauda: why you gotta just leave ;-; - SGT Salvador: it was great working with you when I could, you have Full Rights to the Rasputin scale of Toxic- whatever I called it. Random or General ones: - Coltable and Skela: your kidneys will be mine forever. - Sparkle: The man hunts you did after me for saying "you are the eye candy Equivalent of getting Raisins for Halloween" was really damn fun - GENSEC: Chill, fun to chat to, and awesome. as I say on a soundboard somewhere "you had me at penis." - Chaos Insurgency: 60% of you are awesome, 40% are sad sweaty tryhards, Figure out who's who >: ) - MTF: Way less sweaty than the ones on Revival servers, still have no idea how to refer to Cold Sil-[REDACTED] - Hockey (Kitler): you know who you are, always funny to see your speech bubble and go "oh hey it's Kitler!" - Fakelamp: Hope you get DHMR, also STOP SMOKING IN MEDBAY DUMBASS! thank you. Hope you all enjoyed reading that text Dump, It was fun Playing with Y'all! Hope I can be not poor and get a better computer to play again. GLHF - Infinity Boot
  13. 1. What’s your In-Game Name? Fakelamp 2. What’s your SteamID 0:0:235057420? 3. What is your Rank? elite medic 4. Total strikes you’ve ever received? none 5. How many warnings do you have on GL? none (I have no idea how to post screenshots here so please feel free to DM me for a screenshot) 6. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 8-9 7. Why do you believe you should become a Medical Command member (100+ words)?I believe that i should be a member of medical command due to a multitude of reasons reason 1:As i am currently typing i live in an extremely inconvenient timezone,allowing me to be particularly active during off hours hence allowing more people like me who live in an extremely inconvenient timezone to much more easily receive recognition for their dedication to medical and further more Reason 2:I think i am deserving of the rank of doctor due to the fact i am capable of making sacrifices such as leaving all combative branches and exiting my comfort zone so i might have a chance of joining medical command and the red right hand program. [The following questions are intended to test your response and ability as command. You must answer 2 (two) of the questions, though you may answer all 3 if you wish.] 8-1. You have found a Resident in HCZ, what do you do? firstly,I would question the Resident medic about why he is in HCZ i would then ask in utility comms if there was any patrol going on and that if they had lost a resident medic along the way, Should there not be one at the moment i would i give the resident a verbal warning and telling him if he continued he would be striked and exiled from the branch 8-2. There is a Medic requesting to be trained for Field Work, how would you train them? Firstly.I would tell him the basics of what field work is and does around the facility and ask him if he would like to continue, Should he still wish to continue i would give him the link to the field medic SOP and tell him to alert me once he is completed reading,then i would give him the test for him to complete.If he passes the test he will receive the Field medic Whitelist. 8-3. You see an Exp Medic shooting D-Class in D-Block, what do you do? firstly. I would question the Medic to why he was shooting a d class,should he be shooting the d class unprovoked i will strike him and warn him not to do it again,however should he be shooting the d class in self defense i will continue to allow him to do so
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z7uhYZ91kfF4XnJjOz9_HzX-eIDiFdv2OG5dqljIg0U/edit?usp=sharing
  15. 1. What is your Ingame Name: Tazza 2. SteamID (steamid.xyz if you need to get it): STEAM_0:0:60015001 3. Rank: RFM ExM 4. Time on server: 2 weeks 5. Total strikes ever received: 0 6. How many warns do you have on GL: 2 7. Who gave you permission to apply: Rowphin, Consario 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 8 9. Why do you think you’re fit for ACM (60+ words): Well I've had experiences with the medical branch & a few combatant branches so I know what I'm doing when I play on a combatant + I know how to conduct all types of surgeries, check ups (and potential therapy sessions if so needed) I am really good in a team or even a group of people, I know the layout of HCZ, LCZ & EZ pretty well, so when I'm needed somewhere besides LCZ I can get there really quickly!
