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  1. Lore Name: Dr Simon Glass (Slurmp) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:424166173 Rank: Foundation Doctor Activity Level: Pretty good im normally on every day of the week for at least an hour
  2. TEST ASSIGNED FOR GRADING Note: I don't know why you did this but never have your security escort be the d class for the test even if there is not that many d class in d block
  3. - Support Ok so whenever im waiting for stuff or walking around on my combative classes in the foundation sometimes ill have my keys out too so what weiss was doing is very normal to me
  4. Grade: B (85%) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 15/20 SCP 049 has never known of SCP 079 ever existing and the fact that he knows that 079 is the computer is kind of strange considering they have never met (I know you couldn't really control this but still 049 and 079 have never met and 049 should not even be aware of his existence) and if 049 says that he only likes 079 because he is useful I think thats kind of a red flag. Creativity: 15/20 I think some of these questions have been asked before like the one about how he identifies how a person has the pestilence or not like I think lots of people have done tests on that alone and the question about which SCP he likes the most like one he has befriended before would be also a not so useful because I believe in lore SCP 035 had befriended SCP 049 for a long time before SCP 049 and 035 were put into containment Presentation: 15/20 The video you made looks really good and I honestly like it a lot but you should have added the video onto a written test log because I don't think a video can really follow test log format you could have written out the test log and put the video at the bottom of the test log and yeah that's pretty much the only thing wrong in presentation. Writing: -/40 The test log is a video so there isn't really any writing
  5. WAIT WHAT We will miss you cookie ;-;
  6. Grade: F (50%) Test Quality: Sub Standard Lore: 20/20 I see nothing wrong with the lore here Creativity: 10/20 I'm sure lots of people have come up with this Idea and tested it Presentation: 0/20 The presentation for this test log is not good please spend more time on it next time Writing: 20/40 You could have spent more time in this test log writing more and it would have looked so much better
  7. Grade: C (75%) Test Quality: Standard Lore: 15/20 I don't think 049-2 has any memories or thoughts at all other than obeying 049 Creativity: 15/20 This test is pretty creative but I don't really see how it could help the foundation Presentation: 5/20 You didn't really do anything creative with your presentation other than the colored text Writing:40/40 The writing in this test log is good
  8. Grade: F (40%) Test Quality: Sub Standard Lore: 10/20 I don't think 294 can actually dispense stuff like this into a cup because "12345" is not a liquid and most likely will never be a liquid known to man Creative: 10/20 Creative test log but it can not help the foundation at all Presentation: 0/20 nothing unique about this test log and you could have made it look much better Writing: 20/40 the writing in this test log is way too short and you could have done so much better please write some more next time
  9. Grade: F (35%) Test Quality: Sub Standard Lore: 10/20 SCP 999 would not refuse to attempt to make someone or something happy Creativity: 10/20 People have talked about this kind of test for ages and its not all that creative Presentation: 0/20 This test logs presentation is low quality and there is nothing special about it or anything Writing: 15/40 Barely any writing in this test log and your grammar isn't that good in this test log and I couldn't even really get a full understanding of what your question for this test was
  10. Grade: C (75%) Test Quality: Standard Lore: 20/20 I see nothing wrong with the lore in this test log Creativity: 10/20 At the current time I do not see anything that would help the foundation in this test log although it is creative it still cannot help the foundation in any way it seems like Presentation: 10/20 The yellow text (it looked yellow to me but I might be wrong) made this test log extremely hard to read and maybe if it were a different color it would have been better but the images make it kinda better I guess Writing: 35/40 There could have been more writing in this test log but its fine other than that
  11. Full Name (Lore Name): Slurmp Occupation(Rank): Research Administrator Requested Name(i.e RIG Unit [Number] [Name]): RIG Unit 375 Fox Who gave you permission to apply?: Kuma, Soviet Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? (80 word minimum): I believe I can be trusted with a R.I.G unit because I have so much experience on this server and I am good at protecting and attacking people and being both Research and E11 command has just given me a lot of experience with combat on the server for both protecting myself or other people. I do not minge at all and I like to help people the best I can especially when researchers can't get escorts I really want to help research out by being able to be their escort. I know this job requires a lot of responsibility and I'm ready to be one of the best R.I.G units there is if I am accepted.