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  1. +Support Either juniors need less health or command more. Doesn't make sense for the first rank to have more than the command, even tho researchers shouldn't be in combat a lot.
  2. +Support for research command
  3. +Support Lore friendly, if SCP-096 is raged he definitely wouldn't get affected from the tranq. He is also pretty weak at the moment.
  4. What you want to see? - RPGs removed from the crating table. Why should we add it? - At this point, I really don't know if RPGs are allowed to be crafted in D-Block or not. - If they're not allowed to be crafted, just remove them from the crafting table, I've had a lot of players/mods say that it's fine and do nothing about it, while a lot of other people say it isn't allowed, then complain about it and reverse. When there are no admins on the server (which usually means a low amount of players) D-Class can simply craft the RPGs and then kill the entire security without much effort or risk for trouble. - If it is allowed, RPGs shouldn't be able to get accessed by D-Class so easily, they're way too powerful and can kill/damage the whole gensec pretty damn quickly, especially when there's a low amount of gensec guarding D-Block. I know that there's only so much anomalous left but it's frustrating seeing one D-Class wipe out all of the security with a few rockets. I have also heard about there being a glitch that can be used to get anomalous which is also bad if true. What are the advantages of having this? - D-Class not being able to wipe out the entire security with RPGs. Who is it mainly for? - D-Class Links to any content - N/A
  5. What you want to see? - The gensec NLR time behind lowered to 30 seconds - 1 minute when there are less than 5 gensec on the job. Why should we add it? - When there's a low amount of gensec on the job, the D-Class can kill them off pretty easily and escape into the facility without a problem. At least lowering the NLR time when there's barely any gensec online would balance out the D-Class killing gensec and there still being someone to guard D-Block. What are the advantages of having this? - D-Class not easily escaping with a low amount of security. Who is it mainly for? - Gensec Links to any content - N/A
  6. Name: steppy Rank: 1LT Any Concerns?: N/A
  7. I think that this is a great idea. It doesn't harm much as far as i know and I'm pretty sure that it's really easy to add. It could be used to try and absorb damage if getting shot at or getting kidnapped by CI. +Support
  8. steppy

    D class riots

    I have originally started playing as security to RP. Protect & escort researchers, guard the facility & D-Block. And by guard D-Block, I don't mean play a never-ending tdm against D-Class that can craft weapons stronger than half of the security and also have wrenches with which they can kill us easily + that they spawn with. And with them, they non-stop riot until D-Block falls apart due to gensec waiting NLR. If D-Class all come together and riot together with aks, deagles, or wrenches gensec can hold it off once then twice maybe the third time but then we eventually die and wait NLR and during that time D-Class escape right into the HCZ. I've also noticed that recently there's less gensec on and more D-Class constantly rioting and breaking thru them. I feel like there need to be some sorta riot rules so both Gensec and the Researchers can RP properly. +Support
  9. Name on roster: steppy Rank on roster: WO How active are you: 2-5 Hours nearly every day and I'm always somewhere in TeamSpeak. What can Security CMD improve on?: Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+]: I think I do a good job of helping new gensec members and commanding gensec when I'm the highest rank in the current place or the server. I'm almost always on the gensec job and I'm active on the server. Due to my timezone being gmt+1/2 I'm usually playing earlier when there are 10-30 people on the server and no other gensec command members are on. I'm never minging, I try to be serious nearly all the time and know how to deal with enlisted members who are minging or simply not listening to orders. I know when someone actually deserves to be promoted/demoted. I know how to send out and command lcz/hcz patrols efficiently and I can control a group of people for containing breached scps or helping with terminating ci in the facility. I feel like I'm doing good as a junior command but I still need to get more experience as one.