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  2. Today would be one of the only days I can come this week.
  3. +Support Active Great Leader Fit for roll Knows rules well
  4. +/-Support I think the bulletproof glass in the guard towers are a great addition. The glass allows you to have a complete view of the front gate and only enterance. You can sit up there and know where all the enemies are while being protected from bullets. However, I feel that if they added a catwalk to go outside on, it would be even better. DOC can stand on it when they need to shoot but they can also stay inside the glass and be protected.
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  6. PXRPs

    Crease PRP Ban Appeal

    +Support Crease is a great guy. He never minges around and doesn’t deserve a ban. He’s willing to do a lot to prove that he’s innocent. I feel that you SMT should give him a chance to at least prove Reese is his brother and not him.
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  8. -Support Still broke a rule.
  9. +Support Active Great App Fit For Role Chill Great guy