  16. 1. What is your Ingame Name: Fakelamp 2. SteamID (steamid.xyz if you need to get it): 0:0:235057420 (i have been promoted to medic but it hasn't been logged yet) 3. Rank: Medic 4. Time on server: 3 weeks (i had a higher amount of time on this server however it got resetted) 5. Total strikes ever received: 0 6. How many warns do you have on GL: 0 (im not sure how to send photos on the forum please DM me for the picture of the amount of warns i have. 7. Who gave you permission to apply: Chief manager Consario,Supervisor Kruschev 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: I would say a 7-8/10 9. Why do you think you’re fit for ACM (60+ words): I can be active during off hours due to the fact that i live in a timezone that is nearly the opposite of EST, I know when to be serious and when to be not,I have previous combat experience as a MTF SM, which i plan to leave in the event that i pass and become a ACM,Lastly i wish to help out more actively in the safety and well being of the foundation members during off hours as i know how hard it is to find medical attention during off hours,Lastly i believe becoming ACM would help me in my road to becoming a member of the RRH engineers. 10: (Bonus question, this is in no way required, but it gets you some brownie points) CI is currently raiding. You see an MTF E-11 CPL at 27% health running away from a fight. Just as you start to examine his condition, an MTF A1 Captain comes up to you and asks you to help them fend off the CI. What do you do? Firstly. I would patch up the E-11 CPL then help the A1 captain in fending off the CI.
  17. **The "Rasputin" Biohazard index.** Is meant to be a helpful index in which to catalog and Classify the many Biohazardous SCPs there are on site, there will be a second edition that is meant for those that create Entities that move, such as SCP-049-2, SCP-610, SCP-008-2 and several others. If a Hazard is at or above Rasputin Biohazard Index (RBI) IV it is REQUIRED to be handled within a Biohazard suit and PPE, Specially designed PPE, or by remote methods such as HLPR bots and RIS units. **- Class of Object:** (Safe, Euclid, Keter, [REDACTED] or Unknown) **- Range of Infection:** (in meters/yards) **- Chance of Infection:** 0-10 (0 = Near totally Avoidable in day to day activities, 5 = Enclosed or densely populated outdoor areas are high risk. 10 = all trace contact will lead to infection. **- Gestation period:** 0-10 ( 0 = 1+ year after infection, 5 = within a month of infection, 10 = Within 1-3 days of infection.) **- Symptom Severity:** 0-10 (1 = nearly unnoticeable, 5 = Severe Raspatory, intestinal and Cardiovascular problems 5-20% chance of death, 10 = 90%+ chance of death and/or Severe Mutilation and organ failure.) **- Mutability:** 0-10 (0 = no natural mutations recorded, 5 = once every 3 months, 10 = nearly every new host. **- Medicinal resistance:** 0-10 ( 0 = no medicinal resistance, 5 = strong prescription medications work, 10 = Total or near total medicinal resistance.) **- Chemical resistance:** 0-10 (0 = Extremely weak Chemicals disinfect, 5 = Standard Medical Disinfectants work, 10 = Extreme Industrial Chemicals have little or no effect.) **- Environmental resistance:** 0-10 (0 = must be inside of prime host to survive, 5 = Harsh temperatures and environments sterilize, 10 = Extreme Environmental factors required/extremophile) **- Extra Anomalous Effects:** **- Notes:** **Tally scores from above.** -/70 (class I is 0-14, class II is 15-29, class III is 30-44, class IV is 45-59, class V is 60+)
  18. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : MC DIR CPT Fred 1212 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Medical Vice Commander 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I have joined medical for a while now, i have seen the good and lows of medical. I know medical has always been struggling to get new people and to keep it alive. Witch is why i want to be Vice Commander, i would be able to help medical more than i could of before. I also understand the responsibilities of being a Vice Commander, but im not afraid of them if it means making Medical more active than before.It will also let me get closer to other fellow command who will be able to give me tips and tricks. I also want to be able to give the most fun to my fellow troopers and make them more proactive in and out of game. The other thing that gives me the certitude of being able to command Medical is the fact that i have been taught by the best of the best which includes Keegan and Catbob who were well know and respected Command member and who have my utmost respect and admiration. I know that other very respected candidate are also applying for this position and even trough i think that i feel like im perfectly qualified to take the position, they still are good friends and i wish that their application are also as important as mine. I also think this is a very good way to improve my leadership skill and my communications skill which are not only good in this game but in life in general. