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  1. oh yeah...... didnt think about that,sorry
  2. 1. Name of the SCP you would like added:scp 706 (the porcelain doll) ----------------------------------------- 2. Link(s) to player models: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=4000&searchtext=girl&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=readytouseitems&requiredtags[0]=Roleplay&actualsort=textsearch&p=4 (the best i could find sadly ;-;) ----------------------------------------- 3. Link(s) to SWEPs: i think she should have a swep other then keys and a physics gun ------------------------------------- 4. How much health/armor do you think it should have? hp:200 armor:0 --------------------------------------- 5. Why should we add this SCP?:the best reason to add this scp is to have a scp that maintenance must check on every so often,and if she has any cracks or injurys she is taken to med bay to be heal (aka spacled),it more of a scp that can freely roam around ------------------------------------ 6. Basic summary of the SCP: SCP-706 is an adolescent European-American female identified as ███████ ████████, twelve years of age according to local records at time of initial containment. ------------------------------------- 7. Extra information: she cant enter d block cause it would risk her life,the way to get her to go is to give her a small doll to hug and tell her to leave back to her room,the highest ransom ci can hold her for is 7.5k sorry for a terrible idea (in writing scene) im just trying to think of a bassis for her if she was to get added
  3. What is your in-game name?: Payton What is your steam name?: Fat Payton | (GL) What is your steam ID?:STEAM_0:1:104518428 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) i had 5 days before accidently abusing my power cause i over reacted to a ci raid in the morning What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) i believe around november 2019 What date did you make your forums account? march 28 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? platnem How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)? (the one by mr sword was a wrong warn,he never removed it) Have you donated? yes What rank are you applying for? Trial mod Are you staff on another community (BE HONEST)? i was a mod on a minecraft sever for my friend a few years ago Have you read the staff guidelines at ? You will be tested on it: yes i did Timezone:est Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): none yet Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) The reason i think i should be mod: Over the past few months ive been trying my hardest to get better at my over reactions and such,ive seen alot of rdm in d block and not really any admins or mods doing to much,one of the main thing i will do while i wait for sit’s i can do is fly around lower d block (near the top of the tower) so i dont interrupt rp and to keep a eye out for new players so they dont become the memes of the server I really wanna try to help the server i really do,im sorry about my accidental abuse,i just want to retry at it one more time,and if i fail i wont apply anymore,i just want to try and help people again instead of being forced to watch while the others are busy Im sorry if this isnt the best but im not really the best with words,i do hope you do consider me PS:im sorry rang How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? give them a foral warning and give the steam id to someone in the staff that can ban the user for 5 days pull him into a staff sit try to calmy explain what hes doing is wrong once he starts to di me call a admin to come help me give him the warn then get help to ban him or call a addtional staff who can help to come help the sit Please pick and answer one of the questions only if applying for Senior Moderator. If applying for Admin pick two and answer them. If applying for Senior Admin you must answer all three. Answering more than the required amount of questions for the rank you are applying for will result in your application being denied. Q1: You are involved in a staff sit that involves 5 different players. The players begin to get frustrated and the sit becomes very toxic and unproductive. What would you do in this situation? (not applying) Q2: In your opinion, what is the best way to handle a situation involving a player that clearly does not care about the punishments they are receiving? (not applying) Q3: There is a player abusing a known bug, and he has been reported to staff. He swears he followed the server rules when you talk with him. What's the best way to handle this? (not applying) sorry for my bad spelling
  4. so the sonio teleportation is buggy if you push mouse 1 and then switch to something else while the noise is played you get no clip it stays only on 343,and i will use this bug so i dont get so many headahces,the bug seems harmless
  5. +support yeah i love 035 but its hard to do cause no one listens to the moind control rule
