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  1. Welp, I think it's about time to hit the hay. Haven't been in the community for too long but since college started up I've noticed I barely got time for GMod. It's been a blast playing on GL but school has to be my #1 priority. I might come back during summers if I ain't got shit to do but that is up to the future. Hope to see some of y'all around on different games and on Discord. Also don't know what reserves Ima get but we shall see what I end up getting. here's a couple of people that I've met on Gaminglight: Hale: I fucking hate you. Good luck on D4 tho. Hopefully you don't run that bitch down like it was before. Had a shit ton of fun managing the little shits inside of D4 and making D4 great again. Goat: The most power hungry person I have met but he is a goat. You made E11 doable during hard times especially with D4. Keep up the good work as Vice Commander. Danny and Vanny: You fucks get the same message because you are the same person. Good luck on keeping E11 great it was alot of fun while it lasted but hopefully there will be a return next summer. Sogi: The woman of D4. You kept morales high with your feminism. Was great to have you under me in D4 and hopefully you can get a mic to keep up the good work inside of D4. D4 Boys: I love you guys, keep up the great work. You guys are what makes D4 and we couldn't do anything without you guys. Enjoy the new goodies. Cecil: The goat who is making RnD great again. Was a blast being inside of RnD as command and EOI but hopefully you can make it funner. I know you guys got some insane things in the background so I hope you can get it all out. Jeff: I hate you more than Hale. Probably gonna crash that car when it's wet outside but it was blast. you roped my into this shit and it was fun. hopefully you don't resign randomly like you usually do. goodluck on D4 and E4. E4 Boys: It was a blast being terrorists and shit. I'll see some of you around but keep up the insane shit. Everyone in E4 made it fun and hype. The best players on the server. Last but not least Bop: I hope you can keep the server from turning to shit and stop pinging every 2 seconds. It was fun being staff and getting a shit ton of sits but it is my time to go. Hopefully you can recover from this HOS Eyelander: I appreciate you picking me for Senior Mod, I hope you can make the staff team great again like you usually do, Long live Ye Welp, I hope to see some of you around. Keep the server fun boys. - S10 Universe, Jupiter JP9, SIN Global, V2 Worldwide
  2. As you can see, He did mic tap (Probably trying to metagame if anyone is nearby), I obviously react to this since D-Class were called out in HCZ as shown in the screenshots below since I can technically hear him attempting to make a noise. I searched around the area as the clip shows before I check SCP-939 CC since it was the last possible area he could be in. I did not try to mic tap or do /y so I have no clue how it is metagaming?? Also the reason why I initially backed up from the cell was because I thought 939 breached since they're voices sounded close to the door. So I crouched near the door checking the CC to make sure they were still contained, That's when I noticed the open door leading to their control room so I obviously went to check that. I was talking in TS when I backed up away from the door to see if someone was nearby to help me. Volk good
  3. D4 has HP buff coming hopefully, +Support W Changes
  4. Name: Globalls Rank: IIN Discord ID: Global#0943 How active are you on a scale of 1-10: 10
  5. Grade: 25 / 100 Efficiency: 5 / 25 The questions that you asked throughout the entire interrogation did not help you optimally get the information you needed to get, especially out of a high ranking Research member. I would recommend going more in-depth on some of the research projects that he may have done/seen. Insight: 0 / 25 To put it frank, you didn't gain any information at all. This may have had to do something with the efficiency of your questions. From what I was able to see from your log, you barely put any effort with the questioning process as you only asked like 5 questions. This is already a problem. I would expect someone in RnD, especially Command, to put in a little bit more effort into the questioning process if they are going to make it into an Interrogation log. Presentation: 10 / 25 I couldn't give you a high rank since you are using the basic RnD format as a command member. I would recommend creating your own format like a lot of command members do for their test log and create your own identity. This will help you by gaining some brownie points with Higher Command Members. The colors also creating a little bit of a headache when reading the actual document as they contrast very heavily. Writing: 10 / 25 There were some visible basic grammar mistakes throughout the entire document. Some portions of the document were missing were the format that you were trying to achieve. The actual torture was also barely typed out, All that was put was that you sent electricity through they body. Personally I would have added more audio portions to it like indicating that you were walking out to a battery unit to hook them up to some sort of electricity and then shocking them with said battery unit. Additional Comments: The torture method was a borderline war crime, judging as a voltage of 50 Volts is able to kill someone. You started off with 140 Volts
  6. that's crazy, almost as if there was more. not a good idea to try to dig down someones rep just because you got demoted. Could've just worked like like normal and proven yourself.
  7. Grade: 93 / 100 [A] Lore: 25 / 25 SCP-280 was described perfectly on the experiment. It is almost word for word on what SCP-280 is and what they look like. No room for improvement needed in this category. Creativity: 20 / 25 The overall test experiment idea was great, Although some more thought needs to be put into the actual execution when you are deployed onto site. Creating spaces to trap SCP-280 before you entire the facility and deploying them with the experiment would be a great way to continue this experiment. The document could also use some work with the color format and the format itself. You are able to completely create your own format with your own ideas to really capture the thought you are trying to put out. Presentation: 23 / 25 Presentation is the basic format that we currently follow, I cannot give it a perfect score due to the lack of color change throughout the entire document where it is needed. It could have been a eyesore at some points to read the document due to the same dark, red color that is repeated throughout the entire document. To gain some brownie points from Command, It would be beneficial to create your own format with your own color scheme to really capture your creativity. Writing: 25 / 25 Throughout the entire document, It was very easy to read. I did not struggle at any point to understand what you were doing. You stated out the code names for the agents and what the experiments were in a superb fashion. The fact that you also captured the moments of violence made even better since it actually made it seem like a video log like the entire document was intended to be.
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