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  1. Phaasma

    Cat Staff Report

    No its not cut to my fit, the beginning of the video is when i started recording, and the end is when i stopped. And yes i am going after his staff rank as I don't believe staff like cat should be a part of the staff team. And 106 pocket dimension is separate from the warn, i put that image in to show that he is irresponsible with his staff powers. And this isn't personal, i don't know the guy, just trying to do what I think I should do.
  2. Phaasma

    Cat Staff Report

    if you look at the responses that other people have put then you can see this is not something im just fabricating, other people have had negative experiences with cat, including admins, mods, and players.
  3. Phaasma

    False Warn Appeal

    When I was warned by cat that was the first time i "spoke" to an admin, considering i didnt get to talk or defend myself. The only person we had spoken to before was a person from gensec.
  4. Phaasma

    Cat Staff Report

    yeah sorry i dont have that, i wasnt recording then
  5. Phaasma

    False Warn Appeal

    I told dragin multiple times I wasnt talking to him and when I was saying it I was saying it in general and not towards dragin.
  6. Phaasma

    Cat Staff Report

    here is the entire unedited clip Oh my bad then he must have gotten an admin to ban him I guess.
  7. +/- - I see him on all the time - a bit mingy
  8. What is your in-game name?: Phaasma What is your steam name?: [GL] Phaasma What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:525687701 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) No. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) I would like to say around late December. What date did you make your forums account? January 7, 2020 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Bronze How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)? Have you donated? Yes. What rank are you applying for? Trial Moderator Are you staff on another community (BE HONEST)? No I am not. Have you read the staff guidelines at ? You will be tested on it: Yes I have Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time) Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): N/A Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) I believe I am fit for the position of trial moderator because I am extremely dedicated to the server, I can be on nearly everyday. I am familiar with the MOTD, I joined the Gaming Light SCP RP server in around December and wasn't to sure how I felt at the time, but after playing it for a while and becoming more familiar with the community and way this server works I started to like it ALOT. I feel like I could bring quite a few things to the server, I am very neutral when it comes to arguments in game therefor I would not be biased towards anyone in a sit, I also would love to help the server and help make it better by helping everyone I can and try to make everyone's experience on this server as best as it could be. I am extremely good at keeping my cool and not being aggressive or anything like that towards anyone on the server. And if i do get this position as T-Mod I promise to always try my best and do everything in my power to make this server as good as it can be. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? Well first I would bring him/her into a sit room and ask them to please calm down, if they continue to be violent and vulgar towards me I would gag them, I would then make them aware of the warns they will be recieving (staff disrespect, mass rdm) and why, I would then call a senior mod+ and make them aware of the situation and have the person banned for the appropriate amount of time.
  9. Phaasma

    Cat Staff Report

    Your In-game: Phaasma Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:525687701 The admin's name in-game: Cat The admin's steam name (If you know it): dont know it What did the admin do: he abused his power and made false bans and false threats, in the ss you can see that 106 was teleported there and he also teleported dr bright, as well as when people tried to leave he would tp them back. And in the video I only got the second half when I realized he might ban me for nothing so i started recording and you can see that he says im staff dissing when all I was doing was asking why I was warned for player diss, , and he says i was staff dissing right then when you can clearly say anything wrong to him. He also banned one of my buddies phasorb for I believe a week but im not sure. And it was the same case with him he was asking why he was warned, and then cat told him he was staff dissing and he was then banned. Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the admin: It is up to the admins but i dont see him fit for a staff position, with the abuse of power, and the false warns and bans I dont think people like this should represent the staff team. Any extra information: no
  10. Phaasma

    False Warn Appeal

    I wasnt recording at the time
  11. Phaasma

    False Warn Appeal

    Your In-game: Phaasma Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:525687701 The admin's name in-game: Weiss The admin's steam name (If you know it): dont know it What warning did you receive: player diss Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Well first let me explain what happened, so a person by the name of dragin was near me and i said the joke that tends to go with the word dragin, which i will assume many of you know and well he took that as me making fun of him or that what i assume, well he cuffs me and takes me to security bunks, i was 912 at the time, and someone comes over and his commanding officer comes over and tells him that hes not allowed to cuff me and that he shouldn't get so mad, well any ways we both go our separate ways and I didnt know dragin was near me and I was saying it to myself, i didnt even say it all the way i think the farthest i got into the sentence was like a few words. Anyways im saying the joke to myself and i guess he went and got an admin and i was teleported to them and am told im going to be warned for player diss, I ask why and they say because im "making fun of his name" or something along those lines. I am not given any time to defend my self and I dont think they even asked him for proof or anything. And so yeah i believe i was falsely warned and dont deserve this warn. And i changed my name to "dragon my". Also i was speaking to another staff about this, starr, and he agrees that that did not call for a warn. He also claims that I had been following him and that we had already talked to an admin which we hadn't, which shows that he wasnt being truthful to the staff. Also on my defense his name is from a common joke so i dont see how you can have that name then get mad if someone makes a joke, ok its not like we made the joke out of his name, he made his name out of a joke. So if i cant say that same joke he got his name from then I really just dont see that being fair. Any extra information: I wasnt the only one who was warned for this either. Another person named Phasorb was warned.
  12. Phaasma

    Darth Qurt

    +/- they were camping spawn in that clip but that is only 14 seconds, and you say it was 30 min but we have no way of knowing if it really was so i dont see it as that big of a deal, but they were sorta player dissing which i would say calls for a warn.