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? around 224 hours, and that is only the beginning 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The Commander of a branch purpose's is to show the example of it's troops and the one who has to make the important decision for the regiment it's the commander's of. It's also the one who needs to keep their troopers in line. Being Commander is also encouraging their troops to do Sim, trainings and mission and help them in the process, giving them tips along the way. It's also the one responsible with interacting with the other battalions other than it's own and discussing the different choices that need to be made in other battalion or the one their currently leading. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I understand the responsibilities and the difficulties of being a Commander. I also know when is the time to be serious and to handle things when they get out of control. I also am able to lead troopers and make them listen to me when i tell them to do something. I always listen to those around me, higher up or not, i always make sure to listen to their opinions and taking them in accounts before doing actions or decisions. I also know that i am not perfect, i make mistakes like everyone but i also strive to improve myself and to learn from them. Also,i am always friendly and try to be as professional as i can be on the job to make the other's people experience as great as possible.There's also the fact that i listen well to orders and that i would never disobey an order from someone who is higher rank than me.The last thing point that makes it feel like i should be chosen is the simple fact that the troopers under my battalion always treat me with the upmost respect and always express it to me, which made me apply because if they didn't respect me or listened to me i wouldn't have applied for officer or for this application. 7. How often can you be Online? : I can be online pretty often on Gmod, which is almost every day, if im not able to be on im almost always online on discord . 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Nope
  19. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gnxshcZibE-Ax5E_vf5aYz6VD0a5O594QIn1nVwbAPc/edit?usp=sharing - the link is for commenting, so errors can me corrected on it like that. - this is meant for Project Clean up crew, so Dustin will grade it on that. - this is also meant for a competition me and Dustin are doing, it will be graded by Twixx and others he has chosen. - yes, I will be butthurt... everything hurts.
  20. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RaqjH_FzqgTkgLHPeruyro7P-BVZZ_feUXkwZNoIfH0/edit?usp=sharing
  21. In-game Name: Infinity Boot Rank: SMS EM THIS IS A COMPLILATION OF TESTS, IT WILL BE UPDATED. Special thanks to: ammonoium (escort) johnny Richmond (Willing test) Specialist thanks to: Initial Resource Assessment: Small motor, D-class, Morphine...not much Total Resource Consumption: Roleplay Aspects: Removing a digit (Left pinky in this case), finding the nerves and attaching the nano-wires. not much special yet. Idea: Nerves can give Electronics commands Via nerves Basic Description of what you will do: remove something from a D-class, attach electronic devices to the body and then give commands to move it. Hypothesis: The body can give commands. Test 1: Observations (can be a video or audio): The small motor was able to get Commands and move when the D-class attempted to move his pinky. Detailed description of what happened during the test: D-class was taken into the Medbay OR, he was sedated but kept awake, soon I removed a finger, slowly finding the nerves and attaching the mirco-wires. With some difficulty I attached the wires, the motor turning on. i gave the command to the D-class to move his pinky, the stub slowly moves, the motor moving around slowly, clearly showing it has command. once completed the D-class had his pinky attached and was returned to medbay. Test 2: Observations (can be a video or audio): Detailed description of what happened during the test: Test 3: Observations (can be a video or audio): Detailed description of what happened during the test: Test 4: Observations (can be a video or audio): Detailed description of what happened during the test: Conclusion: Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: What did you learn?: How Can This Benefit Medical?: Ability to create new limbs for those injured in battle is Great, and with no tiring effect, they will be far more stable in surgery if on a Medical Personnel.
