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  1. ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: 20/01/20 Mr Medic Joe Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations and welcome! DENIED TROOPER LIST: 20/01/20 Yeep Please Re-Apply in 1 week.
  2. Yobo

    Command Role Call.

    Name: Yobo Rank: Captain Date of submission: 16/01/2020 (Thursday) Last Meeting you attended: 12/01/202 (Sunday) Reason for joining command: I joined command well over a year ago. The reason I joined still stays the same! I joined so I can enforce the rules of Police Department on those below me, to set and enforce a high standard of those who should know the standard. To encourage build promote demote lead instruct those whom I can in order to keep the ship sailing.
  3. Agreed. Sorry Will. I hold no grudges but I dont feel like you are ready.
  4. I dont think he's being Frank.. Because Frank actually has some F#@#ing sense
  5. + Support We used to be able todo so Alt N I believe
  6. Um. You were still in the reed family when this happened.. so your argument is invalid. You were mingey whilst in that family and this was an outcome to your behaviour. Saying you left the family wont change your warns or how most of view you. Due too what you did when in the family.
  7. - Support Shouldn't be basing there in the first place in all fairness
  8. Eh Sorry Chief Gonna be a no from me You seem to be on your IAA CC named CPT or something rather than being on PD. Only time I see you on PD is during PD meetings. You got heart kid but eh
  9. - Support Who? Why? And help Because I don't know who you are, you havent exactly put effort. And please help me because I'm blinded by this
  10. This isn't up for discussion, If it was I would of said so.
  11. Rockford County Sheriff's Department / Rockford State Police Public Blacklisting Announcement As of 11th Minute of the 11th Hour of the 9th Day of the 1st Month 2020 The "Reed" Family has been Officially Blacklisted from all of State on the grounds of High warn average, High Mingery, Zero Cooperation with other players whilst on Goverment and Criminal as well as Staff, Causing alot issues, Failure too role-play even remotely, Disrespect. Players Directly Involved: Tsuki: STEAM_0:0:450953436 Riley: STEAM_0:1:223086001 Yelp: STEAM_0:0:156435291 Odd: STEAM_0:1:246423592 Darth: STEAM_0:0:524205032 This cannot be Appealed
  12. - Support I don't have it on recording but you said some stupid and Immature comment about Police RP and how you didn't care about it? after receiving a valid warn and after being a minge the whole day. (I called the sit and got them warned because of valid evidence of their wrong doing) I think a Kick was valid.. if not I would of expected a ban that's how mingy your "Reed" Family really was. I'm now learning that you are staff on SCPRP? and you are acting this immature and mingey on another Gaming Light server? Bro.. I think you really do need too "Mature Up"
  13. + Support Australian Eastern Standard Time is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Time Past experience on Anime, Police RP, Dark RP.