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  1. Have a good one Colonel Kev .. I'll see you around O7
  2. Major Big Huge +Support Bring it back! At least give it a try.
  3. -Support Forums reports are for In-game reports. What would the warning be? Disrespecting on Discord. Also Blaze said he banned him ,so that's a punishment.
  4. My custom class loadout was glitched because Nimo tried to arrest me and I got jailbreaked and I had to switch jobs to get my loadout back, I'm Bonetavious. so dont drag me Into this. But +/- support I mean If it was after situation meaning he is not in any RP scenario who really cares.
  5. It's been an honor riding with you, O7.
  6. Sad to see you leave Chief.. Wish you luck in the future! ~BeHappy
  7. I don't have much to say but it has been a great journey.. I will miss you all and keep up the good work people ♥ SWAT MSGT BeHappy XA11 10-07 for the last time.
  8. Name:BeHappy Your Rank and Callsign: Head Deputy 8708 How would you rate your activity from 1-10? 5 If your rating was below a four, why and what reason? Weekends only and working all week, I'll improve SOON. Is there anything EMS Command or the department can improve on?N/A
  9. In game name: BeHappy Discord:BeHappy#0300 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:212767343 Rate your activity 1-10 (1 being lowest 10 being highest):7(weekends) Anything we should know?(If your activity is below a 5 this is a good place to explain why):N/A
  10. Community resignation or not, I'll keep sending you ice cubes. but fr bro GoodLuck and focus on your future, stay in touch and always keep your head up brother!
  11. When u bust someone do you give them their money back? Nah.
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