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  1. How long till this post is hidden ?
  2. More like saving them the time and energy of trying to fix this lmao XD https://wiki.facepunch.com/gmod/GM:ScalePlayerDamage This here is how you'd target such scaling damage towards the players models but again you run into the issue that most shitty models on the server use fucked up badly designed models that don't tell the code what body parts are what, resulting in a mix of good/bad models. Only fix is to go through them and change them all BUT if you do that you'd actually hurt the server/time to kill more as by fixing the limb damage on these models all your doing is making them die slower....... which is exactly what you dont want and its the reason i never put limb damage on dclass bc security would have a shit fest complaining about how "Buff" they are now.
  3. @Orange lmao check this out. Im 90% sure this is controlled within each player model's QC file code right, models can have fucked up designs where they don't specify what's a leg or arm etc, Yeah im sure they will 100% go through all the models to fix that... Love to see them accept this one lmao. Also aren't you the person who just suggested a dmg multiplier buff? Jesus.
  4. - Support God I hope they accept this update, that new field medic job is a joke it totally wont have a negative impact on the one thing the server has going for itself, that being combat.
  5. I 100% think this is an amazing suggestion and totally wont badly effect other branches
  6. This definitely wasn’t already looked into and this definitely won’t lag!!!
  7. @TAlila | Tay Keith! You are my fav arab Im happy myself and igneous saved you and got you over here on scp-rp, youv'e helped alot especially in event team! #NextHeadAdmin (<<<< this is a joke please dont promote this kid)
  8. its hard to get out of dblock?
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