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  1. Grade: 90 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this incident report. Creativity: 20/20 This is a SCP incident report, so I am not taking any points for creativity. Presentation: 15/20 I like that you made it look like you were logging into a computer to see the file, and the way you linked the interview and a personnel file, also the NICETRY4HEAD in the redacting boxes, but you forgot to put most of the stuff for a SCP incident report, next time look at the format pinned in the SCP section. Writing: 35/40 I only see a few grammar/spelling errors in the test. Test quality: Quality.
  2. Grade: 80 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 15/20 This seems like a normal gadgets/weapons development test but with the wrong type of formatting, but you also tried to use real world science for the test which I don't see very many people do. Presentation: 10/20 The format is kind of mixed up from what I can see, in the future make sure you follow the format for whatever test you are doing, other than that I like the SCP foundation symbol you put in the test log, and the medical examination. Writing: 35/40 There are 3 pages of writing put into this test log (The 4th page only has 1 sentence so I am not counting it as a full page), and there aren't many spelling/grammar errors. Test quality: Standard.
  3. Grade: 80 Lore: 20/20 I see no problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 15/20 The idea for this test is ok and I don't see many tests about trying to aggravate SCP-527. Presentation: 15/20 I like how you underline the format for the test, and that you use checkboxes for what object class SCP-527 is, but I don't understand why you redacted the D-class' name, and why you redacted your name once but all the other times it isn't redacted. Writing: 30/40 Most of the writing is ok, except for a few grammar and spelling errors. Test quality: Standard
  4. Lore Name: Protege Rank: Research supervisor SCP: SCP-939-01 Question / Idea: Does SCP-939-01 have a preferred type of prey to hunt. Background Research: SCP-939's file Hypothesis: Since SCP-939 has no apparent physiological need to feed, nor any way to digest consumed tissue, I think that SCP-939-01 will prefer small, fast, and intelligent prey (like a rat, or mouse) for the thrill of chasing it and killing it. Observations: SCP-939-01 was tranquilized and removed from the containment chamber so I could set up the cages for the test, after setting up the cages and placing a chicken into one of them and placing D-9342 into the other, and making sure that the speakers on them were set to the same volume SCP-939-01 was released back into the containment chamber, and D-9342 was instructed to start making noise as soon as the chicken starting clucking, SCP-939-01 seemed confused at first and after a while attempted to destroy the cage that D-9342 was inside of, SCP-939-01 was tranquilized again and removed from the containment chamber, I went into the containment chamber and took the chicken out of the cage and replaced it with a rabbit, after the speakers were readjusted so that the noise would be projected at the same volume level SCP-939-01 was released back into it's containment chamber and the same steps were repeated as the first test, SCP-939-01 once again tried to destroy D-9342's cage, SCP-939-01 was tranquilized and removed again, and D-9342's cage was inspected for any damage sustained from the test, the cage was close to breaking and had to be replaced a tougher glass, after readjusting the speakers, replacing the rabbit with a squirrel, and releasing SCP-939-01 into it's containment chamber, SCP-939-01 went to D-9342's cage and tried to attack but before it bit the cage one of my escorts fell into SCP-939-01's containment and was terminated by SCP-939-01, after this test I tried one more time with a trained lab rat instead, unlike the previous tests SCP-939-01 wandered around the containment chamber for a while, ignoring the sounds of D-9342 and the lab rat, after a few more minutes SCP-939-01 ran at the lab rat's cage and destroyed it before eating the lab rat, after this happened CI broke into SCP-939's containment and took SCP-939-01, and D-9342. Analysis / Conclusion: SCP-939-01 targeted D-9342 for most of the test but when a lab rat was introduced SCP-939-01 instead chose to eat the lab rat. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes.
  5. Grade: 50 Lore: 5/20 SCP-912 only initiates attack or arrest behavior if either someone is holding something it considers a weapon or is using an item in a threatening manner or if someone wearing the ██PD uniform gives SCP-912 the arrest <subject> command, it does not initiate attack or arrest behavior for other reasons in lore. Creativity: 10/20 This is a somewhat interesting idea but doesn't match the lore for SCP-912. Presentation: 10/20 You followed the format but you didn't put what you researched about 912 in the background research, and the way this is written is very bland. Writing: 25/40 This test log is very short and you forgot to put punctuation in most of your writing. Test quality: Sub-standard.