  22. BASELINE PERSONALITY RECONSTRUCTION THERAPY In-game Name: Infinity Boot Rank: EM MS Special thanks to: GMR boy (assistant), Astro (willing test), Spanish (Willing test) Specialist thanks to: Severus ICR0, Assisting in the formation of the idea, testing, escorting and reminding me of Wardens and how they MIGHT have an interest in this. Initial Resource Assessment: D-class, Amnestics, TVs/screens and psychedelic drugs, and assistant. Total Resource Consumption: Amnestics, D-class, Sirens, screens, LSD, assistants, escorts, several cuffs and voice actors. (told it was for a game.) Roleplay Aspects: The D-class would be Given the Test link and would answer them, I or an assistant would Grade it and give the final test result. once the test was done the Subject was taken to a modified Padded cell, where it was being filled with Class-A amnestics and LSD. TV screens were Flashing random images of Black and white figures. Speakers playing loud siren or static sounds, whilst strobe lights were being run. all of this combined would break down many people mentally, works better after long periods of Sleep depredation. for the first roll the Patient will have to roll 70+ (60+ if they are of high rank) second roll must be of 80+ (70+ for High ranks) third roll to finally get them under your control is 90+ (80+ if high rank) thru this if the Patient rolls over one of those numbers twice, the Therapy has failed and you cannot continue. Idea: With the materials at hand a Skilled Researcher or Medical Researcher + MTF oversight could Brainwash a subject. Like GOI [REDACTED] is able to do and has done in the past. Basic Description of what you will do: Give a D-class a test, attempt to change their personality thru amnestics, Drugs and Sensory overload and suggestion (...so SCPRP MK Ultra). Hypothesis: The """T H E R A P Y""" would Make a subject do what we tell them, or what is ingrained through Media in the late stages of brain washing. Observations (can be a video or audio): Several D-class were of the mental fortitude that they were able to withstand the Personality Breakdown, leading to their termination. for having mentally scared or deranged D-class is worse than normal. Several were Broken down to the point that messaging was able to be implemented. Detailed description of what happened during the test: First things first I talked with a few people of what I should do, and I came up with the idea of making the D-class take a test and see how hostile or passive it is (open for others to look at), along with a spread sheet of who was it and their answers, along with the Document of the final results and THEN ANOTHER DOCUMENT for the answer/quiz key. after that large time I finally took a few D-class, they took the test (6-8 D-class took it). Once the Documentation phase was done I compiled the data from the test and spread sheet onto the second document Via the answer key on the first (can you tell I put a lil too much work into this?). Somewhere in this Section I met Chair and Seb. we talked about Boobs for like 20 minutes. pretty fun. (I promised I would put this in here.) Finally, we were able to go onto the Third phase: actual testing. The first D-class was Fairly passive when it came to the test. The test was muddled and a bit confusing since it wasn't fully fleshed out at that point. Though The D-class was put into the Cell, the Heavy drugs and Sensory overload taking it's toll, the D-class was taken out and told if he was going to give in, he refused and was taken back into the chamber, given another Round of degradation, This time the D-class was able to sustain his mental state, he was taken out and given a dose of LSD, and put back in. yet again he was able to maintain his mental state...he was terminated after this was noted. Second test was far more successful, the Patient being degraded to a point where the messages were able to be fed to him Via auditory and visual means, the Screens in the room playing the message and actions he must do. the request was "you are Michael, you hate D-class" the D-class Subject was then put in 432 with another one, his voice changed and was far more aggressive to the other, leading to them fighting a bit, Subjects were detained and taken back to D-block. D-class "Michael" was later found killed at the medical line, presumably Attacked by other D-class. the third, fourth and fifth test were Interrupted by breaches, Raids or Riots, causing them to be indeterminate. These methods could be used without Amnestics to get information from a [REDACTED] Soldier if they are caught. If it is needed I may propose this to other Branches in the Site if they are interested, Specifically Mobile Task Forces or Wardens if they deem it fit for their needs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tFQaMuv4Y-M4pNaTaLENEm5xYigD8WyXwecoGLL5cSY/edit?usp=sharing (Test Results) https://forms.gle/kC2isbQQNUD5DyDN7 (test) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vEykjRz2KWxXFKtoWbVVXmmr7643pllzUf9LHhQdoU8/edit?usp=sharing (Test Grading Format) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zJVQ4zXO6ezTCUfzMom4bz3aedoko8bRK56r9VPFFqw/edit?usp=sharing (Grades Results, notes) Conclusion: The Methods are there, though further testing may be needed to keep the Ability up (REFINING SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME) Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Partially, I did not assume many were strong enough to resist these kinds of Circumstances. What did you learn?: GOI Group [REDACTED] must have something to do this so often. Changing the base personality does indeed change more about them than I would expect. How Can This Benefit Medical?: This Experiment is not particularly about Medical benefits like my others (Drugs and Cultivation Tests), though the ability to Extract Information from [REDACTED] personnel may be beneficial to help reverse their methods or our own medical practices.
