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  1. Good evening, As of May 8th, 2020 at 8:40 PM EST I officially resign my position in Naval. Though my time has been well spent, I feel that I now want to go in another direction. I will be transferring into the Shock regiment and will be working towards the goal of reviving the regiment. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me along the way in Naval. Especially these people: Greg- continue to be the best Admiral I have ever met scoot- you are also pretty dang awesome and I hope that you can continue to make naval great Joe- I loved working with you in medical Ducks- you’re chill, love you. Sorry for hitting on you that one time we were in a discord call and I was drunk Mickey- I like you. We had a few good talks here and there Innacurate- good luck in Medical, you’re gonna love it.
  2. +1 Dawson brings joy to the server and allows Oddshot a chance to scream “get the fuck off my radio”
  3. Connor748291

    Army Command

    “They will effectively take navals place of being the leadership excluding Admirals+” Naval already has such little to do besides “/me checks engines” “/me rolls” taking away our ability to command would be a major blow to us. -1
  4. I looked at the steam ID in the ban section and this user appears to have 5 bans in the past 2 months all for racism and fail rp. Just saying. I revert my previous statement
  5. If all he did was push hyperspace button (assuming he didn’t LTAP or KTAP and also assuming it was his first mess up) I’m a little confused on why he was banned. It doesn’t seem just.
  6. you Jardarn. Good luck with wherever you go after Naval.