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  1. You better had been in your ground armor while writing this.
  2. Well it was a good run while it lasted... I have watched you grind up the ranks in not only IF but Purge, IQ, and many other battalions (I forget which ones tho) along with everything you've done for IF. I am proud to say that I was able to work alongside you and call you my friend. Good luck in the future mate! #Purgebois
  3. bs, ive paid u 20% of my income every 2nd week.
  4. Im still paying you to be my lawyer.
  5. its Dank


    Dawg that's my personal lawyer who protects me from legal trouble. 10/10
  6. Well it seems like it’s my turn.. I have spent the last 10 months on this server and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve met so many people and have made a lot of my friends through the server and I can’t imagine where I’d be without everyone I’ve spent a majority of my time with, especially given the circumstance of the world during this time. I will not be leaving the server fully however, but I will still be stepping down from my High Inquisitor position. I understand that I haven’t been in my position for less than 2 months, but I need to focus on priorities IRL, especially now more than ever. This was my first IMPRP server and I have loved being a part of this community since day 1. Jaeger You’ve been with me since I’ve been a part of CMD, and have always had my back for anything. You are a great friend and I hope the best for your future. Fucking Weasel. Vertigo I’ve watched you grow from a Purge enlisted to the Commander of the battalion, you have followed everything that I’ve taught you and became a better Purge than I ever could, best of luck to you my friend. Striker I remember when we first met, and how much of a nerd you were….you still are, but you are my friend now compared to back then. Best of luck to you and I hope that college goes well. The Rest of IQ CMD: Kill, Kashak, Dark, VALoons. I believe that all of you will exceed my expectations and move onto new opportunities and experiences. I know that all of you are more than fit for your positions and you all are more than deserving of them. Best of luck in the future! My OG Purge Boi's: Sawick, Buk, Given, Divine, and trace. I cannot thank you guys enough. You guys were there when I first enlisted into the battalion as well as the server. I’ve watched all of you grow in IF as well as other battalions and I’m grateful to be able to call you guys my friends, you all mean the world to me. #PurgeBois Luci My favorite SMT member and the best Warden main out there. Thank you for helping me out when I needed it and for being someone that can rage at games with me when we both know something's BS. Ducks You are honestly my favorite Naval member and one of the funniest people on the server. We never really talked when I first joined, but now I am grateful to have worked alongside you and have some fun. Seaman You and I have known each other since we were enlisted in our battalions, I still remember when we first met. I hope to see you rise in the ranks and make it to the next level in the future. Talila Hands down the worst Purge CMD member I have ever worked under and you are terrible at trucking simulators. Literal dog-water. The rest of High Command: Bear, Bon, Keegan Mikey, and Joe I may not have spent that much time with all of you, nor have made any connections between us. But I hope the best for all of you and hope everything works out for you, whether it’s big or small. Chico Go to bed. Nebel All the best wishes for you and the 501st Rex/Scorch I’ll see you around there buddy. Also CHANGE THE MARINE CC’S FORCE POWERS! YOU HAVE 2 GROUP HEALS! Augustus I think of any way to thank you enough. For training me into Purge, showing me the ways of the battalion, and teaching me how to be the best Purge and I can, I’m forever in your debt. BiggieCheez I remember when you were a Purge enlisted Emily My favorite JMT member that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Reddington Around the World Around the World Around the World The Wooorld. Name I still don't know what your name is. Mando I wish you the best of luck for you and your family Nimo I want my FUCKING TIMBITS! Purge and IQ Last but not least, to my Enlisted, NCO’s, and especially my Officers. I hope everything works in your favor, no matter what happens. I hope to see you all expand your horizons and get new opportunities in the future. Royal Guard You are among the best group of people I had to work with, I wish I could stay longer but unfortunately I'm heading off Finally Those who I did not name, do not feel forgotten. I merely have the brain capacity of a goldfish overdosing on glue. I will still vibe on the server from time to time like I said, but for now; “My time has come, you must continue your journey, without me” -Oogway
  7. -= Inquisitorius Roll-Call =- If You do not fill this out by the 30th September you will be Removed. Do Not Fill This Out Every time your promoted Inquisitorius Roll-Call Format: What is your In-Game Name: What is your In-Game Rank: What is your STEAMID: Are you Purge or IQ: What SIM's or Mission's do you want see in the future: Any Improvement's or suggestion you wish to see the Executive command Team's do:
  8. Denied. Unfortunately your resignation has been declined, feel free to resign in 2 weeks. ok but on a serious note. It's been an honor to work alongside you for the time being and having you as my Grand IQ for 8 months; I still remember the first time we met. It will be a change for sure not having you around but all good things must come to an end at some point. All I want to say is thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of your CMD team and to work alongside someone that I never thought I would. Best of Luck in college and I hope to see you around either on or off the server my friend. Omega-mind ;)
  9. MASSIVE +SUPPORT -Dedicated -Respectable -Helpful to all -Responsible -Can write competent and understandable documents -Can make educated decisions -One of if not the best IF -Fit for the position Good Luck Buddy!
  10. Our journey was fun while it lasted man, but all good things must come to an end at some point. Thanks for being a friend I could go to for anything...good luck on whatever you move onto... see you around buddy... ill miss you <3
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