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  1. I give this a B The presentation is a little bland. The test overall is a good idea and was interesting to read. No grammar errors as far as I can see. Well Done. Follow up on this topic and do more tests please.
  2. Name: Tomato Rank & Callsign: SR D07 SteamID:STEAM_0:0:26407310 Discord: Research Manager Tomato#7675 Divisions: Research Activity: 7/10 Suggestions: idk Command Only Why you should retain your position? i made
  3. Tomato


    Am a sad tomato will miss you
  5. Screw it, why not. Worst you can say is no. In Game Name: Tomato Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:26407310 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Position on the O5 council If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: N/A How many Strikes do you have: 1 (i think) Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I would like the opportunity to join the O5 council because I want to see this server succeed. Having been with the foundation for over a year and having climbed my way from the bottom to almost a foundation doctor, I have worked tirelessly to see the foundation thrive. I want the opportunity to walk the halls as a distinguished member of the O5 council and to use that position to elevate the young members of the server. Who better to oversee a test/event than a member of the O5? The few times it has happened to me as a researcher were a privilege. and i would like to extend that offer to others. I would love to work with my fellow O5 members on research that will better the foundation and society as a whole. I am comfortable facing any challenge that will come my way. I have faced all forms of minges during my time as a researcher and with each one I try my hardest to act as a middle man and offer the offender the opportunity to better themselves. As a member of the O5 Council i will be better equipped to assist with any sort of conflict that comes across on the server. I want the server/research department to thrive and allowing me the distinction of being an O5 Council member will allow me to better help manage and coach the younger researchers / members of the server and make the server the best it can be. I will admit, i may be a bit biased to Research, but Research is my home and is the branch i have devoted my entire time on the server to. I want them to succeed more than anything. Why should we accept you: I have been on the server for over a year now, and my track record is exceptional. I strive to be the most mature, respectful, and fair researcher I can be. I conduct my tests in a respectable and professional manor consistent with that of an O5 member. I am active every day on the server (i have missed a collective 6 days in the paste year and 4 months) and i am always helping younger researchers with their test ideas and pushing them to think outside the box on their test ideas. A creative test is a quality test. Along with being on the server, I am active on the discord and forums daily. I am dedicated to this roll and this dedication will only increase if I am allowed the roll of O5. My test history and test logs are consistently rated highly (two in the Hall of fame currently) and the ability observe and tutor the newcommers will only benefit the foundation in the long run.. I have also published papers regarding various SCP's on site as well as discovering and classifying several new SCP's during my time with the foundation. The amount of SCP classifications, Research papers, and test logs will only improve and become more plentiful if given the opportunity to be a member of the O5 Council. SCP's I've discovered during my time in the foundation: SCP-6299 "The D-Block" -> SCP-7996 "The Glucose Meter" -> SCP-6167 "The bone warp virus" -> SCP-9471 "The EAS" -> Research papers I have published about Various SCP's A study on how 035-1 kills people - > My study of 939's ears - > Thank you and have a wonderful day. Secure. Contain. Protect -Tomato
  6. Welp....... I GUESS ILL HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER PING........... . will miss you
  7. +support. Jeff is a good dude.
  8. Jeff. You need to listen to hope. He has the right idea for you.
  9. Jeff. We love you but you are not ready for CI yet. Give it a bit more time. I have faith in you.
  13. Lore: 20/20 no issues here Creativity: 10 /20 Not the most creative test Presentation: 20 /20 I like the styling of the document. well done Writing: 40/40 No issues here. TOTAL: 90/100 Grade: A - Overall: quality
  14. Lore: 20/20 no issues here Creativity: 15 /20 Not the most creative test Presentation: 15 /20 Very basic document. nothing special Writing: 40/40 No issues here. TOTAL: 90/100 Grade: A - Overall: quality