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  1. We payed $100 to get the SPMU bike locked to only state so no other departments could use the motorbike. We didn't pay for motorbikes in general to be locked. If people want Ducatis or Yamahas let them have it.
  2. Good to see my format is still being used.
  3. Where do I even begin... I honestly can't give an exact date of when I joined this community. I've had 3 name changes before I settled on Yobo and then eventually Mr Yobo, for half of them I didn't even know GamingLight had forums. Gaming Light has always been my Gaming Community Home, basically my second home. (Police RP to be Exact) I've seen players come and go and I've seen some players go and never return (Blacklists and Leaving).. I never expected I would stay this long after my close friend Dane left the community. I have experienced ups and downs, countless Senior Management Team members come and go, Staff Members come and go and even High Command Members come and go. More importantly I've seen friends I've had close bonds with leave or get blacklisted. State Police I left the community for around about a year after I was removed from State Colonel whilst I was on deployment. Around June - July I came back to simply just play on my reserves and enjoy the server whilst I had the time todo so. State dropped to a low point to which I reached out to SMT offering my service to assist bring State back up. I returned as a Major under MiKey to get close to the command team and start working out the kinks. Short while after I became Lieutenant Colonel and started cracking down the command team and reshaping it. A week or so later I was Colonel and I took to shaping the department with fresh SOPs, Logos and competent command members. Of course I couldn't of done this refresh without my dear friend @Cammy working by my side trusting every move I did. I reached out to Cammy with an offer of becoming Lieutenant Colonel for State again, obviously Cammy said yes and so this amazing journey begun. I reported the GTA V police bike and added the department, I changed SPRT back to CERT (I changed it 2 years ago :p) and now Cammy gets to call the shots and continue States great legacy. Yes at the time of this posting Cammy will assume full power of state becoming Trooper Colonel Cammy 1K17 Staff Every time I join the staff team I always reach a certain point where I become busy or leave for personal reasons or just leave because I feel as though I'm holding up a slot. I never really stick around to grind out ranks and climb the ladder, I enjoy staffing and helping more than climbing the ranks. I will be leaving the staff team yet again and I hope the rest of the staff team good luck and farewell. Reason for leaving Last year I always talked of leaving as soon as I moved across the country to my new place.. that happened in November. I am leaving the community to focus on my new Career and my own family (My Fiancé and my soon to be born Baby Girl Lily) I left the Navy to become my dream job an Electrician. With this new job my hours are longer and less flexible, with this time zones just don't cross well so the server is always AFK when I play. I don't want to be waking up any earlier or staying up any later to play on the server especially with a hands on job and an upcoming child. Special Mentions (Long) Finch - I got to know you on personal level and always played games inside and out of Police RP we lost this when you got Blacklisted. Hoopla - Glad we still keep in contact honestly miss the horror maps with Dane. Dane - God where I do begin, Gaming best buddy for along shot. Glad we finally got back in touch and started playing War Thunder. Miss ya being the best Police Chief, silent and mature Indonesian. Munchies - Special Dog, was always a dag making jokes with you honestly miss you even though you are stupid for getting blacklisted. Phil - How did I forget you what the hell! Gonna miss the late night talks and relateing to so many issues with Nz and Aus. Love ya man Royalanything, Bailey Apples - Honestly you only stayed because I did, when I got removed you left, glad we still play games all the time. Soulness - Rust god that works at Walmart jesus hit puberty xoxo Crease - HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA North - Silent but deadly stoner miss those moments on Mil RP Echo - Worst LT Col smh, miss playing Monopoly and you ruining it with your slow ass internet speed. Livebait - Loves fivem so much but jesus didnt have to go out with a bang.. Ghostly - Joining the retirement club now can I have a jacket? Cammy - Moans over radio loves to be demoted to OFC jesus you have come so far, love making shitty jokes with you staying up late having a laugh, so glad to be handing state over to someone competent. MiKey - "If I get SMT I will resign" the day you got staff after complaining about not wanting to apply. Jayden - Same thing but jesus where did the long nights of the forrest with Brandon go? Masterson - Spoke for a bit in the softest quietest voice but was strict as hell smh haha. Myan - SWEAT Commander pure sweat miss your hostage handling. Deathstriker - Minge always mass rdms. Hannah - Trained me for SWAT marksman a long long time ago. Snar - Snare drum 10/10 loves T shirt comp on Jackbox. Balloon - Long term memories jesus christ, don't go inactive this time haha. Max Holland - Miss ya man hope ya doing well. Drippy - Only recently got to know you hope we can play BF4 some time! Tactical - Got close with you on so many different games and I love it but will miss it!! Bri Ish. Jimmy - Jesus you have gone far real quick, keep it up! Eternity - EternityE with bobbob smh haha. Miss the endless murding on ARU Rick Sanchezz - Miss Attack of the b team minecraft server. Incept - special hacker boy Beans - Shoots himself live on omegeal. Gamikzone - Gamikzoneeeeee DURAMAX - Man stop working and play . Kevin - we never played SCUM. Kitty - Miss the SA Kitty and Deputy Chief chasing the pink panther dropping clues. Alton - Stuck up for me in a time of need. Always there. Pikus - Piku Piku Nolan - NOOT NOOT FIRE MAN SAM Dark - Worst CERT Commander xoxo Maddog - Best friend inside and outside of gaminglight. Loves bikes and his new Mrs. Zeeptin - Big thanks for the server hosting and keeping this community as great as it is. There is so many people I want to include but Jesus I'm having a mind blank. Well this concludes my time here. I will pop by time to time To be continued... "Don't cry because its over, Smile because it happened"
  4. Accepted State Trooper Applications: 01/15/22 Accepted Rkv - STEAM_0:1:507906708 Milk - STEAM_0:1:67543467 Cobra - STEAM_0:0:177347192 Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations and welcome! Denied Forest Dweller Reapply in 2 weeks. Accepted Troopers! Welcome Make sure to request State Police tags in the main PoliceRP Discord! https://discord.gg/glpolicerp
  5. Accepted State Trooper Applications: 01/04/22 Accepted MiniEpic - STEAM_0:1:195322115 Joe Goodmen - STEAM_0:0:441108979 LexDash - STEAM_0:0:68151976 ShadeY - STEAM_0:1:581877224 Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations and welcome! Denied Halfbread - Incorrect Information Reapply in 2 weeks. Accepted Troopers! Welcome Make sure to request State Police tags in the main PoliceRP Discord! https://discord.gg/glpolicerp
  6. + Support PROS PHILGENE BIGGUMS ➞ Prosecutor gold: N1GHT#1369 Last log of anything they did before being banned
  7. You aren't even the first King. So no need to be forcing players to change their name.. and yeah I just checked as well. Racism by console means you typed it in chat.. - Support
  8. Yobo

