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  1. zboz

    Zobz (zboz) LOA

    Name: zboz Warden name: Augustus Rank: 1LT Length of LOA: 12/3-12/18 Reason for LOA: freedom
  2. +Support One of the best we have in security right now, and has more than proven himself to be a responsible member of the community. Would make a great addition to RRH.
  3. 1. Steam Name?: zboz 2. Steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:166742047 3. Roster Name?: zboz 4. Current Rank?: 1LT 5. When were you promoted?: Nov-5 6. How long have you been a member of GENSEC (roughly)?: 5 months 7. Do you promise to uphold all rules instated by GamingLight and by the many Security guidelines?: Yes 8. Do you promise to uphold your duties as a command member in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, etc.?: Yes 9. Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower / higher rankings?: Yes 10. Why do you want to become a senior command member? (150 WORDS+): I want to become a Senior Command member because I want to have more opportunities to do more for the branch. In the short time I've been in this branch, I’ve come to develop a great respect for those who’ve left their mark on the branch in a positive way through their ceaseless efforts and countless spent hours, and I’ve realized that I want to be like them. I want to make this branch the best it’s ever been, and am not only willing, but eager to dedicate the time and effort necessary to make this happen. I’m not satisfied simply floating along with what we have, I want to innovate and push for trying new things within the branch, to see what works and what doesn’t, and in the process come out with a new improvement for security. I believe my time in Wardens alone has already displayed this attitude, as I have constantly given ideas and feedback to both Baby Arm and Ein during their times as WL, despite not even being a WP. I am not content sitting in command doing nothing, I want to move forward and do more for the branch, and Senior Command is the next step in that process. 11. What would you do if a Security Officer was constantly leaving D Block?: I would inform them that as Security, our primary duties are within D Block first, and that they should remain within it a majority of the time, save for certain applications such as escorts, patrols, and going to medbay/armory. I would also remind them that although they should be spending most of their time in D block as an Officer, the longer they're in security the more opportunities they will get to do more than just sit in D Block in the form of Wardens, leading patrols, and being able to enter HCZ in patrols and escorts. If they continued to leave or started being mingy at all, I would start looking at disciplinary action. 12. What would you do if an NCO kept on leaving d-block with terrible reasons?: I would remind them that as an NCO, they are considered one of the leaders of D block, and are expected to set a better example for the enlisted in D block. I would then remind them that if they are getting bored sitting in D block, they are allowed to lead patrols throughout LCZ and HCZ, and that doing so is a far better way to get out of D block and do something else than simply wandering out of D block with no meaningful purpose. If they continued to roam outside D block with terrible reasons, I would likely start looking at giving a proper verbal warning or at simply striking the NCO. 13. What do you do if an E-11 private comes into D-Block and attempts to take command of all of the security?: I would pull the E-11 private aside quietly and remind them that they are not in security and as a result do not get to command security members around as they see fit, and that if they need any help from security they can come to me or any other command member, or an NCO if there are no command members online. If they continued to attempt to command security members around, I would use medal to take a clip of the whole process and send it up to E11 command and leave it to them to sort out with their own member. 14. Explain the process of promoting a corporal to sergeant in your own words: When promoting a corporal I will usually go over the NCO guide and Patrol/Stationing guide with them, and go over how now that they are an NCO, they are expected to start being a leader for the enlisted in D block and are going to be more closely watched by command to ensure proper conduct than before, as well as to see if they have potential as a command member. I also go over calling Hands up, and Partial protocol with them, and make sure that they have key binds set up for calling each protocol. I will make a point of mentioning that they can apply for WO when the applications open as well. I will mention that they are now able to be trained for Sniper and in particular FTO, and in the latter's case offer to train them for FTO afterwards as I am an SFTO as well. Finally, i let them know that they now have to have a forums account made, and will help them through the process of making an account if they request help.
  4. +SUPPORT Incredible member of security, great juggie, super chill dude in general. He would be a very valuable member of senior command if chosen, one of the best.
  5. HUGE +SUPPORT Dude's incredibly active and helpful in both Security and Wardens, very responsive to requests for help and a great dude to be around. His contributions to wardens alone speak to his value to the branch as a whole. Would make for a fantastic choice for senior command.
  6. +support kinda cringe but hes still alright i guess
  7. my mechanic shop kept the gas station afloat alright, cope Will miss you a lot man, thanks for everything o7
  8. zboz

    Zboz LOA

    Name: zboz Rank: 2LT Length of LOA (MM/DD-MM/DD): 10/20 to 10/24 Reason for LOA: Going on a quick trip, be back soon
  9. In Game Name: zboz Steam ID (Ex. STEAM_0:1:91255427): STEAM_0:1:166742047 Discord ID (Ex. Pinbal#5433): zboz#9720 Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardian Current RP Ranks Held: Security Warrant Officer Has anyone recommended you to apply for the RRH program? (If not, it's fine): No If applying for Analyst please link notable test-logs here: N/A How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof): none Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: I would like to join the RRH team because I have seen them in action numerous times and always thought that it looked like a unique and interesting role to play in the server, and would like a chance to be a part of this group consisting of some of the best the server has to offer. Why should we accept you: I believe I should be accepted because of my significant and relevant experience within the server. I have played on the server for approximately 4 months this run, and previously played on the server for another few months last year. During my time, I have played in both CI and Security, which has given me plenty of combat experience, and since settling on security have spent a great deal of my time on Wardens. In Wardens, I have gained familiarity with escorting high command members, learned to efficiently work with a team of people, and am well acquainted with the rules surrounding the use of the cloaking device and how to effectively use it in combat during my time spent playing as a Warden Exspira. Between having no warns, being command in security, and achieving the command rank of squad lead in wardens as well, I believe I have more than proven that I am a responsible and trustworthy person within the community as well.
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