  23. In-game Name: Infinity Boot Rank: MS EM Special thanks to: The fallowing people! part 3: Sober (Test) and Exalura (Escort) part 4: Trainoverlord (Escort), Salvador Test), Naudia (assistant) part 5: I was unable to get their names to put down Initial Resource Assessment: Standard Drug testing Equipment Total Resource Consumption: Standard Drug testing Equipment and lots of Escorts. Roleplay Aspects: Same Roleplay aspects as in an older Forum post, Though without an assistant it kind of is boring. When numbers are given (i.e. 78, 84+15) it is saying what it rolled at the successful test, the first number was the roll it got during the testing phase, the "+15" is notifying that an assistant or secondary party Modified it, giving it an edge on working during the testing phase for something to be considered "Successful" it must roll a 71, or 56+15 in the testing phase. anything under will be considered a failure at what it was meant to do. Idea: That if I compile the rest of these Test results together Consario won't hate me for flooding the Forums or having to read so many posts. Basic Description of what you will do: Same as the last few times, attempt to synthesize and Create Drugs that can do Various things for Medical and the site as a whole. Hypothesis: The Drugs will Be able to do what they are meant to with minimal side effects, as well as being approved. (important Parts below) SUCCESSFUL DRUGS: - Immune Response Suppressers IRS (success, rated 90 to 95) - Blood Congealing Agents BCA (Success, rated 100+15) - Oxygen Glucose Solution OGS (Success, rates 77) - Organic Material Dissolvent OMD (Success, 92) - Mitosis Enhancing Agents MEA (Success, 94) IMPROVING DRUGS: - Oxygen Glucose Solution OGS (the Success is a little low and I would like to make it higher. DRUG TESTING #1 PT 3 Observations (can be a video or audio): The Observation is that Doing these without an assistant to Modify when needed does hinder the ability for it to be done. Though it was not as best as i wanted, OGS has passed the test (77), Further testing may be done to get it to a better condition but for now i do say it may be moved to a Limited Site personnel test. Detailed description of what happened during the test: Sober (Test) and Exalura (Escort), were taken from D-block to Medbay OR room, whilst working there were MANY distractions, like an MTF with a Shaman hood on, a Maintenance blasting music and slamming doors, a firefight... normal things. Though the first test we did was the OGS, the first attempt was a failure (36) and was found to be too Thick and Rich for the body to handle (93). Second attempt went the same way, failed (13) though this time it was far too weak (23). in the third and final attempt I got the Chemicals to work as intended (77), it wasn't the best but it DID in fact work as i wanted. so i marked it down here as a success The second drug i tested was the MEA, the first attempt was FAILURE (10), and was way too slow to actually help (25). the second attempt was much the same, a bad mix (19) and was too slow (37)...now the third and last attempt had the opposite problem, it still failed (38) but this time it was far too fast, which could lead to Tumors and unwanted Growth. DRUG TESTING #1 PT 4 Observations (can be a video or audio): that "Trioxide-monoarzinide" (O3AZ) Aka Organic Material Dissolvent #1 (OMD) is able to Effectively Cut through Organic material in a VERY Quick manor with "Minimal" amounts of damage to non-organic materials. Detailed description of what happened during the test: D-class was brought into OR for the test, he was rambling about Dave and busters a lot, and for some reason the OR was COVERED in Rubber ducks, I mean at least 30 on the table and floor, the D-class stated this was "because you angered Dave and Busters" or something. in the actual Test the first attempt was a Failure (64), with the Solvent Doing too little damage to organic (44). the second test was also a failure (35), along with the Solvent being HORRIBLE (5), im sure Lemon juice could go faster than that. in the third test Naudia came to help (thank you so much), though she found nothing bad with the Solvent. when applied it was a bit too effective