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  1. I also have this problem but I was never bothered to try and fix it. Started happening like a week ago for me.
  2. Name: steppy Branch: Janitorial Rank: Junior Activity: 6
  3. - Support I don't really think that they fit on the server. I prefer the current models.
  4. I completely agree with Rookie, I just wanna add that you guys had a chance to split up.
  5. -Support 1. Format, you have to use the format that's given in one of the discussions on the suggestions page. Many people wont even read this due to the format not being used. 2. Mining probably isn't coming back anytime soon as it was crashing the server. 3. Now for the D-Class riot balancing, I dont agree with giving D-Class more stuff to work with. I've seen D-Class overtake GenSec and MTF without the weapons. In my opinion D-Class shouldn't even be able to do this much. I hope that D-Class dont get any more weapons to work with... 4. I feel like the riots are actually fairly balanced at the moment.
  6. steppy

    Step / Void

    +Support This is true, I accidentally copied the wrong SteamID and warned the wrong guy. Please get his warn removed as soon as possible.
  7. +Support As Chief said, the keypads weren't meant to be removed in the first place. The keypad will come back when someone decides to start fixing them.
  8. -Support In my opinion, it's better that D-Class stay away from weapons... + It gives the Class-D Suppliers something to do. - The riots have been too much with the weapons, I feel like having them removed balances the riots out. Hell, at certain moments GenSec weren't able to hold it with the weapons out.
  9. Current broken keypads: Keypad scanning problem: Missing a keypad: 1. D-Block cafeteria is missing the keypad on both sides. 2. The generator room in EZ is missing a keypad. 3. LCZ Panic room is missing the keypad on both sides. 4. HCZ Panic room is missing the keypad on both sides. 5. SCP-527 CC Missing a keypad on both sides. 6. GenSec bunks missing a keypad on both sides. 7. Research bunks missing a keypad on the outside. 8. Medbay lockdown button is missing a keypad. 9. SCP-173's CC is missing a keypad. 10. LCZ Incinerator Rooms are missing a keypad on both sides. 11. Utility bunks are missing the keypad on both sides, AGAIN. Keypad not working at all: 12. Gate A First keypad from the inside is not working at all. Keypad access problems: 1. Staff can't open 079's CC door. 2. Staff can't open temp euclid containment. 3. Staff can't open the EZ-UHCZ checkpoint. 4. Staff can't open the research bunks. 5. Security heavy can't open the GenSec bunks. 6. Security officer can't open the armory. (I'm not sure if they should be able to) 7. All MTF job pack jobs can't open SCP-106's CC. 8. Dr.Bright can't open SCP-457's CC. 9. Security Sergeant can't open SCP-106's CC door. 10. I'm pretty sure that no one can open SCP-096's CC door. --------- Seems to be fixed for the most part but staff and research can't open it. 11. A1 Cant open gensec bunks Staff cant open 90% of the keypads. Please fix that... I'm not sure if the firing range needs a keypad as it does have the armory in it now. (Was fixed but the keypad was removed??) I will be adding more on the list if I find more.
  10. +Support Nothing to be said, just get this guy banned...
  11. +Support There's a giant sign saying that no RP is to take place in there. No excuse at all.
  12. What you want to see? - D-Class CC spawns being moved to the surface. Why should we add it? - * Having the current D-Class custom classes in D-Block is chaos, GenSec keeps failing to hold D-Block due to their equipment which causes problems throughout the facility. * GenSec personnel already have difficulties with D-Class riots without the CCs. * D-Class should not be that strong in the first place, if the CCs get moved away, we would get more RP and less TDM on the server. * D-Class Being able to dominate the facility in this manner doesn't make sense RP wise and slows down the Research branch. * There are a few suggestions of nerfing some of their stuff, but even if the weapons do get nerfed, the custom class owners will get another weapon which will cause chaos in the facility, and this will repeat. That's why I think the best choice would be to move them to the surface. They could raid the foundation similar to Chaos Insurgency and try to breach SCPs as an escaped group of D-Class looking for revenge. What are the advantages of having this? - 1. This will calm down the problematic D-Class riots. 2. It will be more lore friendly as D-Class shouldn't be so strong. Who is it mainly for? - D-Class CCs and GenSec Links to any content - N/A