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  1. I agree with Tonto here; you are a good guy and really like to help PD out with stuff. +Support
  2. Based off of the evidence that both sides have presented, I am going to +Support this. The ban page shows you only have one warn and you seem to actually come back and RP or play on PRP. https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561199019042753 Do me and the other staff people a favor, please read over the rules and try your best to disassociate yourself from Bambob.
  3. Some type of food and very interesting convoys.. (idk, im hungry so idk what else to put)
  4. This has been happening to me as well. I think restarting your PC is the best option (and won't hurt try), but it would be a pain to have to do this every time 3s2d textscreens broke server side (still works for me in singleplayer, just not on the server).
  5. +Support - Video supports claims and users should be warned respectively (either that being a verbal or actual warning is up to SMT, but I feel that only some people here would require a warning added to their Steam ID.)
  6. +Support - Has reached the 40 warns threshold
  7. Sorry Kyle, but I too haven't really noticed you being all that active recently.
  8. Hi there, If you feel that a staff member has done something wrong (such as abuse of power, mishandled a sit, or broken a rule in the PoliceRP MOTD/ Staff handbook), please reach out to a member of either the junior or senior management teams or consider making a staff report under the Administrative section of the forums. Thanks,
  9. Name: Will Rank: Lead Paramedic How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Semi-active (I play on EMS every now and again, but I do not feel that I deserve this rank as there are others that could have it.) Why do you want to stay in EMS: I enjoy the RP the department gives every now and again. What could change in EMS: I can't think of much to add here...
  10. I am going to have to give this a -Support due to the above reasons. As I told you in TS, so long as you meet the requirements to apply and feel like you are ready to apply for staff, then go for it. Based off of what I have seen, you don't fully meet the requirements to become a staff member yet. Show us that you want this title by trying to improve these points/ fix them so that you will have a better shot at getting accepted next time you apply. Good luck!
  11. I, along with Mikey, am going to have to -Support this. In my mind, it's just another cosmetic feature that doesn't really add to RP in my mind.
  12. That's what I figured.. guess I should have put something like this in the bug reports for the lag I guess.
  13. Overall rating: +Support + Above points + Very mature Good luck Revan!
  14. So with Dean Kamen starting to slowly suck the life from me yet again, I don't think I am going to be able to help out with events like I have in the past for some time. Just so I don't need to find a replacement every time I'm scheduled for an event, I will be leaving the PRP event team temporarily. Thanks for letting me be apart of this team and I'll do my best to try and stay active for the next 2 days or so. Wish me luck with building another robot who's job is to chuck balls around a field with the might of Zeus..