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  1. Each TeamSpeak channel comes with it's own text channel. Trying todo this on discord would be mass notifications for everyone. TS uses less than Discord by a long shot
  2. STATE has done this before the use of this post. SRT's Decision just backs up our claims.
  3. We gave you a second chance bud. + Support
  4. still doing stolen valor eh
  5. Yobo

    Jack's False Warn

    Your In-game: Yobo Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96930298 The admin's name in-game: Jack The admin's steam name (If you know it): STEAM_0:0:196733901 What warning did you receive: rdm Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1880420985 Why do you think this warn was false: Admin warned me then came up to me and apologized and told me to appeal because it was false. Any extra information:
  6. Should I mention you warning people for using an item they bought on the store. Or is this the wrong place for this to be brought up.. touché After all that nonsense.. +Support for ban request.
  7. You can't use vehicles that you didnt pay for. It says it when you fill out the format. Since you did use a car you didnt pay for regardless of your stupid and idotic excuse. You still broke the rule. Purchasing it afterward doesnt fix the past as this is the present.
  8. + Support I dont know why all you American and brittish are commenting saying I dont see you.. 2pm for him is 12am for you.. And 4pm for me... Its absolutely outrageous how you can say hes not active. The lot of you I could call inactive because I never see you. Oh wait differnt timezones.. On the grounds that you are active and I do see you when I am on and you do have a good understanding of PoliceRp (Many interactions) Although your answering needs work and as well as your fourms activity. (Simply make yourself known. Plus Support Minus support other peoples posts or generally get involved ? l Having an Australian to take over the graveyard shift is useful. I used todo it before I handed in my numbers. About time a decent person took back the hours. You have potential. If you dont get accepted. Try try again. Here If you need advice. Go get him mate
  9. Yobo

    Old Warns

    + Support Warns are old
  10. Cert Will be following in your foot steps along this decision. Update.. True North State Police and all its Sub-Departments are in line with this.
  11. - Support Was an outrageously rude and mingey person before he left. Left because he had 40 warns and didn't want to be banned. Getting 40 warns is outrageous. Your behaviour and how you presented yourself to the community even if you left will always be remembered by me and I will continue to remember what you did. I haven't once received an apology for the grief you've caused. I know you have "returned a new man" but I'm not buying it.
  12. - Support Lovely message for everyone checking our stats