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  1. Sad that 1+ year old bans can't be appealed. I'd personally give someone a chance after such a while if they weren't banned for something really bad. If it's only mrdm n trolling that he got banned for I would love to see him get another chance.
  2. This literally just got denied by Zeeptin.
  3. Even if a good SCPs is found the question would be where to put it, besides if it was a free roam. This map doesn't have room for any more SCPs as all the CCs are filled up.
  4. We started playing at nearly the same time, I created an account on Feb 18th
  5. steppy

    999 Job Ban Appeal

    That's not your steamid, u gotta get it for this to have a chance to get accepted.
  6. steppy

    Player Report

    Yeah the quality is low that's my bad but I'm pretty sure that scp 0 9 6 can be made out of these words, especially when he shot me with the AK.
  7. steppy

    Player Report

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:57980271 The player's in game name: scp 0 9 6 The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:124251974 What did the player do: Prop abuse, FailRP, RDM -> Blocked an elevator button with a prop, bought a gun as 066, killed someone for no reason as 066. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Warn Any extra information: Timestamps - 0:10, 1:45
  8. +Support I played this map before and I absolutely loved it. It's a huge upgrade from Site 05 in many areas mentioned in other replies. This map is immersive and actually feels like the SCP foundation, it doesn't feel like Attack & Defense/TDM between CI & MTF and Gensec & D-Class. The only problem is D-Block as the D-Class playstyle changes A LOT. D-Class are one of the main parts of this server and a lot of people play simply just to riot. That is the main difference between GL and other SCPRP servers. If D-Block gets something interesting for D-class this would be an amazing change. Changing maps and adapting will be really hard but could be very worth it, on the other side it could slightly damage the server population due to D-Class. I'd like to change to this map for a bit to see if it would work.
  9. 096 Is really bad with the current swep as he can't really judge too well if someone did look at him and people always complain whenever he enters rage mode. If this kind of swep is possible it would be amazing for 096.
  10. The dude's been getting warned since the stone age, look at how old some of these warns are. +Support
  11. +Support Turning the lights off while there's nobody to stop you/turn them back on is just annoying for everyone playing.