  6. Your In-game: Your SteamID: The player's name in-game: source error The player's SteamID:STEAM_0:1:511327253 The player's steam name (If you know it):no clue What did the player do: afk on 049 mulitple times in the mornings Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: a blacklist from the job for a bit Any extra information: none,i hope this isnt to harsh but theve been doing this for a while
  7. Format: sorry i dont under stand this Name: payton Rank: cpl Concerns or questions? (if none put N/A): n/a,was on loa cause of irl things
  8. 1. What is your in-game name?:Payton 2. Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:104518428 3. Current Rank in Security:SM 4. Time on the server:3 weeks 5. Current level:73 6. On a scale from 1 - 10, how active are you?: 7-8 7. Do you have any active strikes on the roster?:no 8. Which command members gave you permission to apply?:creamy,blackout 9. Have you read the Juggernaut section of the SOP?:yes 10. Why do you think you deserve access to the Security Juggernaut Job? (60+ WORDS): i think i should be in secrity jug due to the fact that ive been working my butt off to try and keep d block secure,i only havent been active to much due to the fact irl things have happened alot,but ive been doing alot of work to keep people alive by using my body as a shield to make sure they survive,i use to be whitelisted,sorry im not the best with words i think the main reason why is just because i have been here for so long,its getting sorta stale to be there,i just want some more things to have more fun and verity. 11. Which weapon in the Juggernaut load-out would you use to hit a d-class in the middle of a crowd and how would you ensure to hit your mark?:either the cz or m60,get on a barricade or find a good angle to shoot the d class from,and try to get as close as possible to reduce the account of friendly fire or cross fire
  9. Name:Payton Rank:SM Current FTO Rank:FTO Current RCF Rank:RCF
  10. Yeah i see that,i just don't know what to say for the main thing
  11. Steam Name: Fat Payton | (GL) Ingame Name: Payton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104518428 Staff Restriction Length: 3 months Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Rang  Reason for Staff Restriction: Abuse of physics gun off duty Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better):  I wish to be able to rejoin staff soon,its been a month so far so i have 2 more months,i want to be able to help people again (and try to not abuse it like last time),i know what to do and ive reread the staff handbook a few times to make sure i dont do anything against the rules again,im still very sorry for last time i did it what i did to get banned was to pyhsicis gun a ci last stance early in the morning,i was tired and my mind wasnt fully there, i hope to be able to rejoin soo,im sorry for my bad grammer,im just not to sure what to say
  12. task force name: MTF Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box") what do they do in the rp:use humniod scps scuch as 076-2 and 6208 to help the site,only to use more dangerous humanoid scps in dire situations 5 people: commander medic scp manger meat wall agent what dose each one do? commander:commands the task force medic:heals only the task force agents and not the scps scp manger: makes promises to do something for the scp if they help (such as giving d class) meat wall: is the tankys of the group but only has 250 200, agent:the main fighter stats: commander:200hp 150 ap medic: 150 hp 50 ap scp manger: 100hp 100 ap meat wall: 300 hp 150ap agent: 125 hp 100 ap weapons: commander: vector,csgo desert eagle,and the scar (level 4 key card) medic: csgo desert eagle,med kit (level 3 key card) scp manager: nothing (level 3 card) meat wall: uzi (level 3 card) agent: auger,colt 18 (level 3 card) weapons they all share restraints,tranquilizer defcon rules: defcon 5,no scps are needed to be used defcon 4: no scps to be used defcon 3: only 5208 and any other humanoid scps that are safe or euclid defcon 2: keters are allowed to be used but this can be very risky defcon 1: time to run blacklisted scps: 049 096 106 457 scps they can use and why: 343 as a scout 547 as scout 5208 as solider 076 as a tank/warrior promises they can make to scps 343:none 547:3 fish 5208:1 d class per 5208 076: 3 challengers rules cant enter lcz at defcon 5 must ask premission to enter lcz from command at defcon 4 may enter lcz at defcon 3 cant enter d block unless its to grab a scp or d class armory restrictions: same as e11 spawn: mtf bunks nlr:3 min i think that is all,please tell me what you think
  13. name:payton branch: janitor rank:junior janitor activity:4
  14. researchers must wait in d block hallway,they may ask for entry or enter on 5+ security,this is so they dont get hit by cross fire or d class mass riots,but they can ignore this as long as they have a mtf escort reassons? the d class a;lways target the people in white,so i think this is more so for there own saftey not the bestwriter but i think you guys understand
  15. +support i think its unfair that they have to die inorder to change there skin