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  1. -Support Need more proof of NOT fearp like video
  2. Thanks so much October i forgot to mention you because i honestly forgot you are back because we havent talking in so long but thanks for the very kind words i will be sure to hop on the server and talk to you and we can still do all of our basing and rping
  3. Jeff M.

    Tom's LOA

  4. Jeff M. its kinda hard to start this put sadly i am going to be leaving the community for multiple reason some im keeping to people I trust. Now i joined the community march 11 2017 it is coming up on 2 years of me being in the community and when I first joined i remember the days of getting on the server everyday staffing and then have really fun rp with everyone. Now when i get on the server I get flooded with a bunch of minging and nonsense that i am not dealing with anymore. I have met some really nice kind people.(most of the community) But there is those people that really stand out as my friends and there are the group of people i knew to stay away from. As most people know I am the Owner of a family Traz/TZ and my family is going to be continuing success even if i am not there I will have people in charge of it and I am staying in the discord. I would like to give a special thanks to a couple people. The people below are the people that stood out to me. @[GL] Tom: Tom and I go way back and tom is my child. Tom i really enjoyed playing with you everyday and I will be sure to message you all the time or everyday and I will still get on the server with you from time to time if you want me to. @Friendly Steve: Even tho i whooped your ass in rocket league you were one of my favorite people to talk to because of all of the things that we have done together. @maral the great: Maral i would like to congratulate you on everywhere you have gone in the community and hope you succeed even farther. We can always play fortnite. @Danny Muller: Even tho we dont really talk alot anymore We are still really good friends and if or when i come back I want to see you as a higher rank. @Blitzton: So blitz and I also go back to when we join srt and the same exact time 08/04/18 and i really enjoyed talking to him. He also left the server so wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't say anything. @Cherry Force Duv the meme machine you will be missed sorry for not adding you before lowkey didnt know your forums name so i couldnt tag you. The fake rocket league god headass boi there are a couple more people that I really appreciate but not many. Thanks to MOST SMT/EMT for everything they have done for me and the rest of the server. I will be back every so often to say high. Everyone enjoy. ~Jeff M
  5. Jeff M.

    Jeff M LOA

    I dont know if the LOA format is still being used to i am just going to make a post. Name:Jeff M Rank:RCT Time of LOA:12/30/18 to 01/09/18 Reason: Going on a family vacation to Florida
  6. Duv thank you for the kind words also you dont understand how sad it is to see you leave. Man you were one of my favorite people in the department and it is very sad to see you go. Im sure you will come back all the time. and enjoy your time off. PLEASE LETS 1V1 in rl because i will smack you around.
  7. You can go ahead you deleted the video anyway it is very unprofessional to fight anymore on a post LET THE COMMUNITY GIVE FEEDBACK bring it to dms
  8. I guess I have to bring this up again i would think you have understood since last post that you took down. I am not going to fight about it on the post but it is not professional to fight over it on a post it is meant for the community to give feed back and thats what I did if you want to continue DM me because i am tired of having to reply to you on a post that is not for staff to fight about our sides of the store or our opinion if you dont like seeing other peoples opinion then dont read other peoples comments. And let the community give there feedback no need to comment on everything that is said. Also dont post youtube links on your player report. Also its not copyrighted if you deleted the video and he is the one that uploaded it. He also edited it himself which makes it his anyway. Also it is promoting hacking anyway so i wouldn't complain and just let the Community speak there opinion
  9. Its a player report not a staff report But he either needs the punishments that are above because he is staff
  10. Huge +support ~very nonprofessional to be staff and hack on the server. ~You Took down your last post for a report on Death because you knew you were hacking. ~it is honestly not acceptable and you should be perma ban or a parma staff restriction. ~I mean can you be honest on a post because you said you didnt but evidence is clear. ~it is a very bad example for all members especially new players that are on the forums looking at stuff like that. ~Also why does it say you are a blatant hacker on your steam profile ~Jeff M
  11. This has been happening to a lot of different spawners.
  12. Sad to see you go man hope you come back and talk with us
  13. No Problem man It is marked. Hope you enjoy your new computer