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  1. The issue is that Cammy should have been able to hear in-game audio if he is on a government job, especially when he is arresting someone. Please also note that he drove past a fairly large court like area in the parking lot of DOC and claimed he did not see 2 or more adverts saying a judge was online.
  2. Major +Support Can we get a global blacklist in place please? Why was he unbanned in the first place..
  3. +Support Cammy and Soulness had ignored the requests of an individual to go to court and had even drove right past the "court house" in the DOC parking lot. Since I had been spectating it (seeing that I was over by DOC/state base at the time), I determined that it was both FailRP and RDA and issued a warning accordingly. It is a valid warning, however I decided +support this appeal so long as he looks at chat/ reads adverts and is able to hear in-game audio going forward. Upon reviewing the warning with him and the person that was arrested, I decided that this should be reduced to a verbal warning.
  4. I'm pretty sure Zeeptin has said otherwise about that; plus blacklists to my knowledge is a permanent removal from the community..
  5. Major -Support Blacklists are not appealable. (https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198151349432) Also congrats, you are the first person I've seen to be blacklisted by 2 separate SMT/JMT people (guess they forgot to globally ban you..)
  6. This is why we check for prior warnings!
  7. +Support (see reasons above) Monkeybags, you are always a pleasure to talk with and I feel like you are ready to move up in the ranks of command. Good luck!
  8. Your In-game: Will Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:129363914 The player's name in-game: cyn The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:156737552 What did the player do: 55 warns Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198273740833 What do you believe should happen to the player: Permanent ban Any extra information: I think he may be over the limit by 1 or 2 warnings, but that's just me
  9. Welp, I think this is long overdue... I don't feel like I am active enough to be the rank that I am (yet alone hold the title of LPA1) and I haven't really felt much interest in playing on EMS recently. Perhaps I will return at a later date, but until then, please keep doing the amazing work you guys do and keep up with the good RP! - Will, Lead Paramedic LPA1, Rockford EMS
  10. +Support Sion was a role model to me and other staff back when I first joined the team back in September, I feel he once again would be a great addition to the staff team. Good luck Sion!
  11. The only reason why I started to pull away was because both of them were in the warehouse still which if we are going off of that is the same as saying that someone aiming a gun in your direction from across the street would put you under fearrp. At that distance, I felt that I still had a chance at running, but unfortunately hit into the gate/ fence. I'll take a warn from SMT if they deem it necessary, but my view on it being RDM can't be changed. Just for clarification, this is what happened from my perspective: I was dealing with a report from Yeep about a corrupt officer which of whom got warned (you can see it in the bans system). Upon finishing that, I flew back down to the parking lot from the roof of PD and hopped in my car. I see the dark colored GTR turn right from spawn and notice that they went through a red light by club catalyst and I then pull out from PD to pursue. I managed to see them pull into the warehouse in industrial and as soon as I pulled in, they hopped out and then took out negevs; in response I got my panic (which is why you may have noticed a slight pause in the video between when I pulled in and started to pull out.) They then started to shoot at me which caused my car to blow up which is on of the reasons I drew a weapon to defend myself. Since there was no advert (which one is needed to kidnap, mug, or to warn someone to back up) and no sign saying "kos past this point" or anything identifying the family, I felt a warning was needed. (I also feel that this is related to this kind of situation:)
  12. -Support So you are telling me you are allowed to shoot me up when nobody in our vicinity adverted anything binding me to stay nor was there a kos sign? You broke priority rules in my mind since I was stoping you for running a red light and had no reason to shoot me. In response to your edit, I'd like you to read this section of the staff handbook:
  13. Name: Will Rank: JFR (I think) How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Inactive Why Do You Want To Stay In FR?: I actually forgot I was in it.. What Could Change In FR?: N/A
  14. PD and Administration (when I can find time to be on either)