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  1. (BeHappy's LOA) In-game Name:BeHappy SteamID:N/A using phone Rank:SSGT Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 4 days to 1 Week Reason (If private then put N/A): Taking a Break
  2. Name and rank: BeHappy, 2LT Active,Semi active,Not active: Active Suggestions for state: SPMU? Signed by: BeHappy
  3. Gosh Pizza with fruits??? Bruuuh NO ITS DISGUSTING
  4. +Support Mature Friendly Helpful did not reach the 150 words but he is very helpful tbh
  5. Nice City Of Rockford SRT SSGT City of Rockford Trooper 2LT City of Rockford DOC SNR OFC City of Rockford PD SM City Of Rockford SS SSA City of Rockford EMS Deputy Oof
  6. I don't need rust but thank you for doing the giveaway Yobo!
  7. Matthew is The Best Commander tbh he is friendly as heck and he help anyone anytime!
  8. Add to that he is FRIENDLY AS HECK
  9. +Support i saw it , ill get vid tomorrow