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  1. What is your In-Game name?: Harry What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:639276651 What is your rank?:Henchmen I How long have you been in the Pyke Syndicate?: 4 days (joined on the very first tryout) What leadership experience do you have?: I am a Vice Commander in medical, a former shock captain, a Naval lieutenant and IC DMVL Why do you want to be a Pyke NCO? (75 word minimum): I wish to be a Pyke muscle due to the fact that since I have joined pyke I have had lots of fun on the server, before Pyke came out I felt really burnt out and actually considered leaving the community as a whole but when pyke came out I had lots of fun with both the people and the job, due to this I wish to assist pyke any way I can and make people have as much fun and RP that I have had with pyke, I also wish to be able to assist in the growth of the syndicate as it progresses in the next phases. Why should you be trusted with this rank? (75 word minimum): The reason you should trust me with this rank is because I have had higher ranking jobs with much responsibility and trust like being a vice commander and a lieutenant in naval both require serious trust, seriousness and the ability to handle responsibilities. I also believe that I have shown that during my time as part of the pyke syndicate that I have shown that I can be trusted. Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of a Pyke NCO you may be removed from your position?: Yes
  2. Massive +support I have know boar awhile now and both his rank in both sub battalion and battalion proves that he is one of the most capable officers, he has also shown to be able to work with other battalions, shown dedication to the battalion and is both friendly and fun but can be serious when needed. Hope to see you as a Nova VCMDR
  3. For me it’s a tie between M45, TL50, DC17m shotgun, DC17m Anti-Armor
  4. Sad to see you go snubster, I hope to see you come back soon and hear that iconic scream of yours again.
  5. +Support -Has shown his dedication to the ST corps and to the scouts -Is serious when in battle and in RP situations -Has great aspirations for the ST corps -understands the main purpose of a commander/vice commander -Is trustworthy -app could be a bit more detailed and longer Good luck frost, hope to see you as ST a VCMDR
  6. Massive +Support -Has shown to be serious and calculated with matters -Understands what the main purposes of a commander is -Great activity -Has shown to be trustworthy Is just a great person overall and the perfect fit for the next shock commander
  7. +Support -Has shown to be trustworthy -Is dedicated to Tank troopers and has great ambitions for it -Has a good understanding of what is the main purpose of a commander/Vice commander -Has leadership experience -app could be longer Good luck kami, hope to see you as a tank trooper vice commander
  8. MASSIVE +SUPPORT Hex has always looked out for the battalions he would supervise over even if he had something on he would make time for gaminglight, he’s one of the best and hardworking commanders I’ve ever met. He deserves HC for all the work he’s put in.
  9. Massive +support it will make getting someones steam ID for the roster update so much easier as well as getting them for DNT’s
  10. Massive +support Always completes quota early has shown to be active engages with medical activities with diligence Puts in lots of effort with medical as a whole Overall a great NCO who definitely has the potential to be a Officer.
  11. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 69th DPD AUO COL Harry 8000 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 69th medical corps 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to be a vice commander of medical due to the fact that I wish to do more with medical and assist in any way I can. I’ve noticed that lately we have had lots of inactivity and little to no medical on usually, there is the occasion where we have lots of medical on but it’s very rare. What I wish to do if I’m made vice commander of medical is to host lots of missions for rescue, research and medical as a whole and try my best to increase activity by double. Another reason I wish to be a vice commander of medical is due to the fact that I have so much free time on my hands due to the fact I finish my quota and Officer tasks very fast, I feel like I’m not contributing enough to the battalion seeing how I have so much more free time then others so i wish to spend that assisting and helping medical stay it’s glorious self everyday. I also want to become vice commander due to the fact that I have dedicated so much time into medical(nearly 3 months to be exact), I also enjoy the people and the work we do on the daily, though it may be boring at times the highs outweigh the lows, I would give everything up and I have gave everything up for medical just so I could have more time to dedicate to it, so I wish to use this time to help and improve medical anyway I can by becoming a vice commander 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 760 hours, I've been on the server since November last year but due to my old steam account being hacked I had to get a new one in about 2 days before havoc was dispersed. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/1023386863?servers[4610158]=1M 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a Vice commander for a branch is to assist and take work off the shoulders of their commander, they are to be role models for the officers and lower ranks of the battalion as well as someone to rely on when things get tough, they are to make connections with other battalions as that shall help the battalion as a whole prospure. They are to also ensure that infighting and/or violations of the battalion's rules are to be dealt with, with swift action and logical thinking. A vice commanders purpose is to deal with issues relating to the battalion, it’s people and items. A vice commander purpose is also to oversee sub battalions, Officer activity, quota and issues. They should also be able to be active, and engage with the officers and other vice commanders in activities that could help the battalion grow. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : The reason you should trust me as vice commander of the 69th regiment is because of the fact that I have proven that I am very serious with my work as both a deputy director of research and a COL of medical which are both high honors that I express with pride and joy. I am also on everyday and due to that I have led both the medical in off ship, on ship, off map and normal medbay duties as usually I’m the highest ranking on so I have an understanding of how to lead. Another reason as to why you should trust me is because of the fact that I have always done above and beyond my quota averaging out as 15 sims/trainings a week, proving both my dedication and tenacity for the battalion and the tasks at hand. I am also the highest rank I can be since I am a COL, Which entails and makes me strive for the best outcome of any situation, good or bad. Even though I may not have experience as a vice commander, I do have experience being able to assess a situation and make a decisive call. 7. How often can you be Online? : I can be on everyday just for medical as it is the only battalion and shall stay that way as I want to dedicate all my time for it, for when I’m busy I’m usually on for 4-5 hours, but when I’m not I can be on for 6-8 hours, I wish to increase my activity though in the future too 5-6 hours when I’m busy and 7-9 hours when I’m free, and seeing as how I’ve only ever gone on a LOA or ROA once, I don’t plan to go on it unless absolutely necessary. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I currently have 0 warnings.
  12. +Support I also feel like they should add the option of looking at peoples health as it is very hard to heal people as if something loud is going on or someone is talking you can’t hear the bacta kit, meaning that it’s very hard to tell if someone is done healing or not.
  13. Personally I would choose naval as it includes lots of RP, plus you have even more options as you could join any sub regiment including MO (you would have to leave medical as you can’t join any sub specialty that you are already are in as a another life), GO (engineer overseers basically), SO, AO and IF. You could also technically be in shock as well due to the fact that if you join SO you will be able to participate in Shock missions I believe (I’m not to sure) and do everything a shock trooper does and do the naval RP at the same time. Though as this is just my preference, I wouldn’t take it to heart as the experience could be different for you.
  14. Mega + Support -Is kind -Has shown to be active and has shown to be able to take care of the battalion - has shown great leadership skills -is great with solving problems within the battalion and tries his best to make everyone happy. overall he is the perfect fit for this position
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