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  1. Just and FYI you cant use Admin commands off duty
  2. Civil Emergency Response Team Public Announcement This following announcement is brought to you by. CERT | SWAT | SRT High Command @[GL]MyanDaBeast @Matthew Haere mai Whakarongo mai I would just like to start off with saying thank you for letting me have this amazing new opportunity of me being the new Cert Commander, I'm looking forward to bringing some new ideas and a new look on the department. When CERT was handed over to me and I officially became the Commander of this department, I started looking into our relationship with the other tactical departments. I've noticed a common trend between us, CERT as a department has slipped away from the other tactical departments and we have formed a gap between us. This gap has caused a few things but not limited too; Lack of Teamwork on both teams, Lack of respect 'Department dissing'. These things have been going on for a quite sometime and has now officially become unhealthy for GamingLight. So I we will be trialing some things and attempting to remedy this and bring us closer together. So without further adieu We would like to announce that we will now be conduction CERT training together with SWAT and SRT. We will be joining SWAT | SRT Weekly on Saturdays (EST) at 3:00 p.m Until Further Notice. This Training is Compulsory for all CERT Personal as of Saturday 17/AUG/19 If you are unable to attend these training's make sure too fill out the required information in the Discord. I look forward to closing this gap and forming a stronger bond! God Speed! ~CERT Commander Yobo 1CC09
  3. noot it's the sound of the police
  4. Yobo

    The Diamond family

    Do I get my daily casino chips?
  5. +support Only for the Clothing idea
  6. +Support The first 3 hours of a players life is a 50/50 chance they will start a mass shootout
  7. Understandable But bug reports will fulfill your endeavours