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  1. I'ma keep this short and to the point, recently i haven't been enjoying getting on so i took an LOA to think things over and and i decided that I'm gonna Resign from Security/the server in general, Cya nerds.
  2. [GL] Tsuki

    Tsuki's LOA

    Name: Tsuki Rank: CPT Date: 7/23/20 Duration of LOA: One week Reason: I'm taking a break from Gmod
  3. +Support Great guy. Very active. Hes professional when he needs to be.
  4. 1. Steam Name?: Tsuki 2. Steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:450953436 3. Roster Name?: Tsuki 4. Current Rank?: CPT 5. When were you promoted?: Jun-27-2020 6. How long have you been a member of GENSEC (roughly)?: About a year i did resign for about 4 months 7. Do you promise to uphold all rules instated by GamingLight and by the many Security guidelines?: Yes. 8. Do you promise to uphold your duties as a command member in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, etc.?: Yes. 9. Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower / higher rankings?: Yes. 10. Why do you want to become a senior command member? (150 WORDS+): I've got several reasons behind wanting to join the ranks of senior command, one of them being wanting to make some changes their are things that could be done such as better communication their are more this is just one of the things that stuck out to me in my opinion, the second thing is I've had quite some time in security I think I've met some really cool people and even some weird ones the main point here is that security is probably one of the only community's I've ever really put lot's of dedication and time into I would like to get into senior command to work my way up the ranks and one day maybe even high command security's leadership is very important and these leaders have earned lot's of trust and with that trust a lot of responsibility the reason I want to become senior command is one day I hope to join the leaders of security and lead this branch forward. 11. What would you do if a Security Officer was constantly leaving D Block?: I would ask him if he got perms to leave if he said yes i would ask him who then i would confirm this with the NCO that gave him perm if he said no i would tell him he need permission from a SGT+ to leave D-Block if he continued to leave after i warned him i would take him to bunks and tell him he is being demoted to trainee because he refuses to follow the SOP. 12. What would you do if an NCO kept on leaving d-block with terrible reasons?: i would tell him he needs a valid reason to leave D-block and i would say that if you do it one more time you will be given a strike then of course if he did it again i would give him a strike if he kept leaving for no reason after the strike i would tell him he has one more chance before he gets demoted if he left for no reason after that i would demote him one or two ranks depending on his rank. 13. What do you do if an E-11 private comes into d block and attempts to take command of all of the security?: i would start recording then i would tell security to ignore him and don’t listen to his commands then i would tell him to leave D-Block if he stays in D-block i would cuff him and take him to his higher up and give the higher up the video after that i would just leave it to his higher ups if he was the highest on i would try to contact an E11 command member if i am unable to i would make a report on the forums 14. Explain the process of promoting a corporal to sergeant in your own words: i would start by informing him he can now call hands up/partial on a defcon 3 then i would give him the NCO guide to read after he reads the NCO guide i would tell him he can now apply for WO then i would explain how to apply then i would tell him he can now join RCF and FTO's then i would briefly go over what FTO’s do and what RCF does.
  5. Name: Tsuki CC Name: OPRF OmniPurpose Riot Force Adding Player: STEAM_0:0:450953436 Paid By: STEAM_0:0:450953436 Proof:
  6. Name: Tsuki Rank: 1LT Current FTO Rank: JFTO Current RCF Rank: RCFXO Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): I think I should retain my rank, the main reason being my dedication to general security I joined gensec around 8 months ago, I did take a break after getting burnt out but around 2 months ago I came back and I do intend on staying in gensec for quite a while, I get on almost every day for many hours at a time, I am very skilled when it comes to leading if its stopping D class riots or just positioning security, I know the ins and outs of the SOP and I enforce it well, I am always there to answer any questions security may have, I punish people who deserve it no matter how well I may know them, I am a calm and relaxed person although I have lost my temper many times, I work to improve myself with every mistake I make. overall I just love being a member of gensec and getting on and spending time with my fellow security. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Nope
  7. [GL] Tsuki

    Tsuki's LOA

    Name: Tsuki Rank: 1LT Date: 6/14/20 Duration of LOA: 1 week 6/21//20 Reason: I'm going camping.
  8. Name : Tsuki Branch(es) : Medical Rank(s) : Senior medic How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 7 Why you should keep your position (Command Only, 100 word minimum for LCMD, 150 for HCMD): N/A Any changes you would like to see: None Any notes or questions: None