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  1. Please do not get involved quoting situations you do not understand nor have any idea about. @JackOG Cammy Messaged me about striking beans long before he actually made the post in our discord. So the time frame of the posts and his does not take into account during this situation. Beans was alerted about this punishment long before it was posted in the Discord. Also Jack. I am not your "Buddy" my "Buddy" would still be in State
  2. - Support Beans. You know damn well that it was a joke. And you took it a step further in spite of what recently happened towards you. Beans If you continue to keep this stupid immature behavior up I will change it too a removal. @cammy1706 Next time make sure to choose the right person as it seems not everyone understands the family jokes that go on within State. I'm sorry that this person got upset and decided they wanted revenge on something so small and stupid. Use the Ticket system within the State Discord to report these types of things. Regards.
  3. Your In-game: Trooper Colonel Yobo 1K77 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96930298 The admin's name in-game: Will The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] WTLM2013 STEAM_0:0:129363914 What warning did you receive: Fear Rp Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Play through of the situation on hand. Will walked up to state base. He pulled his pistol out and pointed it at the back of my head. He then removed the suppressor and put his gun by his side (ALT SHIFT E+R ) He then "claimed" I was under fear rp. I pulled my gun out because I was not under fear rp. I then ran towards my State Stairs whilst saying "Its Not Fear Rp" I turned around and noticed Will had followed me further inside the state Compound. I then switched to my nova and blasted him in the chest till he died. He then warned me for "Fear RP" MiKeY, Will and Myself had an extensive about this whole ordeal. Myan got involved and debunked the whole situation. Myan stated that "When your gun is on Safety you can not put someone under fear rp" Myan told me to appeal the warn. I posted the appeal.
  4. You were told too leave by the scene leader (Myself) The FBI agent had no control during this situation. Why would you start to move then stop? Especially when we were ordering you under gun point too leave? You clearly knew what we wanted as as were adverting yelling. So saying "he stopped to ask" is rather stupid.. I shot Crease as he was the person to be ejected from the vehicle closest to us. We only assumed FBI had you under control.. turns out rather than killing you he spared your life. I didn't order your arrest nor did I do it. So why are you bringing this up during this report?
  5. - Support We just finished with a High Priority raid. During this raid A man came through the front door and attacked one of my C.E.R.T members. Because of this we started to look around and secure the area too prevent any further shootouts. As we exit the building you and one other park up across the road and both of you exit the vehicle. Once you are outside of the vehicle you begin to take photos randomly of us whilst we are doing our job. I then ordered you too leave the area via Adverts AND Verbal commands. You said okay we are leaving.. but never moved your vehicle. You sat stationary in your car not moving nor attempting too move. 2 Seconds after the 3rd Advert was said. We opened fire. We had you under gun point and you failed to listen to us. I don't know what the FBI PA agent was doing but he had no involvement in us. I did not tell him to arrest you nor did I tell him to tell you too stay. I was in control of that scene as I was the highest there. I was not the arresting officer. I don't care if you are undercover or not. If you are told to leave 3 times whilst a gun is pointed at you.. You damn well listen. I could class that as No Value To Life. As my advert is "Get back Jack or get the patty whack clap"
  6. This Roll-call is due by 23/03/20 at 1AM EST (State Police Command are excluded) By filling this out https://forms.gle/FYztVxzAfAoLNgn79 You agree that.. This form won't necessarily keep you in state. You can be removed for not sufficiently filling out this form. You can be removed for getting questions wrong. You can be removed for not filling this out in time. You can be removed for not supplying the correct steam ID. You can be removed for lying about your activity. You can be removed for not reaching word limit. Do not respond to this post.
  7. Applications are back open! ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: 04/03/20 YEE YEE: STEAM_1:0:22902063 Lieutenant Springs: STEAM_0:1:454787662 Josh: STEAM_0:1:104301095 LCPL Milk 1A28: STEAM_0:1:8735405 Lieutenant Rich: STEAM_0:0:177363537 ACCEPTED TROOPER LIST: MSGT Mark 1D43: 76561198090487171 Alpha: STEAM_0:1:158575448 Please speak with an FTO+ to receive your training. You have 2 weeks. Congratulations and welcome! DENIED TROOPER LIST: Chrono Taresesnko Blue Bird Please Re-Apply in 1 week.
  8. Just because its not in our SOP Doesn't mean I don't train them to use them. You don't come too our training's so you don't know what I teach them about spike strips. I don't see anything in the MOTD mentioning spike strips being a weapon so oh no it doesn't count? Who are you even your logic floored as you are searching desperately to dig your self out of this quicksand. Notice how this report says "Calamity" Not Maddog. Take your pitty half ass reasoning to another post if you want to drag others down instead of admitting to your crimes. Really shows what kind of person you are. I have random shit in my inventory that people dropped me? like? restrained KAC PDW etc so? Ban me?
  9. No. Putting spike strips down too protect OUR life and stop you the criminal from fleeing is not threatening your life.. You are a SWAT Reserve you should know this.. SO you are telling me Payday shoots cops for placing down spike strips? You know damn well that when a priority family is pulled over that is the process that always happens.. What kind of roleplay is shooting a Police Officer for placing down spike strips.. You were not even damaged nor was your tires popped.. Don't even try and weasel your self out of this situation. Regardless its still Cop-bait.
  10. Your in game name: Yobo Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:96930298 The player's in game name: Calamity The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_1:0:441397904 What did the player do: Copbait, RDM, FailRP, Priority Rules. This "Super Admin" Drifted around a State Trooper on the wrong side of the road and then continued to speed. Once this "Super Admin" was pulled over, My Troopers deployed spikes strips due to the family being known for Major Crimes. My Troopers then attempted to roleplay a traffic stop, this "Super Admin" Instead decided to hop out of his car and start a shootout during a simple traffic stop. Evidence (required): (Maddog's Mic Audio Did Not Record) What do you believe should happen to the player: I request that this staff member gets thee appropriate warns and a firm talking too as this is not the standard of a "Super Admin" Any extra information: If this staff member warns others for this same offense I feel as though he should know the rules 100 Percent.
  11. Another one of your rumors. Got any evidence?
  12. Could you repeat that.. but in English?