  6. Grade: 55 Lore: 15/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test other than the fact that you said 457 burned you through the wall, that wouldn't technically happen in RP because it's cell is supposed to be fireproof. Creativity: 10/20 All you are doing is trying to see if fire resistant clothing would keep the D-class alive which I have seen happen before a lot with 457 before. Presentation: 10/20 The formatting is ok but there aren't many eye-catching things in the way you wrote this test. Writing: 20/40 There are some minor grammar/spelling errors, and not much description for the test. Test quality: Sub-standard
  7. Lore Name: Protege Rank: Research supervisor SCP: SCP-096 and SCP-939 Question/Idea: Will SCP-939 attack SCP-096 if it makes noise near SCP-939 and can SCP-939 possibly terminate SCP-096? Background Research: SCP-939's file SCP-096's file Hypothesis: SCP-939 will attack SCP-096 but will not be strong enough to terminate SCP-096. Observations: We transported SCP-096 into SCP-939-01's containment chamber, where it went into the fetal position after a few seconds SCP-096 got up and walked to the corner where it resumed the fetal position, a few more seconds pass and SCP-096 starts wandering around the room and SCP-939-01 attacked SCP-096, surprisingly SCP-096 did not respond at all to SCP-939-01 attacking, SCP-939-01 stopped attacking after a while and SCP-096 resumed the fetal position, after this CI broke into SCP-939's containment and killed the other researchers and my escort. Analysis/Conclusion: SCP-939-01 did attack SCP-096 when it started walking around but stopped attacking after a while, the CI raid interrupted my test so I did not see what happened after the reason why SCP-096 did not attack SCP-939-01 is unknown to me and I will be doing research into it. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes.
  8. Grade: 80 Lore: 15/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test, except that SCP-096 is Euclid not keter. Creativity: 10/20 To me this seems like a normal test run for scrambler gear v.2 without much thought put into the test. Presentation: 20/20 I like that you used pictures, big letters, and used tag and bag protocol in your test log. Writing: 35/40 The grammar and spelling in certain parts of this test could use some work but you have 4 pages of writing for this test log, and you used multiple paragraphs. Test quality: Standard
  9. Grade: 0 Lore: 0/20 There is no SCP or anomaly at all in this test. Creativity: 0/20 Even though this isn't a SCP test, your only testing D-class on their math skills. Presentation: 0/20 You didn't follow the format for testing at all. Writing: 0/40 Fix the capitalization for the I's, there are a few grammar errors, and follow the format for testing. Test quality: Sub-standard Note: We do not test on D-class unless the D-class is a anomaly we use D-class for testing on SCPs. Also you have to write down what happened in the test, the results of the test, and how you did the test make sure you follow the format next time.
  10. Lore Name: Protege Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:420263921 Rank: Research supervisor Activity Level: Active
  11. Grade: 55 Lore: 20/20 I see no problems with the lore here. Creativity: 5/20 In lore they have already tested the composition if you read the first few sentences of the description it says “Through testing, composition of the subject revealed no unusual qualities that make it discernible from a non-sapient teddy bear.” Presentation: 10/20 I like that you use a picture but you could add a little more creativity to how you write. Writing: 20/40 You didn’t really write much for how you did the test other than the D-Class was instruced to take a fur sample and a "claw" sample. Test quality: Standard
  12. Grade: 10 Lore: 0/20 SCP-1162 doesn’t turn people into “hairy monsters of the forest” it is supposed to take something from you and give you something from your past. Creativity: 0/20 Your question is what will SCP-1162 give you which isn’t asking anything actually useful about the SCP the point of research is learning new information about SCPs not doing tests on things we already know about. Presentation: 5/20 Your pictures aren’t viewable for me and there is no writing about the actual test being done only the results of the test are here. Writing: 5/40 The is no writing about how the test is being done and the pictures aren’t viewable for me so I don’t know what happened in the test other than apparently the D-class got cursed which makes no sense to me, also you put nothing for level D-personnel involved even though you say that’s SCP-1162 apparently cursed a D-class so you are supposed to put down the name of the D-class in your test. Test quality: Sub-standard
  13. Grade: 70 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any lore problems here. Creativity: 10/20 This test is just attempting to terminate 076-2 with another SCP but I rarely see people actually try to find new ways to terminate 076-2. Presentation: 15/20 I like that you added notes to the test and the foundation symbol at the bottom. Writing: 25/40 I only saw a few spelling errors, and for your hypothesis you said you thought SCP-299 would kill SCP-076-2 but it didn't kill him and you still put a yes for do results align with hypothesis. Test quality: Standard.
  14. Grade: 70 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 15/20 These 2 SCPs are a interesting pair to try and cross test since there is no real lore connection between the 2, and SCP-912 didn't seem like the kind of SCP to have ever had or lost 5 S-300 navigational devices or a ballistic vest. Presentation: 15/20 You followed the format, but not much creativity in the way you wrote this. Writing: 20/40 Not many grammar/spelling errors that I see, but you only put that you read the files for SCP-527 and SCP-1162 instead of putting what you read about them for background research. Test quality: Standard.
  15. Grade: 80 Lore: 20/20 I see no problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 15/20 These 2 SCPs are a interesting pair to try and cross test since there is no real lore connection between the 2 and the way 912 acted was really interesting to me. Presentation: 15/20 I like that you used a note and pictures in your test but you could add more creativity to the way you write it. Writing: 30/40 I do not see many grammar/spelling errors in this test. Test quality: Quality