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  1. good bye Logan it was fun having you on the server
  2. To be honest I just want to focus on state and Delta Force and I feel like I have let FBI I down for not being as active as I could I I am resigning so low command who are active get the rank. I will miss FBI and thank you for letting me be apart of it. I would like to thank these people for just being generally nice @Lime King thanks for letting me back in FBI and for being cool @Justin tbhI would also like to thank you for letting me back in FBI and for being cool like Lime @hobochickenboblmao funny guy @DryMost active guy @KingWooooooOOoOoOoOW
  3. R.I.P also sussy you were always the best command member besides Spoon or Clarkie
  4. lmfao -support - lmao calling a person bad is not disrespect - he didnt have a family name and you pointed a gun at him lmao thats a reason to kill someone also he was never even capping the point lmao
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