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  1. The Brah +Support - Nice guy. - Knows the rules. - Been on the server for a while. - He talks funny.
  2. +Support - Active member of the community, both on TS and in-game. - Knows the rules. Has zero warns and no strikes in any department. Trustworthy person. - Nice guy, anyone who has talked to him will know what I mean. GOOD LUCK Evil!
  3. MAJOR SUPPORT++++++++ -Always there for his fellow officers -Not afraid to admit to mistakes/ask for help -VERY friendly -Very Mature -Always Online -Been SM almost all summer, and even before that. I would love to serve as a Lieutenant along side him Good Luck Tonto!!!!!!!! ---Lieutenant R. Gardner 1L88
  4. Crease


    Read and Understood.
  5. Name: Crease Rank: TL Activity (Active, semi-active, LOA): Active Recommendations for department: Increase CERT activity. Increase acceptance protocol.
  6. CERT Roll Call Please answer by 11:59 on Monday, June 24th You will be demoted instantly if you do not answer. NO EXCEPTIONS Name: Rank: Activity (Active, semi-active, LOA): Recommendations for department:
  7. CERT has less members than SWAT and SRT (the ARU roster isn't public so I cannot count how many people are in ARU.)
  8. - Only 5ish people have CERT Commander whitelist. The entire department cannot be represented by the armor of a command job. - I know your comment was in good faith, but saying it's not as hard to get in to is not only false (CERT requires LCPL+ in PD, SNR Trooper, 2 applications and 2 training sessions), but inadequately represents CERT as one of the only 4 tac departments on the entire server.
  9. big +support - CERT is one of the 4 tac units on the server but has worse weapons, fewer classes and shit armor. - CERT has shit armor. CERT Trooper (150 armor), CERT medic (175 armor), CERT breacher (175 armor), CERT rifleman (185 armor) which is significantly less than all other tac units armor - CERT is harder to get in. Requires LCPL in PD to apply. Then you have to pass Trooper training, get promoted to SNR Trooper, apply again for CERT and ultimately pass CERT training.
  10. +Support - Extremely active - Respected Admin - Longtime community member (knows the rules) - Embedded in various departments - Role model for all government
  11. +SUPPORT Active on PD Natural Leader Professional Excellent role model for lower ranks Decent application. Maybe add a little more?
  12. +Support - Active - Solid application - Previous leadership experience - Nice guy. Anyone who has talked to him will know.
  13. +support Seems like a misunderstanding. Warn should be reconsidered.
  14. @Unkn0wn_F1R3 I average 4-5 hours on the server per day (based on my steam playtime in the past 2 weeks.) I also do a lot of ride-a-longs with pd members on state. If accepted, I will continue helping PD both as a member of state and on the PD command job.
  15. +support -Nice guy - Has been SM for a long ass time. - Extremely active on PD - Responsible player and ready for command.