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  1. Maybe you should have a look at this before calling him that... https://gaminglight.com/forums/profile/27436-zeeptin/ -Support EMT dis isn't cool man
  2. -Support + Well written application + 16 is pretty good - I don't see you often in game (inactive) - Forums account was made a few days ago - "Necroposting" on the forums to increase number forum posts - High warnings Other than, good luck!
  3. -Support I'll post the same things that I shared with you in Discord: Logs (the highlighted section is the advert, and 2 spaces above you can see he started combat 2 seconds after beginning combat) Screenshot of the MOTD (note the highlighted section) (Attached is a cropped screenshot of chat of me informing you of the warning and the rule you broke). The reason why I decided to warn you was because of the time frame of the advert and when combat began, and because it seemed that in logs that neither of them were paying any attention to you or noticed what was happening (which is why I also believe the sit for RDM was called and why both were surprised to hear that you had adverted. Unless if you are John Moschitta Jr., I don't think you can properly negotiate with officers in less than 2 seconds. (I can attach more evidence in logs along with screenshots from Discord if requested, please @ me) (I would like it to be on the record that I did have a discussion with the 2 officers that called a sit for RDM along with Phil and noted "I was not sure who or where I saw it, but you must negotiate with the police before shooting and would tell him what I find." I first looked in the MOTD and CTRL+F "jailbreak" and came across the highlighted section above and then crossed referenced it with logs for a solid 3-4 minutes before coming to a conclusion.)
  4. Others have already said what I would have, good luck Corn!
  5. I am Will. (I think I'll put that as my member title) Anyways, feel free to visit any time or just to hop back onto the teamspeak server!
  6. +Support I feel staff member should be spoken to; further punishment is up to SMT.
  7. If it's class 2 with suppressor, then I have some people to talk to..
  8. -Support - Read the bible (see above reasons) - Already handled in-game
  9. +/- Support I do agree that it should be moved down from class 4 (for many reasons; this being one of them), but making it class 1 is sketchy. Yes it is still a semi-automatic pistol with an attachment, but as Elapin mentioned, it does reduce the sound of the gunshots which enables you to get away with more crime. In my opinion, it should be class 2
  10. SMT felt that system was being abused so minges could come back over and over across a span of time. I have 2 warns myself which both are now appealable, but I am unable to get them removed. To be honest, I really dont find it to be much of an issue seeing that I try not to the break rules. While yes I can be careless and do somethings that are borderline mingy, I do my not to break them or annoy anyone in the process..
  11. Even after I watched the video, I still have no idea what happened so I'm surprised that Jay and Dropperlemon were able to.. +Support
  12. Major -Support - No SteamID - Bans for 40+ warns cannot be appealed Sorry but the above points are the big things I spotted out of this, and I will say you will need something better than what you have currently written to be unbanned. You had 40 or more chances to change your way and abide by the rules, and unfortunately you persisted with that kind of behavior.
  13. High command needs to move this man up from Colonel, low command doesn't want him any more! #eternityforassistantchief (jk) Happy anniversary man!