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  1. Just to put it all into text, this is everything I said. If I missed anything, let me know. PTS pts pts pts pts pts fuck off thumper in a polite way yes sir king why are you here me too im just responding to him mate AFTER PTS WAS OVER hello i am jintao i was not arguing i was defending myself why the fuck are you reporting me im doing fantastic inactive you're actively unfunny what is the meaning of life i would like to apologise for my rude behaviour in this chat during the meeting. it is 4am my time and i have stayed up to do university work so i am both tired and short-tempered. i am now aware of these actions, i apologise for this and it won't happen again. please let me know if i upset you in the future, and i'll be going to bed now too. i hope you guys have a great PD meeting with no further disruptions Just putting this all into one message to make it clearer. Again, I have forgotten about a lot of this too as I was tired, so typing this out is a good way to remind myself of the details of what I said. I really am sorry once more.
  2. My bad, must've forgotten this, as I stated it was 4am my time so my only memory of this incident were your logs you posted here. I'd appreciate if you could please post all the screenshots in this report, as this message isn't included in the first image.
  3. Completely missed this in my reply, but I'll address it now too. I wrote this apology for the Low Command members for when they returned from doing promotions. I wasn't told I was being reported, and I would've apologised like this even if I didn't (as I did do in this case). Waking up with an @ on the forums for this report was a huge surprise to me, and I wasn't told about the report.
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, I've had a busy day and haven't been on until just now. My actions last night were unacceptable, however I'd like to explain each point individually: - I knew a lot of the people in this PD meeting, and a lot of my humour comes from being sarcastic. This is obviously hard to tell over text, and when saying things suck as 'fuck off thumper', I was not attempting to upset anyone or anything of the sort, I was (in my own head) messing about, and didn't mean it. I like to think I'm usually a pretty polite person and this was obviously out of character for me. As I mentioned in my apology, I was tired, cranky, and had came to the PD meeting purely to message a friend in there about something before I hopped to bed. I accept that this behaviour was ridiculous, however I think I could easily label this as the worst thing I've done in my 3 year stint here in Gaminglight, this behaviour was extremely out of character for me, and shows that I may perhaps be stressing myself out too much with law university. I don't know what punishment I deserve here, however I personally will be looking at my own behaviour, and could reduce my hours on the servers in general to decrease the stress university has on me. As I said in my apology, I really am sorry for anyone who was negatively impacted by this behaviour, and I hope it isn't too late to rectify my actions. Any questions, ask me on the forums or on Discord, this isn't a recurring incident and I assure anyone who reads this that it won't happen again.
  5. Sadly going to have to -support this VALoons. I really like you, but I think your Medical activity needs to improve. You are a Senior NCO at the moment and are expected to host both tryouts and SIMs for Medical, however this week you have hosted zero tryouts, and zero SIMs / trainings. In fact, you have never hosted a SIM or training as a NCO in Medical. You state that you 'do a good amount of trainings', but none of these have ever been logged, and as I said, your tryout activity is low. Along with this, I don't really see you on the Medical job that often when you are on the server (you are active, just not on MC). I don't think you're unfit for this position whatsoever, I just think if you do want to become a MC Officer you need to prove that you can be active beforehand, instead of saying that you will be active if accepted. I wish you the best of luck, but I hope you do take my advice.
  6. -support, looking at your warnings they are all in the past, so I'm not that clouded by those, however, your off-ship does seem like a mission as stated, and the answers seem a little rushed. I recommend either putting in a little more effort into your answers, or attending an interview for GM if you struggle to write long answers. Good luck though!
  7. +support, agree with what killua said, fatbob has a lot of experience, is trustworthy, and a good guy, would make a fantastic NCO and a great addition for IF.
