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  1. Slurmp

    C’ ya nerds

    Bro I had my back turned for ten seconds what the fuck Sad to see you leaving research
  2. Slurmp

    Kilo & Frost Report

    He makes an amazing point
  3. Grade: F (25%) Test Quality: Sub Standard Lore: 20/20 SCP 500 can indeed heal anyone that is on the brink of death instantly Creativity: 0/20 This test has already been done and since we already know SCP 500 can heal instantly already then this is useless information to the foundation Presentation: 5/20 Kinda hard to read and It could look so much better with a google doc and some pictures or a video Writing: 0/40 The writing in this test log is not very good and a ton of stuff is misspelled or the sentences just don't make sense
  4. Grade: D (65%) Test Quality: Standard Lore: 15/20 First of all its RIG units not RIM unless if there is another thing on the server called a RIM and also I don't think 914 can grant you the power to know if CI is going to raid or not Creativity: 20/20 If this could actually happen it would be very useful for the foundation Presentation: 5/20 I think you could have done much better like putting in pictures or videos and also you could have made it into a google doc and made the google doc look like a log on the SCP wiki Writing: 25/40 There could have been a lot more put into this test log in terms of writing and everything is spelled right except for what i think is meant to be RIG
  5. Name : Slurmp Branch(es) :medical Rank(s) : medic How would you rate your activity?: 5 Why you should keep your position (Command Only, 100 word minimum): N/A Any changes you would like to see:N/A Any notes or questions:N/A
  6. Grade: F (55%) Test Quality: Sub standard Lore: 20/20 I see nothing wrong with the lore here Creativity: 10/20 I've seen people do tests like this a lot Presentation: 5/20 Theres pretty much no presentation to this test log Writing: 20/40 This is one of the shortest test logs I've ever seen which is not a good thing spend more time on your test logs
  7. Grade: D (60%) Quality: Standard Lore: 15/20 I don't think you can take whatever disease you get out of the body in the first place Creativity: 15/20 Im not completely sure how this could help the foundation but I guess its a creative test log Presentation: 5/20 The only good thing about the presentation in this test log is that its spaced out enough to where I can read it Writing: 25/40 you made several writing mistakes in this test log and your test log is way too short so next time please spend more time on your test log
  8. Grade: B (85%) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 I saw nothing wrong with the lore in this test log Creativity: 5/20 This test has already been done before Im pretty sure and we already knew SCP 096 doesnt react to anything when looking at a mirror Presentation: 20/20 This test log looks amazing and you did a really good job on it Writing: 40/40 I saw no mistakes in the writing on this test log
  9. Slurmp


    Dude I hate to see that your leaving and just know you will be missed in my opinion you were one of the best E11 commanders ever
  10. Grade: A (95%) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the lore in this test log as far as I can see. Creativity: 15/20 This test log doesn't seem like it can help the foundation too much considering god is the only one that was seen nullifying the effects of SCP-714 and if you were to test if SCP-343 can maybe use those abilities on maybe a human than maybe it could be useful for the foundation to know. Presentation: 20/20 This test log looks pretty good and it looks like you spent a decent amount of time on the presentation. Writing: 40/40 The writing in this test log looked fine to me and there seems to be a lot of writing in the test log
  11. Lore Name: Dr Simon Glass (Slurmp) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:424166173 Rank: Foundation Doctor Activity Level: Pretty good im normally on every day of the week for at least an hour
  12. TEST ASSIGNED FOR GRADING Note: I don't know why you did this but never have your security escort be the d class for the test even if there is not that many d class in d block
  13. Slurmp

    Weiss player report

    - Support Ok so whenever im waiting for stuff or walking around on my combative classes in the foundation sometimes ill have my keys out too so what weiss was doing is very normal to me