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  1. -Support -you resigned awhile ago from the server and I have never seen you on ever sense
  2. +Support -Active -Mature -Knows what he is doing -he is high command in 2 departments -played on the server for awhile -not mingy
  3. Well I don't really know how to put this but I just but I just don't want to play on FBI anymore, thanks for letting me get high up in the ranks fast, I want to redirect my full activity to USMS, I really liked FBI but after certain stuff happened I just don't want to play it anymore FBI was the best it was sooo fun but yeah that's all I really want to say I would like to thank these people for giving me the best time on FBI for HRT well I already said it but I will say it again I want to redirect my activity to USMS. @Spoon: Thank you for the fun times on FBI @Kale: thanks for the times on FBI lmao @Darby: Thanks for the fun @Justin: Thank you for the fun times and congrats on DD @bosco: Well I can't forget you thanks for the fun! @Kcarma: too funny @Mr Ghost: thanks for the good memories on FBI @Saint: thanks for the good things on FBI @kennyKing: kinda funny @Lime King: thanks for fun your so funny lmao If anyone needs me my dms are open and if you need me to come back well let me know. FBI on TOP!
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