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  1. +Support +Knows what he's doing +Well qualified for tmod +well known in the community +Good Luck ~King
  2. +Support +Active +Mature + Toxic but in a good way +Deserves it ~King
  3. +\- Support -Not very active -1 warn good -nice guy -Deserves it -Good luck
  4. 1.what is your name Ingame:King/SM King 1A72/FBI SAIC King SAF1 2.what is your steam name:kingnick207 3.what is your Steamid:STEAM_0:1:44685046 you have any experience with staffing:I Staffed on a Minecraft server before as a senior moderator then I started to focus on playing gmod 5. What time did you start playing on the server Roughly August 20 2018 6. When did you join the forums September around their 7.VIP+ 8.2 warns pictures down at bottom of page 9.have you donated:yes 10.Trial Moderator 11.No 12.have you read the staff guidelines:yes 13.Timezone:CST (Central Standard Time) 14.Permmision (senior moderator+) 15.The reason I want to apply for stuff is because I want to make the server better I see how gaming light needs more staff so I am here to help I’ve seen how great admin‘s can be and I want to become one of them I am well known throughout the server I know many admins If I became an admin I’d be very serious about my work I would be respectful to other fellow administrators and people on the server who are trying to RP I believe I can help the server be better if I became an admin or a trial moderator if I would see someone doing something bad and I was off duty I’d recommend them not to do it again I would try to be helpful to other admin’s I will try to do my best and sits and situations if I am stuck on some thing I would ask one of my fellow administrators if they cannot help me I will find someone else I will I will assist fellow administrators if they need help I would never lose my temper in a sit and I would be calm and respectful I would never disrespect any other administrators I would just try my best to be the best administrator that I could be I know this sounds like every other single moderators application but I’m being serious about this I want to help the server grow get more people to come to the server have more people have fun and make sure they’re safe from people who want to break the rules I don’t want to become an administrator to have power and be able to do whatever I want I actually want to help the server I’ve seen many people have great times becoming an admin so this is the reason why I want to become an administrator thank you. 16.How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? When I first get into the city I will ask them why they are mass Rdming if they continue to cuss at me and be disrespectful to me I would mute then while they were muted I would inform them that I’m giving them a warning for staff disrespect after that I would give them a minute to cool down then I wouldn’t need them and ask them why they were mass rdming if they would continue to keep disrespecting me I would warn them again then I would most likely jail them for how many seconds it says on the staff handbook for the staff disrespect And mass rdming that’s how I would handle the situation
  5. +Support +Active + Knows what he’s doing +mature +Deserves Rank +Good luck ~King
  6. +Support +Mature +Well known +Nice guy +Warn Free +Good luck ~King
  7. +Support +Mature guy +Active +Knows what he’s doing +Nice +Good luck ~King
  8. +Support +knows what he’s doing +Active +Been staff for a long time +good application +Good Luck ~King
  9. +Support +Active +Mature +is known well in the community +Respected ~King
  10. + Support +Active +He’s a firefighter +Application is Good +extra Support -King