    Abrams 48h

    Do not reply to posts after High Command. We have the final say.
  9. Your In-game: Mr Yobo The player's name in-game: AlphaWolf The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:101313063 What did the player do: Recently Returned to the community. Noticed they had not received their 10, 20 or 30 warn bans. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: 1 Month Ban for 30 warn threshold. Any extra information: Nil
  10. - Support To start this off I consulted with @00 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴 00(Senior Admin) regarding this situation. We both agreed that going around the bend you collided with each other, you honked your horn whilst "Phantom" got T Boned. From what I was told there was situations where you have both collided previously so.. Phantom then retaliated and pushed you onto the path. You then decided to take matters into your own hands and shoot this "Minge" instead of reporting it to staff. It was an invalid call of code red and should become a police chase not a shootout. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/5umavLrn31rHz/krrrbfuvielc?invite=cr-MSxtVW0sMzczNzk5ODcs I jailed you for 900 seconds as I looked at your warns. You had around 9 warns related to RDM so I issued you a longer jail as one with that many RDM warns should really know when to shoot and when to call staff.
  11. Accepted State Trooper Applications: 12/18/21 Accepted ˞Carjaxx - STEAM_0:1:419469460 Whale - STEAM_0:1:95082301 Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations and welcome! Accepted Troopers! Welcome Make sure to request State Police tags in the main PoliceRP Discord! https://discord.gg/glpolicerp
  12. Yobo

    Format- Denied

    You say you like every department so list then all (Sub Departments as well)
  13. Yobo

    Format- Denied

    List every department
  14. Accepted State Trooper Applications: 12/05/21 Accepted Noggie - STEAM_0:0:587682420 Josh - STEAM_0:1:104301095 Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations and welcome! Denied Spike - STEAM_0:1:630703825: Incorrect Police Rank Robby Mill - STEAM_0:1:63529952: Blacklisted (Months ago for Inappropriate Application) Andrew - STEAM_0:0:80806137: Left on bad terms (Lovely Comments about current Colonel) Accepted Troopers! Welcome! Make sure to request State Police tags in the main PoliceRP Discord! https://discord.gg/9FjzpjQx6M
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