at dissolving (57), the material started Burning the Rubber boots and the metal bucket, causing a somehow worse smell than before (84). on the fourth attempt Naudia found nothing wrong with it as well. though this time when it was tested it was doing AMAZING! (92), eating away the Organic material while leaving he non organic behind easily. I would recommend Some tests with approval from HC to attempt some Tests on the main purpose for OMD, SCP-008, SCP-610 and SCP-[EXPUNGED]. DRUG TESTING #1 PT 5 Observations (can be a video or audio): The MEA agent was able to Heal at least minor wounds (aka Large, semi-shallow gashes) within 5 minutes, leaving a Partially healed scar. Detailed description of what happened during the test: the D-class was taken with a bit of trouble from D-block and taken to the OR, a researcher came in with us and decided that Defecating in the OR sink was a good idea...and did it... FUN! after the researched left I synthesized the Chemical mix needed and injected it just above the Wound...Ii witnessed the Wound slowly sealing shut, able to be easily healed within 5 minutes! so I say it was a success! (94). though the D-class sadly was taken away (Left the server) and i wasn't able to get their name, or the Escorts...they know who they are. thank you! Conclusion: The Chemicals shown to Consario and other Command do in fact work and just needed time. they MIGHT be used later for Help in Surgical and other needs. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: "The Drugs will Be able to do what they are meant to with minimal side effects, as well as being approved." - yes, they were able to do what was intended with soaring success! now long term effects should be tested and they still need approval, though I do count this as a success What did you learn?: Boot leg medical is fun, Rowphin is an awesome guy. and that researchers really need to get into Chemistry! also the fact that making new Chemical agents is hard. How Can This Benefit Medical?: Many reasons these Agents and Solutions could Assist, stopping bleeding, speeding up healing, getting rid of SCPs we don't like... and what i am most excited about is the fact i may resume my Tissue Cultivation tests! and maybe get Researchers for other tests.
  24. In-game Name: Infinity Boot Rank: MS EM Special thanks to: Consario (Suggestions), Dr. Oregon (assistant) feelingCalm (willing test) Arson (Escort) Specialist thanks to: Dr. Oregon for Helping me get one of the drugs to practical Perfection. Initial Resource Assessment: Cryo-containment, Chemical solutions, an assistant, a Chemical Synthesizer, 1-2 D-class and at least a few Normal Medical supplies. Total Resource Consumption: Cryo-containment, A lot of Chemical solutions, assistant, Chemical Synthesizer, 1 D-class and a lot of Normal Medical supplies. Roleplay Aspects: Now since Synthesizing Medicine isn't talked about much i came up with a system (Consario, Oregon and Other Medical Command can ask for it to be changed.) step one. The Chemical must be Synthesized Before being made, now with an assistant you will do a Basic roll off. If the assistant wins, you modify the Drug and get a +15 to the Testing phase. now if the Main tester wins, the Drug is not Modified and gets no Bonus. now in the Testing phase, the Main tester will apply the drug and Roll, if the Roll is above 70, it Succeeds (so with modification 56+15 will go over), making the drug do as intended, higher the number, the better. now if it rolls under 70, the Drug fails, and you will do another base roll to see what went wrong. Over 50 means it's too strong, under 50 and it's too weak. you may try 3 times before the Test fails and you will have to wait or get another D-class Idea: The Chemicals tested beforehand can be improved Basic Description of what you will do: Take a D-class, make a drug, modify if needed, inject it and record the results Hypothesis: If synthesized and with an assistant it will Be improved faster. Observations (can be a video or audio): the Blood Congealing Agent was MASSIVELY improved, while the Glucose Solution Agent Was not Improved. Detailed description of what happened during the test: the BCA (Blood Congealing Agent) Failed