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  1. -Support -Good guy -New to medical
  2. +Support I like the idea, but sadly it's been denied before.
  3. + Support -Good person -Medical command -A bit of work on the app
  4. It's how people show they think the same thing.
  5. -Support Openly complained about not being in CI and that people haven't accepted him already.
  6. Even if I never always saw you on, you were always enjoyable to be around. You were always nice to everyone and brung the whole mood up, even if you didn't talk. Sad to see you go, but I wanna see you later on. -Fellow Jack
  7. Thixx +Support -Great Guy -Nice -responsible -not a minge -active -Takes medical duties seriously -Good at fights I'd give this a 100/100
  8. From just this... From what I've seen your cool to hang out with but you minge a bit.
  9. I'd say a verbal would be best, the evidence is very unclear. From the perspective of him he could've closed the door on just jay and while the door closed the heavy arrived. This could've just been explained to him not to do that, if he was in the wrong. I just don't see the evidence enough to warrant a warn. +Support Edit: I know Zack pretty well from what I've seen, I think he wouldn't have personally done this with full intent to break away so he wouldn't get FearRP. I have personally interrogated him, so I think he wouldn't break FearRP for that reason.
  10. Massive +Support Honestly one of the nicest guys I've met on gaminglight. Also I spent 200k on props from him so yeah.
  11. Massive -Support Where do I start? You have said some very untasteful things about people who you called names. I just don't think your fit for omicron. You have also said many other bad things that were not recorded. https://medal.tv/clips/30436829/d13376TKwFfy https://medal.tv/clips/30436501/d1337AIUiKID Edit: I just saw everyone was quoting my clips.