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  1. +/-Support - I've had the Honor of working side by side with Josh since he first came to the ST Corps; I say this because If anyone knows his Strengths and Weaknesses it's most likely Myself. I do not intend on hurting feelings, but I do want to remain as unbiased as possible: +Very Dedicated and Active +Helps alot with the behind the scenes things (Sub-Class Roster, Documents, Discord, Active On Forums, Etc.). +Productive and understanding of what is expected in positions of leadership. +Keeps Troopers busy, constantly finding something to keep the troopers entertained (because STs don't have tryouts many of the troopers are left to idle which is great for Josh because he can host Sims as a staff member) ~ Cool Calm And Collected when dealing with good/competent troops, Has a Hot-Head when dealing with Semi-Minges (A semi-minge is someone that doesn't break server rules but still has decides to play contrary to how the server is intended to be played) ~ Obviously cares about the regiment and focuses on making it better, he doesn't play on a second life; instead he decides to focus 70% of his time on the regiment and the other 30% on staffing (Considering there are many blatant minge STs there is a lot of the time a sort of crossover that happens so Josh can deal with Minges quickly and effectively) - I've received multiple complaints about his lack of social skills, it's not something that someone can fix; there is just often a clash when it comes to his personality and others. - Can be Unprofessional (Attributed By Being Too Freindly When In-Game); I'm specifically pointing out that he undermines other's authority, can be seen as banter but sometimes excessive.
  2. +Support Good Leadership Skills Reputable and Reliable VCMDR Active
  3. +Support -Has Consistently Been Trying To Make STs a Better Regiment -Active -Understanding -Respectful -Responsible (If Anyone Deserves Commander It's Definitely Dagger)
  4. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : ST AO LTC Max 0001 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Stormtrooper Corps 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to become a vice commander because throughout the time I've played as an ST I've come to realize that the battalion has so much potential but is limited when it comes to their command, its been this way since I've joined and I have strived to be the change I want to see in the regiment. I want to be the vice commander that the Enlisted/NCO/Officers look up to and hopefully I can encourage them to be better troopers through hard work and dedication, most of all I want to teach my troopers good leadership skills and maintain a fun environment for everyone that dedicates themselves to the regiment. As it currently stands the Command team for ST is currently lacking in manpower but through my hard work and my fellow officers dedication we have been able to create a regiment that is able to rival the other regiments most days of the week with active well-behaved troopers. I've been waiting to make this application because I wanted to prove to myself that with enough dedication and activity we could have a decent roster without entirely dedicated command, and seeing as how we have succeeded with that it is time to move forward and execute the next part of my plan which is to use the command position to install more serious roleplay into the regiment. I've also been told to make this application for some time now, I waited because because I don't enjoy being throwing into things and instead of rushing to make a vice-commander application when my commander and vice-commander resigned I instead looked to focus on becoming a better leader so that I could efficiently lead troops in and out of battle, I feel that I have succeeded in that and am ready to take my leadership skills to the next level. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? In-game it says ~3 weeks. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of Commanders is to be a role model for the troops they lead and to always be level-headed when dealing with your troops to give a reasonable order/punishment/explanation. Commanders are meant to teach their Officers, NCOs, and Enlisted their roles and responsibilities to ensure that the regiment is working optimally, this goes for the regiment as well as sub-classes. The Commanders also makes sure the roster is up to date with the most recent promotions/demotions as well as strikes, LOAs, Reserves, and Removals. The Commanders must also ensure that the regiment isn't left idle because that could lead to some issues like inactivity or mingeing so Instead the troops are given tasks to occupy their time with something fun and/or educational. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : Activity: I've been active since the day I joined the server and have been dedicated to making the regiments I play in more fun for everyone by giving them tasks and trainings constantly. Maturity: I've always attempted to maintain a professional character while role playing and when I'm presenting myself to Enlisted/NCOs because I feel that it is my responsibility to be a role model to those troopers. Although I am a LTC I try to be as humble as possible so that people don't think I'm using my rank to undermine them. I know that authority isn't a weapon but instead a tool used to make others trust in your guidance in order to complete a goal/task. Experience: I've been able to successfully lead the HVY Sub-class since I was a SSGT and since I've became an Officer I've been focusing more and more on ST as a whole to build it to what it is now, I finally feel that most the work is over (Enlisted/NCO Roster Is Very Filled) and now is the time for refining the regiment into a more professional environment so that we can encourage serious roleplay throughout the server starting with what everyone starts with; The Stormtroopers Regiment. I've dedicated a lot of time trying to rebuild this regiment because to be honest who doesn't like a good underdog story? I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the regiment I worked so hard to revive and I know that would hurt a lot of friends I've made along the way. 7. How often can you be Online? : Around 3-5 Hours a Day [July Just Ended And I Was Online For About ~72% Of It] 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Nope. Signed- Max 0001 Added Poll
