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  1. This server is something else Im going to leave it so bye. I would say a lot more but im not. Razonix- You are the best person ever Rhy- You are the same as raz Jason- You are the best person in the world I would have done nothing with out you/ Myan- Thanks for the chance for SWAT Bye
  2. Razonix you were the best chief of EMS. You gave EMS what it needs and cared for it. It is sad to see you go but all good things come to a end. The reason we are choosing Seb as chief is because he is the only one who can keep the department in shape and not turn it to something im not going to say. If we handed it to some other people the department will fall. All 3 HCs including raz will help and guide Seb for about 1-2 months. Please do not argue over this post it is very disrespectful and wrong. Raz it has been great to serve you. Please stay incontact with me on discord and ts.
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    Ban Appeal

    From that im going to change from a + to a HUGE -SUPPORT
  4. ^^^^^^^ +support Willy when he so calls "makes fun of people" its a joke. And most people know its a joke. Like me.
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    A nice bust

    This is mine
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    ....... That second pic tho.
  7. Agreed Agreed Please do Nicholasss It is in our S.O.P that you have to revive when a situation is code 4. They will like CERT and ARU It will really impact EMS I feel it should be or is that if EMS is online they cant use their debrifs -SUPPORT -EMS Deputy Chief Toxitman
  8. Also to add this looks like it was done in 5 minutes.
  9. +support Nice Funny Active Mature Great Staff Member For sure deserves this rank