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  1. On One hand +1 It is an absolut awesome idea and would help a lot with Staff sits. But then on the other Hand, even throught most of the People probaly dont realize it yet, this is a massive Buffs to Armor Kits and Health kits, in Shorth, every Second row Class will become much much more stronger with the Timer Removed, since they dont need to wait 7 Seconds to heal the person you just Shot, or People can walk behind a Buildet Firing line, where they will rarely be hit at all and can heal a a lot of Damage done to the People in the First Line,
  2. What are you suggesting? - Let People pay to have custom SCPS on the Server which need Maintainment and can Breach or just walk around, like the Fish Guy and 999 How would this change better the server? - More SCPS Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - No Who would this change mostly benefit? - People with to much Money the whole Server Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - What ever people want to Pay for having on the Server
  3. +Support, On One Hand yeah he should have had a supervisor with him to spectate the situation, but as he says since I have nothing to prove it otherwise no one was online to spectate him, which then makes it better since better a TMod then no mod.
  4. What are you suggesting? - Removing the LVL 1 Doors from the SCPs which are usually roaming around the Site How would this change better the server? - They currently cant breach and the doors have to be opend by staff to let them out Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - NO Who would this change mostly benefit? - The above named SCPS Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - None needet
  5. This would be absolutely awesome ! +Support
  6. Well after 5 minute he will be killed, I think that’s a pretty big downside.
  7. Yeah I suck at balancing and will adjust balances with feedback
  8. 1. Name of the SCP you would like added: SCP 3063 "A Fly is now your Therapist or "A Fly" 2. Link(s) to player models: None, it will be handled like SCP 3633 from CI 3. Link(s) to SWEPs: None it will be handled by Staff 4. How much health/armor do you think it should have? None due to it being a thing 5. Why should we add this SCP? Due to its Nature, it can lead for Research to have a New SCP they can Test on with D-class and MTF/ CI having a SCP which they can use to Fight the Other Side with. How, will be descriped in Extra Information. beside the Player SCPs, and it dont need any Model, it only need a Staff Member who knows what this SCP can do. 6. Basic summary of the SCP:SCP 3063 is a Fly, which can Grant any Wish you ask for it, but after you make the Wish, after 2.376 Days Larvae Eggs will appear in huge ammount inside the Body who made the Wish which will then eat throught the Host and use the Host as Sustance til they all Hatch. Due to the Ammount of Eggs, the Host usualy Dies due to Organ failue. 7. Extra information: SCP 3063 will be in LCZ in the Item SCP Room When a Player is in the Item SCP Room, it can go inside SCP 3063 Room and make a Ticket for a Admin to do what the Player ask for. Suggestion for Wishes for Players: - Slay the Player the Wish maker Says -Give the Player a weapon he asks for [beside the Etherial] - Give the Player 600-800 Extra hp - Give the player 300-400 Extra Armor - Give him a Level 5 Keycard After the Player makes a Wish, the Admin will make a Timer of 5 Minutes, after Wish the Player will be Slain by the Admin. A Player is only allowed to have 1 Wish per Life. And may not make Wishes 20 minutes after he made one.
  9. Heya my cuties UWU I think it woulld be Hightly Benefical if we add the Chances of the Different Weapons, Skins aso. to our Shop, this needs to be done anyway in the next 5-6 Months maybe longer, but i think if we go as a good Example before the others, it gives a nice Expressesion how we are.
  10. Format: Your name on the roster: Spray / Nekros Your current rank (SGT+ is required to apply): SM You understand if we accept this you will have a 2 Week evaluation period where we will judge your activity and watch you closely? This should never be no: Yes Do you have any warns on SCP-RP? If so, please say when they were, and why. You can check warns with !warns: No Questions Why should we trust you as a Command Member? (100+ Words): I am a Command member in Medical for a good while, and would also like to be a Command Member for N7, i have a lot of Expierence being a Command Member from Previous Communities i joined and left, i think my Command Style is very liked, and i have a good Rep. in this Community, and have shown my Trust Worthyness in both the Medical Branch, and in the Staff Team. I hold semi-regular Tryouts for anyone who is interested, and can explain how everything we do as a Branch Works, from a SM POV. Beside that i am very Mature, [more then i like] mentally and phsysically. Which removes any Possibility pulling an Deleting all Files or leaking them to everyone who isnt supposed to have them. Why do you believe you deserve this position, and why do you want it? (125+ words): Becuse i help other Nu7 out when ever i am online, be it answering Questions about what to do or just being there. Hosting tryouts, i would like to Host other PTs, beside what is current the Standard, to strenghten the Friendship we share, and have some more other Fun, beside just shooting and being in Combat, with maybe having a Movie Night, or a Gaming Night aso, which in my Experience so far always are fun in Medical, and other Communities i was before coming to GamingLight. So this would give Nu7 a broader spectrum of Players who might become interested in Nu7. This then would increase the ammount of Players playing in the Branch, and making us more Popular, something which i think every Branch strives for. Why do you feel that you are the best option for the rank you are applying for? (50+ Words): Becuse i am very Mature, and have lots of Experience, i can bring a lot of good things to the Table which a good Command Team needs to Function and know how to Handle People younger people then me thanks to previous experiences. I can use Microsoft Word and Google Docs and any Programm you might want me to use in case new Docs need to be written for Nu7 Scenarios You've organized squads for the people on at the time. You notice that a PFC is disrespecting others, in an extremely frustrated tone. What actions do you take?: I ask him to take a Break, or if there is anything which is currently bothering him, and remind him that we all are here to have Fun, and a good Time. You have a problem with someone in the branch, whether it be they are causing issues or are not listening to you. They have not done this or have been warned about this before. In your opinion, what would you do in this situation?: I would resolve this Situation via Private Discord PMS and try to work it out over there. If that doesnt work, i would warn him.
  11. +1 Biggest Support I can give, but you forgot a very Important SCPs who currently has the lowest QOL 1048 he has a 60 second cd on his Swep but nothing which tells him he has it.
  12. The Postion isnt always Shown where Players where as far as i am currently aware is even a feature we no longer have, since the last few times it didnt come up,in RDM sits i had, and then it shows just where you where and not if you had Hands down or up, so currently ARDM and RDM Clips are currently needet .
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