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  1. When I get home from school. I usually finish my work in class or study hall so I can usually play until I have to leave or I start feeling tired.
  2. Well yes, but also no. For instance, 2 differently worded statements can share the same meaning, although the choice of words can change the "tone" of the passage where one may be sincere while the other may be hateful; it all depends on the context and other pieces of conversation that were involved before and after then. (if that makes sense..) Anyways, there are a few things that are clear or have been defined here: - ICE/ ACE has fallen to ruin due to massive amount of issues and immaturity that has spawned from a collection of players not being kept in line by the family's HC or equivalent. - Attempts to restore the family's name to a neutral or positive reputation have failed - Chances are that the best way to clear your name/ name of the other members is to disband and reform under a new name (something that is not related to ICE or ACE in anyway) and have people apply to get in I hope that helps in some way. RIP ICE / ACE
  3. Sorry Romero, but I haven't seen you in game for a while or I haven't noticed you. I highly recommend trying to becoming more active and a bit more well known with those who actively play on the server these days before applying.
  4. Name: Will Rank: AEMT How active are you: Semi active (Marching band takes up time in my day and I am usually filling staff ratio so I can't roleplay as much as I used to) Why should you remain a part of EMS department: I enjoy being in EMS and I only really noticed my activity to decline when ImperialRP was release and when FD was announced. What changes would you like to see: New cars/ ambulances for AEMT maybe?
  5. Your In-game: Will (at the time it was LT Will 1L52) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:129363914 The admin's name in-game: Bennett (@Bennett1239) The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] Jbennett1239 (STEAM_0:0:171600168) What warning did you receive: "failrp - pressing panic while kidnapped" Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Was on a traffic stop with an OFC at the time and I saw Zage pull a gun on the OFC and advert "YOUR MINE NOW BOY (KIDNAP COMMS AND PANIC TAKEN)" in which I responded with pressing my panic as he at the time was aiming his weapon at the OFC. I then was restrained by Beans who was also kidnapping me (he was standing behind me and did not see his advert until after getting warned). Upon noticing my mistake, I called over radio to announce that it was a false panic and for them to go back on patrol/ normal duties. I was then warned by Bennett for said reason and tried to explain what happened in which he did respond in admin chat saying "will if it is a false warn appeal ill + to remove the warn". Proof: Any extra information: I had no idea beans was behind me which is why I pressed my panic. If I had know, I wouldn't have pressed my panic button and complied with him and Zage (not trying to say I didn't). If anything, I feel it should have been a verbal warning since it was my first time being warned for it.
  6. Sorry to say it, but ICE/ACE is going to be seen as a mingy family no matter what. We have a saying here in the band world: "It takes a lifetime to create a good reputation and seconds to destroy it", perhaps that is a little late to bring up, but at least it has been said now. Sorry Ryan..
  7. Agreed, noticed a lot of familiar names with Ace instead of ICE at the end of their name. If the members want to be mingy, then they themselves will face consequences.
  8. While I can understand that training at times can feel like a burden rather than something fun, it is much better to take time and explain things to the cadet. More often than not, trainings that are short and simple can lead to mingy officers while those that take a bit longer can produce OFC's that could go onto make great supervisors or command members someday.
  9. Overall rating: Major -Support - 15 does not meet the word requirement - High amount of warns - Incorrect Steam ID - Poor forum activity - Behavior in one of the sits. I had with him was a bit toxic in my mind Sorry Derrick, but I have to give you a -Support, please try to fix these things if you feel like applying again and please let me know if you need any help writing your application. Good luck!
  10. I thought you were staff before, but alright.. Good luck Bandit!
  11. Overall rating: -Support + Well known in the community + Knows the SOP + Great leadership skills - I have never seen him on a PD job Sorry Crease, but I have to give you a -Support due to your activity in PD. Please try and improve it and I will change it to a +Support.