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  1. I created a steam account and then I got gta4 as my first game, I watched a lot of the RCMP clan for gta4 and i stumbled across someone playing gmod and they were on a police rp server. so I got gmod and I searched for a police rp server witch was called tknation which was a rp server back in 2016 but is now abandon. when the community faded away I hoped around some servers, then I found gaminglight and I joined it, the people on the server was so nice so I stuck around and here I am in 2018.
  2. -support there is to many departments already
  3. +support low warns active have pass staffing experience FIXED question 18
  4. -support not active (might be timezone -don't see you on a lot - don't see in ts
  6. yayyyyyy im getting on rn!!!