  8. This guy clearly hasn't seen ISB Major General Jintao's flying.
  9. I will be providing my side here, as I assisted Comet (the person who banned you) with this situation. When going into deep storage and looking at logs it tells a completely different story. I looked for your SteamID in our deep storage logs system, and here's what came up. As this doesn't provide your name for some reason (must be a glitch) I encourage any other staff to also look at this in-game by looking for this person's SteamID in deep storage. As you can see, you disconnected after being warned and arrested. This clearly shows that you were in a RP situation, and were arrested when you left the server. You claim to be an RPer, but were actively changing your name to impersonate SMT and avoid being brought to a sit too.
  10. +support, Carson is a trusted Commander with a solid application. His activity is good, he's a good member of the Low Command team and I think he'd make a great fit into the dynamic environment of being a GM.
  11. +support, I haven't played SCP in a long time but during my time I saw some excellent work from Skela, ranging from daily posts encouraging activity, to being general active on the forums and TS meeting people and making sure he's a publicly facing member of staff and that everyone's opinions are heard. Being a Forum Diplomat requires that strive to have everyone's opinion heard, whilst also having the maturity to make sure things don't get out of hand. Skela has proven his ability to do that in a number of situations during his time as both staff and in his RP roles, and I couldn't think of a better candidate for Forum Diplomat.
  12. Going to necropost a little here as I don't keep up to date with this category enough, but as the other people have said, go with your gut. We can't make the decision for you, if you think you can put in the effort and time needed, whilst getting the enjoyment out of it you'd need to make it worthwhile, then you should go for it.
  13. +support, Bon has been a great leader in my time during the server, and has shown outstanding work as a General. It's a tough call, but I think Bon is my preferred pick for this position due to activity, dedication, leadership and the amount of hard-work he puts in, I always see him around in the TS helping people out too.
  14. 1. Whats your in-game name and rank: MC IRS MSG Jintao 4211 2: Whats your timezone?: EU, GMT / BST 3: Whats your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:604467309 4: Why do you want to be a medical officer?: I wish to become a Medical Officer because of a few reasons. To start with, since I have re-joined MC I have noticed a lack of leadership from the Officer ranks. I've seen Keegan, CatBob and Zug all do a great job at commanding, but there has been a shortage of Officers and when they have been online, they haven't always been supporting troopers in the way that I would see fit. By joining the officer team, I would be able to host regular simulations, inspire activity and also allow people to do some more interesting checkups and RP scenarios with my authorisation. I have multiple ideas for trainings and simulations that I could hold for MC that would make very interesting exercises and put our troops to the test. I am also a GM meaning I could prepare some missions that cater towards our MC and evaluate their performance. Secondly, back when I played a couple of years ago I was also in MC as an officer, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Whilst this part of the answer is a little more selfish, it is true that I really enjoy having the ability to command and lead troopers, partly to help them, and partly to improve my IRL leadership skills. I enjoy RP at its most when I am in the driver seat of a complicated machine, turning all the cogs individually to make the machine work the most efficiently, and this is what being an officer would allow me to do with MC. Finally, since I have joined MC I have yearned for more responsibility, constantly offering up my services to do trainings, simulations, PT and help with documents where possible. Being an officer would allow me to do all of these things more regularly, and would also allow me to oversee NCOs who were in the same position as me, and evaluate their performance for command. Especially as I am active during EU times, I am able to be on when there isn't many higher rankings on. For example, during an event earlier where I was a SSGT we had 5 MC on, yet I was still the highest rank as a SSGT. Being an officer in this situation would allow me to work on MC more during EU times and improve the branch. 