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  1. Sparkle

    Ban appeal

    I wouldn't even call it a verbal. +Support There is a very fine line to reach LTAP and this was 10 yards short.
  2. +Support Cause I can now. Best DoC.
  3. Sparkle

    Dear Event Team.

    This whole thing is you gotta entice those groups to get on but typically those groups tend to be non-existent when the time comes. An issue compounded by issues stacked on top another issue. Sift through all that and the root just ends up being... people. Can't force people to get on certain jobs over others which in turn does not incentivize doing inclusive events. Maybe this recent update may change things (if it sticks, god willing) and we can go back to those times. But you are still dependent on people giving damns.
  4. Sailed a very nice ship. One of the greatest ETL of our time. o7
  5. Im sure you are aware I was forcibly removed without a chance to properly resign. Worse my home branch reserves wilfully stripped without regard. Despite the words said to me stating they don't discredit my work. No one has to look up to me anymore. I always understood that my along with my team, our actions will always have pushback. There will always be disagreement. My words weren't intended to twist, it was intended to give the face of reality from a perspective of someone up top who watched it all unfold. People SHOULD just look at the reason for the resignation but you know in whole that everything is stacked against you. I mean you got Dick Grayson downvoting anything remotely positive about you. Kinda how it is. So I say more clearly, if you go to CG, STAY. You have better chances to succeed than you do here now and into the future.
  6. Sad to see you go. I was hoping you would break the golden curse hanging over your head. But alas here we are. I gave some advocations but it was very clear the higher powers wouldn't let you through. Some advice if you choose to hear. Even if you do return, you may end up hard stuck like you were three times over. Even if you do return, the opinions may never change. Even if you do return, you may be hit with a ton of resistance even if you change yourself sometime later. Keep your name in the reserves list if you get them and stay in good standing. This here today is the best outcome for you. Keep that with you. Keep those memories alive.
  7. This ban is actually JUST short of a year. His perm is listed for August 4th of last year, it's still July. Not discounting the console ban stuff but it's not listed as a "blacklist" so he's within guidelines. +Support We can throw bones every once in a while.
  8. Sparkle


    24 hours from when you capped out
  9. Perception unfortunately becomes reality to many people. It's not how it "is", it's how it looks. And how does it look to the mass majority of newcomers when OOC is flooded with comments about performance? With that said, +Support
  10. How this suggestion will end: And nothing against you specifically sir. While myself and many, many, many people will +Support this. At the end of the day, all will be told is that it is a Work In Progress. That is the reality of it. This is an issue that will be a never ending fight against a game that is "too damn many" years old. There is just a bunch to juggle in making it barely function as is. Various fixes have been applied over my 2.5 year tenure with this server. Soon^TM is all that it'll be marked as.
  11. Why the hay are you crawling back here? Angry +Support
  12. Thank you for your input Mr. *looks at notes* YourMom dot com.
  13. You come to learn pretty quick that it isnt what is "justified" or "warranted". Just be loud and hurt feelings and you're just gone with a click of a button.
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