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Found 3 results

  1. So yeah i'm gonna be leaving, i havent been active in a while cause of school, and school takes all my time. like 24/7 ill miss everyone who use to mess with me and at least talk to me, this community is amazing and i hope it stays that way ill be back maybe when i get the time to be able to do the same stuff like i did before and when i can keep up with the time, but for now ill leave so i can focus on school and other personal things that mean way more. Honorable Mentions: Pryingtree or i called him my dad he always helped me with e-11 shit cause im dumb as hell. Daddy d boy: Dude always put a smile on my face and helped me as well cause im a dumb ass .: thanks for teaching me the research ways. Grumpy: u needa learn how to spell ngl but love u bud. Shark: Dude taught me the ci ways and showed me that this community is awesome also will always be my favorite minge Thin: fucking tryhard. Baba: a god at pvp but has a fat chin. Cyclone: Favorite research command love u dude btw idk if he still is but hes cool asf. ShadowPL: ive got mistaken as u multiple times lmao. Rome: chill asf and dude made playing as anything fun. Kiwi: I would say half of his redacted name and he would gimme the death stare. Half: E-11 partner as always and brother we did alot together your an amazing dude. So yeah uhm thats all i think (i have bad memory) and grammar if i didnt put your name im sorry i love u okay anyways goodbye! Also probably put this in the wrong spot so yeah i do that alot not on purpose tho okay bye!
  2. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss I dont know what to write here because I dont know if i can put into words how i feel at this moment. It's as if the last few years has been building up to this exact moment. Here, in the cold room of my apartment, i look at my keyboard and reflect on everything that has happened. My name is Robert Peterson. I am a 26 year old software developer from the United States of America. For the past two years i have led a double life. A life as a Researcher at a Facility dedicated to the containment of hostile monsters and entities. I studied those monsters and developed bonds with my fellow Researchers. I have climbed the ranks of Research to the very top. Looking back on all i have accomplished, it's hard to describe the feelings that flow. I first joined GamingLight SCP-RP in the summer of 2019. My main goal at the time was to interact with the SCP's on site and to play with them. I learned really fast that it wasn't as simple as i assumed it to be. Strict rules were in place and i had to follow them. I joined research in September of 2019. I was AWFUL for the first few months. I had no desire to follow any sort of rules or listen or even try to learn from Command. I was a loose cannon, a minge, a plague on the site. I would constantly try my hardest to annoy anyone and everyone who got in my way. When Protege got Lead researcher, i dragged him from meeting room down to 682's CC and threw him in. This was the first huge mistake on my end. I was scolded and reprimanded and nearly removed from the branch. I was demoted from Lead to Senior and I thought I had completely fucked my chances of ever getting command. Very soon after that i got PK'd and had to change my name to Tomato. That was strike two. I was basically on the door out. Command applications came and went, and i was denied again and again. I began to wonder if i was just wasting my time. Maybe i should just quit. No one on the server likes me. I don't have the talent or skills to be command. What is the point. I should just leave... And then i got command. Suddenly, I had responsibilities. Mass tests, trainings, gradings. I was scared, but through some force beyond my comprehension, I made it through. Not only that, but I began to build relationships with the people in command and enlisted. I wasn't just another face on the wall at meetings, i was a face that held some sort of respect in the community. Now granted i had a long way to go to get high command but through the summer of 2020 i was producing the best documents of my life and cranking out mass test after mass test like there was no tomorrow. The spark was at an all time high and I was for sure I was cruising towards high command. And it didn't fucking happen. I was beyond upset. So upset that i quit out of frustration. I was angry at Glados for getting AHOR at the time. I was angry at Weiss and Starstep and SMT and JMT and Admins and everyone. I quit, i had enough. No more getting fucked over. I'm out Goodbye... And wouldn't you know it, it broke my fucking heart to leave. Reading all the messages in my retirement post absolutely shattered my heart into pieces. The love i felt from strangers i have never met in real life was nothing short of magical. It was like nothing i have ever felt before. So i came back, and worked my way back up the ranks until August 8th, 2021 where i received the title of DHOR. That and landing my current job are some of the proudest days of my life. I walked, head held high, knowing i had done it. I had reached my goal on the server. And the spark died. I have done it all on this server. Every test, every conversation, every document. I ran out of ideas 6 months ago and have been burnt out for over a year at this point. I took an LOA last week for a few days and when it came time to get back on the server Sunday i realized............ I didn't want to get on the server. The spark i had is gone. The inspiration i had is gone. I haven't written a document in months. I have barley done any command logs in months. It's time for me to hang up the lab coat and step away. When i was a child i didn't have any friends. I was socially awkward and was dealing with un-diagnosed mental issues at the time (OCD, Autism). High school came and went and i managed to even make a few friends and get a girlfriend. College came and after 3 years i Proposed to my Girlfriend. Going into summer of 2016 i had it all. Then i found out she had cheated on me and left me. Then all my friends stopped talking to me. Then the next girl i tried dating was killed overseas attempting to provide aid to the people of Syria. My depression had reached an all time low at this point. So much so that one night i was sitting in my room.... Crying with a bottle of pills in my hand as i told my mom over the phone goodbye...... Thankfully, i didn't take them (Love you Mom!) and attempted to move on. But depression is an ugly beast. It rips and tears at you until you have nothing left and it gnaws at the bones of your soul and beats you down every day. From late 2016 to mid 2019 i barley spoke to anyone other than family. Then, by chance, i decided to buy Gmod and play some servers. I discovered SCP-RP and... ... I had people to talk to. People who listened. People i could joke with. People i could play games with. People who cared that were not my mom or dad or family. Hundreds of people i could talk to. It was all i every wanted. It was all i ever needed. I was happy. For the first time in years i was truly happy. I'm still truley happy. Im happy. At 12:20 AM CST On October 13th, 2021.....Im Happy. As is tradition, i want to mention people who i have been friends with or interacted with that have made an impact on me. These are in no order and i will be adding to this list over the next week. Glados-You have no clue how much your friendship means to me. Seeing you online is like a welcome beacon that means fun will be had. You are thoughtful and caring and such a wonderful human being. D - One of my closest friends on the server. One of the nicest human beings i have ever met. Your genuineness and thoughtfulness know no bounds and i look forward to years of gaming ahead with you. Moonrose - Honestly one of the best people i have ever met. You haven't even been here a year and the effort you put into this branch is insane. I respect you more than you could ever imagine. Eyelander - You have done an absolutly amazing job as a member of command and i fully expect you to be the next DHOR. Besides the cringe jokes that i give you way too much crap for, you are a fantastic person and i love having you around. Light - I stole your name. I admit it. Again, just a wonderful person to be around and you bring so much to any teamspeak channel you are in . snow, nydekore, grumpysharken, Daddy D Boi, and Will Nye - All fanstastic additions to this branch and i fully expect great things for you guys in the future. Keep your heads up and keep going strong. Alexan - Welcome back. I hope you have a great time back in research ~Nya~ Parkland - Keep up the fantastic work and i expect you to be command soon Zack Morden - One of the best people you will ever meet. Kind, caring, and thoughtful. You are a shining example of a member of this community. Jummy and Vlad/monika - I coul't be prouder of you two. I want you both to always remember that. I am so happy to call you guy's friends and I can't wait for more adventures in the future with you guys. Rhodes - One of my other close friends. I hope you are living your best life buddy. Such a wonderful person to be around Soviet - Welcome back. I will visit you one day at your work i promise. Another fantastic person to be around and a true friend Starstep - Still not sure if you are a robot or not. Besides that you are another awesome person to be around and chat with. Weiss - Fought for me every step of the way, and for that i can never truly repay you. One of the best people on the server and a great friend. Skela - I cannot wait to shake your hand and hand you $100 next year when you bench 275 lbs. A phenomenal human being and a good friend. Hoovy - I hated you at first. I really did. You PK's me and i hated you. But the more i got to know you the more i realized how much that PK saved my research career. Thank you. You are a good person! Zeeptian - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this server. I will be adding more to this list so please don't lock it. Finally, I want to say this. Thank you all so much to the best gaming experience i have ever had. I love you all. -Robert 'Tomato' Peterson “We’ll meet again, Don’t know where, don’t know when, But I know we’ll meet again, Some sunny day.” – Vera Lynn
  3. Wow. I can’t believe I’m writing this. I started playing Gaminglight SCP-RP around March 2021, and my goal was to just Mass RDM everyone and see how high of a Kill Streak I would do, but I didn’t do that, why? Because I enjoyed the server. The reason for my resigning Is because I haven’t been feeling well mentally, and also school has been taking up most of my time, I have no way to get on the server. I’d like to thank everyone for making my experience here even better. Note that you’ll probably see me on my custom class sometimes, but honestly I doubt I’ll even want to play GMOD after this. God I loved this place, but It’s time. Honorable Mentions: Spring / Winter - I know you probably won’t see this, but thank you for making me grind to OS, and thank you for being an awesome friend inside and also outside Gaminglight. Aussie - Heyyy remember when I said I’d resign at AHOME? Well… anyways, you were an awesome friend, and I’ll miss you. phrog - minge lol, na jk tho, awesome friend. Loaf - You're amazing man, ur bad at GTA tho!!!! Eyelander - Dietz Nuts, na but fr, Eyelander you were an amazing friend. Ceese - Remember when we first met where you were a 682, and I was a 999 while I kept chasing you? Yeah, that was fun, you’re awesome. J0LT - Playing weird shi on gc ong Recon - omfg I remember body blocking you on 1424 :trollface: Na but fr awesome friend too. The Gaming Goat - The Furry Goat, thank you for being a chill lad. Ragle - I know you probably won’t even see this, but, you’re an amazing friend, ragle. Von - Furry Husband bruh, you’re a chill guy, let’s hope It stays that way. Ruz / Funk - Once again deez nuts, also funk come off reserves smh. Moncher - Monching on deez nu- Henessy - Damn german smh. Skela - I will keep spam inviting you into DBD even though you don’t have it. And now, Farewell.
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