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  1. I posted it in suggestions and it got accepted
  2. So I actually was thinking about what that would be like if it was added but when I thought about it I didn’t know how to suggest it to server so that is cool that you suggested it
  3. I know that in the MOTD it says 035 is able to open other SCP containment cells but a admin told me the rule was changed but it isn’t in MOTD which is the main reason I made the suggestion
  4. What you would like to see- I would like if 035-1 was allowed into armory again for keypad crackers or if you make it so his keycard had access to certain Euclid/Safe SCP cc doors Why you should add it- 035-1 is a silver + only SCP and playing him without the ability to breach other SCPs just seems like a rip off because his Sweps hit detection is like non existent so he should at least be able to buy a keypad cracker or free a SCP to distract from the 035-1 breach What are the advantages of having this- 035-1 Will be a more fun SCP to play as because you will be able to free other SCPs and possibly escape without help from other people Who is it mainly for- 035-1 Links to any content- none
  5. I think SCP-1472 is the weirdest SCP just because of the whole raptors dressed as maids part
  6. Mine was when I was about to be cross tested with 049 and then an event where 035-1 got all geared up buffed and let out to free all SCPs then when researcher opened door he saw me with a AK47 My second most memorable moment was when there was a event and a researcher was trying to kill a cuffed SCP from the event and I just snuck up on him and put him in the pocket dimension My third most memorable moment was when I was 049 and a MTF tried to fearRP me and 682 came around the corner and the MTF just yelled I have made mistakes in my life My fourth most memorable moment was when I was 106 and a class D keypad cracked a door saw me and said oh that’s a bad
  7. The real question is why does this poll exist
  8. Why is 035-1 no longer allowed to breach SCPs or buy anything from armory because he was already a very weak SCP except now it seems like he is the equivalent to a class D except with more HP and the ability to control minds other than that he is basically now a D class actually he’s more like a d class who can’t free SCPs or buy from armory he’s almost worse than a D class