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  1. You smell more than Cryo
  2. It's time. I have had an extremely good time in Security. I have met many wonderful people, and I do not regret any second I have spent within this branch. Unfortunately, I have lost the passion that I had for Security recently, and I feel as though I must take an extended break. So this isn't going to be permanent, think of it as a very long break. That's about it. Below is a list of good and slightly stinky people whom I like. Killaz - Best damn HOS Alpha - Ironically, plays on D-Class more than Security Cryo - Still smells Dread - Edge Stabby, Poptarts, Saiba, Ape, etc. - A very wonderful group of friends I have met. Sinnik - Old Man Sixx - The eternal 2LT Dash - Another good friend of mine Reaper - Drill Sergeant Guy Rektify - You WILL receive a promotion from me sooner or later Happy - The eternal 1LT I think that's about it. If you aren't on this list, I didn't know you well enough or I just forgot. Sorry. I'll see you guys later. I'll still be active on the Discord server n such. Bye.