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  1. The $100 Warn Wipe just a cash grab by the admins to attempt to bring back players to the server. This warn wipe is designed to bring back the worst members of the server instead of promoting new players. Here are some reasons this is a bad product to sell: 1. There are not alot of players still around from 2019 to 2020 that actively play on the server in the first place. 2. Most players have a warn or two from silly mistakes they made when they first joined the server. They have learned from their experiences and bettered themselves. I am an example of this. This warn wipe is for people who have so many warns they either left the server entirely or were banned. 3. The people who NEED this warn wipe are people we dont want on the server anyways. These are the people who didnt ever try to improve and just kept acting like idiots and ignoring the rules until they either left or were banned. 4. Warns should go away after a certain amount of time anyways. Asking for money to remove a warn is scummy. If it was something like $1 a warn then sure but $100 is insane. This warn wipe will attract toxic people back to this community and allow them an easy way back into the server. Why should they try and change when they could just pay their way back into the server and pick up where they left off not following rules and ruining the server (like ZJ)? Work on attracting new members to the community instead of trying to get kids to buy their way back in. -Tomato
  2. I guess I just hate D class
  3. Nerf class D to hell. Make it nearly impossible to escape as Class D. Don't give them keycards or hackers. Make it so being on class D is boring so they join an actual branch
  4. +support Jummy is a great person and onl;y wants whats best for research. I know im not in Research anymore but I wanted to voice my opinion. He deserves this
  5. Please come up with a valid argument instead of reaching for straws
  6. This is going to be a long post so bare with me for the time being. GL has gone almost pay to win and is catering almost exclusively to combat rather than proper RP. The admins and Zeeptin are actively censoring those who speak up against them making money. This all began yesterday when Ash was banned from the discord for having an opinion about the current state of the donations for GL. Ash was promptly told that he/she had an uneducated opinion and was banned when they spoke against the donation incentives. Zeeptin personally stepped in and I was able to share some messages to him in General on the discord. These messages were dismissed and brushed off and Zeeptin requested I make a forum post about them. Well, Here I am. Gaminglight SCP-RP has shifted form a RP based server to one that revolves around combat. Donation incentives over the past years have revolved around the following set of steps. Number 1, a new weapon is added to the game that is either overpriced or overpowered (Example, any of the legendary items). Number 2, that weapon causes havok on the server and is buffed shortly after release. The cycle then repeats indefinitely. The class D are given priority on the server and are handed ample opportunities to disrupt roleplay for those who wish to actually spend their time in a branch. Meanwhile, branches like Research and Medical suffer to the point where they are actively suppressed and forced to hide in bunks the whole day due to the near constant riots and unsettling in D Block. Can anyone recall a time on this server in recent memory where it was code blue and research, medical, and other branches could actually get RP done without getting murked by class D? I cant. Class D are given weapon after weapon to use against security. Now I know what you may be thinking, "The weapons are not JUST for class D. Anyone can buy them" and this is true, but from what I have seen, a majority of weapons bought on GL are used in class D riots. Why is combat prioritized over actual RP? Why are new weapons rolled out month after month and SCP's barley added. Why are Class D encouraged to not join a branch and keep playing as class D? It's simply, Class D make GL money. The server caters towards the random person who buy's Gmod, doesn't know what an SCP is, joins the server, doesn't know how to change a job and stays as class D, gets killed so they buy a weapon or two and they play for a month until they get bored and leave or eventually get banned for being racist. That is who this server caters to. Not the people who put effort into the server and spend hours of their time trying to make it better for others. This server has turned into team deathmatch with a sprinkling of SCP's on the side. Instead of putting effort into the models and fixing the horrible lag by mending the map, it's easier to put a weapon in the store that does too much damage, charge way to much for it so people think it does more, and sell it to class D. It's lazy. When is the last time a new model was added to the server that wasn't just ripped off from another game? For Christ sake we have a doofenschmertz model. Is it that hard to just come up with a dude in a science outfit? This is ignoring the outrageous prices for a custom clan/model. Or the Fortnite dances. Every weapon added makes the server feel like just another combat server and pushes the very ideals of the RP side away, making the server feel empty and hollow for those looking to RP. I can hear the complaining now. "Tomato, you have no idea how to run a server! You don't know how much it costs to run a GMOD