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  1. Steam Name: Catsandxenomorphs Ingame Name: Protege SteamID: 76561198800793571 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Shaq Reason for Ban: Minging as 343 Dispute: For me it was 12:00 at night my brain wasn't working properly and the server was just completely screwed no keycard scanners and everyone including 682 was on surface so I thought I would just mess around as 343 and if I get unbanned I will stop minging
  2. Lore Name: Protege Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Utilization III Graystone, HOR Spookie, MTF A1 ST12, MTF A1 JL2, MTF A1 JL0, MTF A1 CL48 Level D personnel involved: none SCP: 5074(Event) Hypothesis: None we are just trying to find out more about SCP 5074(Event) Observation: SCP 5074(Event) Is able to speak English and seems to be able to materialize items from thin air it can also get rid of the objects at any given time. SCP 5074(Event) also told us he has come in contact with SCP 049, 076-2, and 035-1 before. SCP 5074(Event) also is able to detect anger in creatures and seems to get enraged when it senses anger. SCP 5074(Event) seems friendly unless it senses anger in someone and tried to make friends with a hazmat suit. SCP 5074(Event) also told us about there being 2 people who's descriptions match 076-2s with tattoos all over their bodies and they both had swords. SCP 5074(Event) also told us he sheds his armor and Graystone asked if he could collect it. SCP 5074(Event) is also able to spit acid. SCP 5074(Event) after breaking down the door repeatedly demanded that we bring back to HOR. SCP 5074(Event) is able to materialize a nuke out of thin air threatening to kill us researchers if the HOR wasn't brought back. During the testing of SCP 5074(Event) the creature claimed it was pregnant. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: CI Raid happened during testing of SCP 5074(Event). Also SCP 5074(Event) spit acid on the glass in a attempt to breach but the glass held up and prevented a breach but after he just broke down the door instead causing a breach of SCP 5074(Event). SCP 5074(Event) also attempted to force us to put on SCP 035. SCP 5074(Event) materialized a nuke threatening to kill us researchers if the HOR wasn't brought back to the containment chamber. Conclusion: After SCP 5074(Event) gave birth to SCP 5047-2(Event) SCP 5074-1(Event) was terminated by one of the MTF with a grenade.
  3. I try to play on gaminglight everyday if I am not on gaminglight I am most likely not at home
  4. My favorite SCP is SCP-049 because I have always liked necromancy and 049 is basically a necromancer who can just tap your shoulder and your dead and will soon be a zombie
  5. I meant for SCPs that actually work together in lore not having a impossible to recontain SCP duo just wanted to make that clear
  6. Wait I was told by a senior admin no SCPs can team not even 049 and 035-1
  7. What you would like to see- I would like to see that SCPs that would normally work together and try to stay close during breaches could team a example of this would be 049 and 035-1 Why you should add it- Adding this would make the server feel more lore friendly What are the advantages of having this- By adding this it will make it more fun to play any SCP(s) that would team with the other SCP(s) Who is it mainly for- SCPs Links to any content- none
  8. Well that wouldn’t help if CI tried to weaponize me and I couldn’t buy gun or medkit but that would be interesting except they can already just fearrp me so it wouldn’t be as big a change but they could make it so you have to lower 035-1s HP and then he crouches down to show the mask falling off
  9. What you would like to see- I would like to see 035-1 have his health buffed to 300 so he doesn’t die so easily and let 035-1 buy guns as well as health kits from armory and not just keypad crackers Why should it be added- 035-1 is too easy to be recontained and his swep doesn’t hit 99% of the time so he should be able to get a weapon to defend himself and a medkit for if he is low and his health is way too low for a keter SCP What are the advantages of having this- if 035-1 gets the buff and rule change he will be a more fun SCP to play as also if 035-1 is able to buy guns CI would want to capture and weapon use him more Who is it mainly for- SCP-035-1 Links to any content- none
  10. I posted it in suggestions and it got accepted
  11. So I actually was thinking about what that would be like if it was added but when I thought about it I didn’t know how to suggest it to server so that is cool that you suggested it
  12. I know that in the MOTD it says 035 is able to open other SCP containment cells but a admin told me the rule was changed but it isn’t in MOTD which is the main reason I made the suggestion