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  1. +Support More RP opportunities that are not combat based. I would love that.
  2. -Support 106 already deals with enough from the MOTD rules, the easy re-containment process, the ease of avoidance, and the constant eyes that want to pick up the littlest of things. This would really just add more to that.
  3. Gonna be honest, last weekend was the best weekend I've had in a heck of a long time. Self breaches lasted to midnight (EST based), Gensec was on and active, RP wasn't dead limited due to constant riots. I may be biased but I actually liked the sense of normality returning to what we had earlier this year. And I'm gonna be frank, very few here are thinking about Gensec. Very few are asking how they feel. If I recall correctly to a passing conversation about a meeting, it was overwhelmingly agreed by non-command that the knives were killing their activity. I get both sides. Nobody likes losing. Nobody likes what they put their money on go worthless. But something had to be done so that Gensec doesn't feel worthless and dedicated D-Class aren't in a constant partial lockdown 12 hours out of the day. Cause I would absolutely hate to see that happen. And Sinnik is right about the data. It shows... heavily. The past month I have never seen morale so low. -Support cause I think it's time to put this all to rest.
  4. Obvious +Support I can hold the door closed for so long.
  5. +Support Would rather it being a rule I can just point to rather than a rule that's just "it just is" which many would not like to hear.
  6. -Support All that needs to said has been said.
  7. -Support Part of the research is to document any adverse effects, interactions, etc. Can't really do that if the D-Class is not technically "there" to interact.
  8. +Support Don't see anything wrong. There is a select few that has a Level 1 that would probably like to NOT die.
  9. +Support Though the uptick in "I'm Morgan Freeman" will be apparent immediately.
  10. Sparkle

    3 Live limit - Denied

    -Support Same response as last thread. Just can't be supported at this current time.
  11. -Support Gonna need a lot more time and much more effort on the appeal than this. Doing the bare minimum time for re-appeal and only giving us a paragraph doesn't show us much if anything at all.