server in 2022. We shouldn't talk about money open like this!". Well, why not? Why is money on the server such a taboo topic? Why proudly flash on the homepage of the forums that someone donated if it's such an issue? I have been a loyal player on this server for 3 years. I have put over 2600 hours of my life into this server. I feel like i should have some idea where the money is going to other than the pockets of the owners. Even if that is not the case, I feel like all that donation money should have some reflection on the server. But it doesn't does it. The server is still unoptimized. There are so many useless props on the server that serve no purpose. I cant go from LCZ to HCZ without getting massive lag spikes. God forbid the server count get above 100 players because then the lag is unbearable. How is that acceptable in 2022? If this was 2008 then yea I could see that maybe it would be hard to run a GMOD server. All that donation money coming in and the server runs like its being powered by a hamster on a wheel. There is a reason we make jokes about that. It's because its true. And the truth will get me banned. By the time you are reading this I will probably be banned for having an opinion. Keep in mind, I have not insulted anyone or called anyone anything derogatory. I have not threatened anyone or done anything to get banned, but I probably will be. This server and it's owners do not like those who speak up against their ways. Frankly that is not only insulting but also scummy. Unfortunately, I have to bring up the money trail in order to get any attention. It's not like we can just reach out to Zeeptin on the discord (why even be in the discord if you are not going to interact with anyone on the server). If I am banned, it just shows that we are not allowed to have an opinion on this server at all. As a business owner and a public figure, you should be able to stand up to criticism and not throw down the ban hammer the second an opinion is made that you do not like. This is the only part of this post where I am directly referencing someone. Zeeptin, let people speak their minds without fear of being removed. This is to say, as long as they are actively trying to better the server. If they are just walking around calling the admins the R word then yea, ban them. But if they are concerned about the state of the server and worried about the direction it is heading, then hear them out. Even if nothing is done at all, just let them speak their mind. Here are some steps that can be done to fix the server. 1. Fix the lag. I don't care how it's done just fix it. Get better computers to run it. Hire people to optimize the map. Get rid of useless props. Something needs to be done. 2. Remove useless SCP's and add more interesting ones. I will be happy (as I'm sure others will) to suggest fun and new SCP's to include on the server. 3. Go out of your way to encourage Class D to join a branch. Make it as easy as possible to join a branch from the menus. Advertise it in big bold letters on walls. Something. 4. Don't rush it. Take your time and do this properly. Don't just rush out a new SCP in a week and hope that keeps us quiet. To anyone who has an opinion on this and wants to speak up, do so in the comments here. Don't target people or call names, just voice honest criticism about the server and suggest what can be done to make it better. I want this server to thrive. I want to see 128/128 players every day. However, if the server keeps heading in this direction, it's better off to just remove everything but gensec and class D and let them duke it out until everyone gets bored and leaves forever. Also, this is a totally unacceptable response to someone on the discord (see attached image). -Tomato
  7. I apologize if this just sounds like "old man yells at clouds" but this has annoyed me to absolutely no end. Get rid of SCP-294 and/or restrict it behind a level 4 keycard door. I have never seen a single person test on SCP-294. Like actually test on it with class D and escorts. What I have seen are members of medical, maintenance, Gensec, and research consistently void their NLR's, run directly to SCP-294, spawn the drink that makes you bleed constantly, stand in a corner and die, and repeat. You hear it halfway across LCZ. At any given moment at least 2 people are standing near 294 chugging drink after drink and just killing themselves bleeding. Then they void NLR and run back and do it again. On top of not being what the intended use of SCP-294 is (which is an SCP to be tested on, not a play thing), It's annoying to listen to and it undermines the whole RP point of the server. I had this problem even before 294 went away. I use to complain and yell at researchers that SCP-294 is not a toy and to stop just running up to it spawning purple drink because "LOL LEAN LOOK GUYZ IM SO COOL". Fucking stupid meme anyways.... Please restrict SCP-294 to a level 4 keycard door only, or have it only spawned in when research are doing actual testing on it. NOT when they are bored so they feel like spamming drinks. I get it, its a GMOD server, but its an RP server. If a machine IRL dispensed a drink that would literally kill you slowly, people wouldn't be running up to it constantly and drinking from it. Thank you -Tomato
  8. Tomato

    I made a meme

    Dont kill me pls
  9. Didn't even mention me. SMH My Head Best HOR Ever
  10. You will always be a valued member of Research and a great friend! Nothing will change that. Good luck as a soundcloud rapper :p
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