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  1. +Support ~Good App ~Was a member before Good luck ~Connor
  2. Name: Connor Rank: LT What do you want to achieve in EMS?: To be a little bit more active and to get there faster Any Suggestions for EMS?: i want a tank XD
  3. Ok, so I want to say something. I was there when Steve was talking to you and I was the one who demoted you from PD for moving into the bank and disrespecting an SRT Member and also LTAP (You left the game while I and Steve were trying to talk to you). I was just going to talk to you until you left the game to avoid talking. Steve told you not to move into bank dispatch is not in charge of bank situations. That is ONLY Tac Units that do and when they say don't move in you do not move in. Steve did not bring his staff rank into it until you said something about it. He was also Roleplaying as well. As far as me being there and seeing what Steve was talking about he did nothing wrong. From CPT Connor 1L65 [PD Low Command Member]
  4. Ok, so I first want to say sorry. I am leaving because I wont be able to be on State anymore. I just want to say thank you guy's for the fun experience and learning alot. Connor Signing OFF
  5. Should I do a face reveal???

  6. 4/27/19 - 4/28/19 Training Recap First, we would like to wish a fair well to S.W.A.T Commander Josh who is retiring from S.W.A.T. He was a good commander for S.W.A.T and a good person a wonderful Roleplayer. You will be missed Josh Here is a photo of Josh and Myan. 4/27/19 - Training Recap - We did bank situations with Officer's. Hostage negotiations and rushing in when there is no hostage. We re-explained how PD cannot go into bank when there are no Tac Units on and the highest ranking officer on is in charge of those scenes. We had around 10 to 15 Officers doing this training and 4 people as crim to rob the bank to help us with the training. The hosts of this training were Col Mjay, CPT Connor, LT Zage, SM Dredgen. Our Criminal Team was Zage, Calamity, Sato, Elapin. Thank you all who attended this training you guy's did a really good job and followed command and your trainers on what to do. 4/28/19- Driving training was done with traffic stops, hostages in the and trying to stop them and getting the hostage back. We also went back and did some more bank situations to have more training with the bank. Everybody did a good job and worked together. Here are links to the training and retirement party photo's 4-24-19 Training Pictures - https://imgur.com/gallery/6MHwdFs 4-28-19 Training Pictures - https://imgur.com/gallery/g05NcIm Josh's Retirement Party - https://imgur.com/gallery/6pxiWB4 IF you would like more training's to be done please tell us in the comments below.