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  1. GIVEN PERMISSION BY SHOCK COMMAND Job Name: Shock Trooper, Shock Special Task Force, Shock Officer, Shock Vice commander, Shock Commander Changes Wishing to be Made to this Class: I wish for the e-11 stun gun ( rw_sw_stun_e11 ) To be added. -It would reduce the time of long drawn out chases that waste shocks time -Would be easier to catch people trying to go up to bridge/ passing check points -Easier to catch AOS targets and mingy CCs -Anyone who abuses it would be met with strict punishment from officer+
  2. +Support Active Trust worthy Does not abuse power Would make a good addition to staff
  3. JakeTheJew

    31st Funny haha

    ++support very funy make people want to join more
  4. @Obi Juan Canolli Can you do that^
  5. I spoke with Achilles and I paid the custom donation Ingame Name: JAke Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:211528389 Job Name: Sith Trooper New Player: STEAM_0:0:211528389 ($20) - Paid by: STEAM_0:0:211528389
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    Jake's ROA

    I need to focus on school but I'll still be at the meetings I'll be gone for about 1 1/2 weeks
  7. I've been too inactive. It's been a fun journey with you all.