5: Whats your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10: (1 being terrible activity and 10 being on daily for a while): I would say that in terms of activity on the server, I'm a 10, but on MC, 8 or 9. When I am on the server, I am not always on MC, as I spend a lot of time on my administration job helping out as a GM or as a Moderator, however I am always ready to help MC and, if there is nothing pressing going on with GM / Staff, I am more than happy to switch jobs. 6: Why should you be a medical officer?: I believe there are many, many reasons why I should be a Medical Officer. For a start, since joining the branch I have shown constant dedication, being one of (if not the) most active MC, and have been constantly recognised for my work through promotions and commendations from not just MC officers, but also Purge, Shock and 501st Officers. My medical work and RP skills have been noted multiple times by other regiments, and my skill at multi-tasking during events has been commented on multiple times by Purge, as I work with them a lot in on-ship events at EC. Secondly, as I mentioned previously, I do have prior experience in this role. I used to be an MC CPT a couple of years ago, and I like to think that my performance in that role was more than satisfactory. I have proven as a NCO that I can lead the regiment and troopers, whether this be in one of the tryouts or trainings I hosted, or the simulations I offer. I also did this back in the day when I was a Captain, not just inspiring NCOs and Enlisted to be active, but lower officers. Thirdly, I have a lot of new ideas I'd like to bring to the table in MC, and being an officer puts me in a better position to do this. Since the first day that I joined MC I have been making suggestions, however it can be a little hard to get your voice and opinion heard as a TRN or even as an NCO, versus when you are an officer. I think my ideas would freshen up MC if accepted, and would also improve the activity in the branch, inspiring new people to join and boosting numbers. Finally, I think I have proven leadership skills over my time during MC and I would love to be in a position to actively host trainings for the Enlisted and NCOs of MC. Meaning no offense to my fellow NCOs, but I do believe a lot of them have some way to go before being ready to become an officer, and I think with my ability to teach and convey ideas and points, I could improve their skills in their role and mold them into better NCOs and eventually into officers. I have proven my ability to teach and mold during my time as a GM tick 8, training lower GMs on how to use the tools given to us as GMs, how to host combat events, and how to host off-maps. I think I am also a pretty friendly person who is good at welcoming new people to the branch and giving them help if needed. I have been complimented a few times by Naval and DT who have seen me doing tryouts back when I was in Naval as they were impressed in the depth I went into explaining systems, making sure my trainees knew what they were doing and were comfortable in their role. 7: How well do you command other troopers?: I think I command other troops excellently, and I strive for the opportunity to do so. When an event happens I almost always kick into action (sometimes I am a little too eager and don't notice I am not the highest online) making sure that people know what they are doing in that event, and that Enlisted are grouped with NCOs in-case they get confused. I have proven my leadership multiple times when hosting trainings or SIMs, and when leading people in SIMs, missions and events. I think I am strong willed and self confident, which allows me to give orders to people without hesitation. I am also gracious in accepting when I am in the wrong, another strong trait of a leader, this means that I will not argue with someone trying to defend myself when I am in the wrong, as I can accept that I made a mistake or a misunderstanding. I have also proven initiative time and time again, which I think is another useful trait for a leader from my time asking to host trainings and SIMs from the low rank as a SGT. This is why I was promoted to Imperial Researcher in the Research branch, as I was constantly trying to host Research trainings when authorised and improve everyone's experience. 8: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: I think I am a stronger candidate than other applications (even those who have been here longer than me) for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my experience: I have been a Naval Lieutenant recently, rising to that rank relatively quickly and leading well during my time. Longer ago, I was an MC CPT as I have mentioned a few times, and I think I did a fantastic job during my time, which I'm sure anyone who was in the regiment with me at the time could attest to. Secondly, as I also mentioned earlier, I do believe I am one of the most active MC on the server, on both the job and on the server. MC is my main life, I dedicate almost all of my time to MC and when I am not dedicating time to MC on the server, I am in the TS, Discord, or both of them, making sure everyone knows what they're doing and ready to help at any point. I think this makes me a better candidate too, as I am able to give more time to MC than another candidate might. The final reason you should chose me over other people is because I think I have a lot more drive and inspiration for the branch than other people. The other people in the branch may like MC, but I think my dedication and hard work put into MC shows that I love the branch and want only the best for it. This is a great trait in an officer that other applicants don't have as strong as me, and I think it is definitely something that makes me stand out as a candidate. I put in a lot of work, effort and time for MC right now and I'm only an NCO, so imagine what I could do as an officer. Thanks for reading.
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