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  1. Name: steppy Rank: SFC Callsign: XC1 Activity: Inactive Region (US/EU): EU DiscordID#: steppy#7042 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): What would you like to achieve in CI: Well first of all my activity needs to improve, I was inactive for a long amount of time. My goal is really to achieve a command rank so I can help CI grow in a positive way, but before that, I need to get active again.
  2. The RU GRU: Trooper job has a chance to spawn in the US base, the military recruit room in Tali Town and only rarely in the RU base.
  3. Need Boris to confirm this.
  4. Staff don't need to have proof for every warning that they give out. If he saw you do it he can warn you for the thing you did. When it comes to spamming the elevator button I usually like to do a verbal warning first but if you were purposefully doing it over and over again a warning is fine. For the player diss we need starrs side.
  5. The only lag I get is walking out of Gate A. If props were to be removed from the EZ that would mean that the offices would have to be reworked.
  6. +/- Support The thing is that the defcon level isn't only based on D-Block riots. The riots could cause a defcon 4 but a defcon 3 only if they are getting far in HCZ or are in EZ. I'd say that it should be like this: DEFCON 5 - No Nu7 or A1 who aren't guarding a VIP are allowed in D block or the intersection outside of it Defcon 4 - Nu7 and A-1 can be in D-Block if requested by the highest-ranking GenSec on site. Defcon 3 - Nu7 and A-1 can be in D-Block if requested by the highest-ranking GenSec on site. Defcon 2 - Nu7 and A1 who aren't guarding a VIP may enter D block freely A-1 Should be the last resort for D-Class riots if they're not doing [REDACTED], Nu7 should be the first responders. And A-1 goes wherever their VIP does anyways.
  7. I'm kinda inactive on COC ill join tho.
  8. You also told th3 that you are being harassed by the staff which is completely untrue as I was being as polite as I could, you said that we keep changing your name which I only did once before I realized that th3 said that it's fine.
  9. October is right, I warned you for refusing to change your name after being told to by two other staff + me and after having your name forcefully changed you changed it right back. The reason why we are trying to get your name changed is because if you read it wrongly/in a certain way, it sounds racist. !th3 Told you on discord that it's fine so we are letting you have the name. Keep in mind you didn't get warned for the name, you got warned for not complying with staff before th3 told you it was fine. If everyone thinks that this name is alright that's completely my bad and I apologize, but in my opinion it's not which is why we wanted it changed. Not to mention you were being pretty disrespectful against staff with yelling over me "SHUT UP", calling the T-MODs kids and similar stuff to that.
  10. October showed all the proof for playerdiss. If Flashlightman was the only staff on duty he was probably getting more sits and wasn't able to respond to every sit, need his side. You have no proof of the RDM so I can't really comment on that as Flashlightman will have to explain what happened from his side.
  11. +Support All of these changes sound great! Making 173's CC a testing chamber will require some props though.