the first time (56), also being too thick (21) though when we tried it again, Oregon found something wrong, modifying the solution we tried it again... it was everything i hoped for (100+15 for the Mod) AND MORE! i am Proud to say that the BCA could be used on Personnel in willing Tests. Second Drug tested this time around was the Glucose Solution Agent (GSA), on the first attempt Dr Oregon Modified the Solution and we Injected it near a wound (52+15), it was too thin (23), so we redid the test. The second time, Dr Oregon Modified it again, injecting it into the Patient Gave the same Dissapointing results (34+15), now when we Saw that it was Thin yet again (2), leading to us to try the third (and final) time with the drug. this time Dr Oregon found nothing bad with it, so when i injected it...it was TERRIBLE (2), when we looked at it closer, the GSA was FAR too Rich, damn near Poison (94). after that failure I Stopped the Test. BLOOD CONGEALING AGENT: The Basic RP with The BCA is that to use it, a Patient must have bleed at least once before during MEDRP, and it cannot be Applied while the patient is bleeding. Once BCA is Applied, the next time the Bleeding happens (aka failing a roll), the Medic will not have to Do the roll, using up the BCA use. though they are allowed to roll again for the Failed task. now to keep BCA from being spammed it may only be used twice in a whole MEDRP, so bleed, Inject BCA, Bleed (stop), Bleed, Inject BCA, bleed (stop). then no more BCA can me used. if needed it can be down to just one use per MEDRP Conclusion: BCA may be used in a VERY limited Fashion on Site personnel if Command gives approval. GSA will need Improvement, Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes, an assistant did help with the Process, making it more thorough (and more fun) What did you learn?: That there may be New Drugs on the way, and Glucose + Oxygen don't like working with me. How Can This Benefit Medical?: Being able to stop bleeding at least one durring MedRP will come in handy, Since being stuck in Bullet Bleeding, bullet bleeding for 4+ cycles is annoying. and it could mean those bleeing heavily already could get the time they needed.
  25. In-game Name: Infinity Boot Rank: RMS SM special thanks to: Consario and Nemesis (observing and suggestions), Chimpkin (Willing test) Idea: The Creation of several new Drugs to help in Cultivation or Med RP Basic Description of what you will do: Take a D-class and Inject/test Several Drugs on them Hypothesis: The Drugs will Be able to do what they are meant to with minimal side effects (HOPEFULLY) Observations (can be a video or audio): Majority of the Drugs were not Able to do what they were meant, falling short of expectations...but this is what Tests are for. Detailed description of what happened during the test: The Drugs and Solutions used were Immune Response Suppressers (Delays the Immune response if that is needed), Mitosis Enhancers (speed up the Growth of new cells), Blood Congealing Agents (stop bleeding Via congealing the blood), Glucose solution (a Boost of Food for Cells to replicate with, high in oxygen too), Disinfectant solution (Extremely effective, used to Clean anything contaminated) During the test All of the Solutions were Tested in their way, a cut being stopped by BCA (failed, too thick), Immunes response to a Bacterial Petri dish (Great Success!), Mitosis Enhancers (Failed, too slow and ineffective), Glucose Solution (Not Effective at maintaining the reaction.) and Disinfectant (too weak for it to be effective, hurts human cells more than Bacteria) Conclusion: The Pharmaceuticals Should be optimized farther to Get them to operational Standards, maybe release them fully. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: No, the Drugs fell short of what i hoped (but for the IRS, that worked well) What did you learn?: I am not the best Bio-Chemist, and maybe assistance during that phase would be needed. How Can This Benefit Medical?: Well as said above the Solutions could easily help with some situations, some more common than others. but a SUPER strong Disinfectant might help with 008 oubreaks...maybe even 610.
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