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  1. +Support Video's show what appears to be rule infractions and player is nearing 40 warnings.
  2. +Support I recommend they get banned for 8 days (combination of both the 10 and 20 warning ban).
  3. Would love for it to return, but it's not gonna happen.. -Support
  4. It helps reduce the amount of time we need to stay in sits and helps people get back to RP faster.
  5. -Support Based on the evidence I was looking at and what I understood from the sit, you pretty much killed the guy for turning around with an AWP in his hands because you said his name. Seeing how you have priors on your record for RDM and since you thought it was OK to kill/ attack anyone who has a gun pointed at you, I felt that a formal warning was necessary. See screenshot and logs attached. DekotaZ ban panel - https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561199006688273 09-16-2020 logs export.txt
  6. +Support Videos do show clear evidence of prop minging.
  7. +Support - Active - Helpful - Decent application Good luck!!!
  8. -Support for the above reason, 3 hours in one week is less than half an hour per day. Try to be active and clock more time if needed.
  9. -Support Warn bans are not appealable. https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198870563705
  10. What you want to see? - Staff tags or something to denote staff in the main PoliceRP discord server Why should we add it? - Seeing how other GL discord servers have roles to denote members of their staff team, I feel by adding something similar to PoliceRP's discord, users who need to get in touch with a staff member can easily find and reach out to one. What are the advantages of having this? - See above Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - n/a
  11. -Support - Reasons above - I personally don't feel like you are ready for the position yet.. (no hard feelings)
  12. So I was accepted into PD command today one year ago (Sept 10), making me (to my knowledge) the longest serving low command member on the roster currently. There have been quite a few people who have helped me get to where I am today, and those who have had an impact on my time in here in command: Matthew - Thanks for accepting all of my promotion applications (from LT to COL), you're a cool guy to hang around and have been a great role model for people to look up to Alton - While we didn't talk too much, you were still fun to work with and a pretty cool command member overall Adams - The 4 star chef of the department, thanks for everything you've done thus far for the department! Max - Minge Large Person - Mega minge/ meme man Tonto - One of the people that's been in command the longest with me, sucks you retired recently.. Jack Hugs - Taught me its a bad idea to broadcast my McDonalds order through TS Icon - Master commie hunter #1 Springs - Why do like bullyin me.. Pittman - Great guy to talk to when you need help with something Zage - Amigo that got me into UMC and was a good guy to talk with in TS Eternity - I still remember when we were both Colonels and Senior Admins a couple months back. If I remember correctly, you were also the person that promoted me to SNR a year ago so thanks for that lol Snar - You might not remember doing this, but I remember you joined the patrol channel I was in back before you retired from manager, and you just started playing christmas songs for me at 2 AM. Might have just seemed like another night to you, but it scared the shit outta me lmao There are a lot more names I could add, but that's all I'm going to jot down for now.. Thanks to everyone listed and not listed who have been apart of my journey as command thus far!