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  1. Rako

    Rako Ban Appeal- Denied

    It said it was appealable so isnt it a blacklist then basically?
  2. Steam Name: pwn Ingame Name: Rako SteamID: STEAM_0:1:452791293 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Matthew Reason for Ban: 40 Warns Cap Dispute: Hello, For those who do not know me my former name was Rako. I was the definition of minge, my past has really affected the way that I act now, I've realized being an annoying piece of shit is not acceptable. Therefore I am appealing my 40 warns cap I realize its a lot of warns, its been about 4 months I believe. I have changed a lot and I hope that I can get a second chance, I do realize what I did in my past and I still do know what I said and did to people. Building bases on gaminlight was a passion for me and geniunely talking to people that were friendly. I was in many groups and had several friends on this platform and am hoping I can get a second chance at this Garry's Mod server. Thank you, Rako.
  3. Steam Name: Johnny moat.gg Ingame Name: Rako SteamID: STEAM_0:1:452791293 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Matthew Reason for Ban: 40 Warns Cap Dispute: Good afternoon, So I have seen that it has been about a month since my ban request was accepted and I took some time to think about the actions that I did on this server and I realized that I really messed up. Unlike some other ban appeal with like mass raids or things like that, mine was for 40 warns which in retrospect is quite a lot. Over 1/2 of these warns were from about a year and a half ago I would say that's when I logged on just to mess around with my friends not realizing the road ahead wasn't narrow. If you may have known me as a bad person I really am not I just used gmod as a place of relief and it got a little excessive. Some of you are thinking right now why should we unban this loser. Well I mean I helped drive some of my friends into this game and was sort of a positive influence on the game but not really. I'm not trying to be like get unbanned then get 40 more warns that won't happen. This ban has really helped me realize where I am in this GMOD community. Thank you for your time and I hope the best for everyone reading this. -Rako Hardeen
  4. I have 40 is that alot
  5. SX Isn't a minge family its actually pretty serious I dont see why its down talked - Sincerely Rako
  6. Rako


    So something happened with staff a few days ago where im not getting banned unless I be good so thats cool
  7. Lets not argue I deserve this ive had this coming at me for a long time ill appeal anyways @Ryan The Epic Guy
  8. Rako

    Adios Gamers

    Hit 40 warns bye
  9. ingame Name: Rako Job Name: Money Magic Server: Police RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:452791293 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:452791293
  10. Rako

    Taking a Break

    As some people known I’m getting surgery today it’s going to be a very rough recovery and I’ll be back in like a week see you all then -Rako
  11. This forum is more funny than anything because our base matches motd yall are the only one who break the rules by gassing on the outside its a perfectely raidable base just please stop complaining and raid its a video game -Support