  5. ACCEPTED Be sure to request Officer Tags On Discord And Do A Roster Update Congrats!
  6. +Support - Active - Able to follow order - Doesn't have an Ego (Can't be said about a lot of troopers) !!!!!Fix The App Tho, I Put 2 Hours Into Mine! !!!
  7. RIP To Commanders That Have Parted With Their Regiments (SF And ST)


  8. Although I Never Was Close Enough To Be Your Friend I Respect You As A Vice Marshal And Would Like To Thank You For Your Time Put Into SF, You Will Not Be Forgotten And I Hope There Is a Replacement That Can One Day Fill The Shoes You Have Left.
  9. o7 Thank you for giving me someone to look up to as a commander, I hope to one day be as good a leader as you.
  10. +Support - Active - Dedicated -Excellent Understanding Of Authority
  11. Thats a very big poggers moment
  12. 1. Whats your ingame name?: ST HVYL SGM Max 0001 2. Whats your steam id?: STEAM_0:1:512670783 3. Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes, Multiple times; I used portions of its information in the ST HVY SOP 4. How long have you been on the server: Around 2 and a half weeks. (Joined Monday June 29th, 2020) [I completely understand that is a short amount of time in comparison to others in the server] 5. How many warns do you have?: Zero (0) 6. Why do you want to be a 2LT: I hope to become an officer so that the STs consistently have a higher up that is responsible enough to lead; The ST Regiment is lacking seeing as how there are only 2 officers on the roster (along with the commander and the two vice commanders) and I would like to see that change with active officers that the enlisted can look up to have goal. I would like to continue to rise through the ST ranks (I've been hesitant in making this 2LT application for a while now and this is because I wanted to make sure that I was deserving of the position; I was told to make one multiple times after becoming a SSGT simply because I was able to but decided to wait in order gain more NCO experience and I feel that guiding the Enlisted is a task I'm extremely comfortable with and Id like to strive for more). 7. What Timezone are you?: EST (NA East Coast) 8. How well do you command this Regiment?: I do my best to command the lower ranking NCOs and enlisted even attempting to quell the minges at times, full well knowing that I'm fighting an uphill battle. I often do drills to allow a better proficiency in Patrols around the ship. I try my best to incorporate the formations during missions where they are useful and to remind the troopers of spacing to minimize casualties as well as to create a fun and organized/coordinated environment that keeps as many ST troopers as active as possible. I make sure the Sub-class that I lead (Heavy) is having the most fun they can and that they have goals and aspirations in the ST regiment ensuring that they remain at their best behavior to achieve those goals (I find that leading this way is not only beneficial to maintaining respect but also is great for obtaining a healthy relationship between my fellow ST). 9. What makes you stand out from other applicants?: Throughout my time on our vessel I've always tried my hardest to keep everyone in good spirits and never truly cared for the power that comes with the ranks and positions that I've earned but the more I look at officers the more I realize there are really only 2 types; those that care for their own progression in the ranking systems in order to gain power in the sense of authority and those that care for the progression of the regiment, from day 1 of dedicating myself to the ST regiment I decided to be a part of the ladder of the two in order to put personal interests aside to allow for a fun/productive environment for everyone in the ST regiment. (I like the color purple) Signed- Max 0001
  13. M4X

    ST Heavy SOP