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  3. Name: Tomato Rank & Callsign: SR D07 SteamID:STEAM_0:0:26407310 Discord: Dr Robert 'Tomato' Peterson #7675 Divisions: Research Activity: 5/10 Ideas for CI: not sure Command Only Why you should retain your position? i made
  8. 98/100 Very detailed Lots of images Only lost 2 points for the rather jumbles presentation. Other than that its awesome. Well done. You deserve a promotion
  9. Good luck to you soviet. You are one of the best research we had. Gonna miss you. Be safe and remember....Secure.Contain.Protect!
  10. There, i was active cogs. Now bugger off
  11. 20/100 too short jk 100/100 very well done. lots of detail and an overall good read. Awesome job Quality content here folks
  12. 100/100 Very well done. I like the concept and i love the execution. Well done
  13. Very well done. I enjoy the additional pictures, it adds a nice context to the document. Well done. 100/100
  14. Another well done test. Only problem is its length. I wanted to see more detail in it, but otherwise a good test. 90/100
  15. Honestly this was very well done. the concept was silly but the execution was great. Overall i give it a 95/100. Minus 5 points for the rather blandness of the document.