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  1. Hey everyone My time has come to step down as Colonel. I can’t thank you guys enough for the the honor and responsibility to be your Colonel and department head. To command, I appreciate getting to know each and every one of you. I have complete faith in current command to do an awesome job and represent the department in a positive way. You guys are awesome leaders and I couldn’t trust this department to anyone else. To the troopers that I did get to know really well, I appreciate each and every one of you. The scribbl io games were fun. To the new troopers, you guys are doing great. There is a reason you were accepted and are in the department. At least 1 person saw something in you. Whether it be myself or someone else. We appreciate ya. Now for the subdepartments; for all the SPRT members, you have a special place in my heart as former CERT TL HM. SPHP is equally as good, lol. Same with DOC—even though some inmates ruin rp. And lastly as former head FTO, please carry on with the quiz legacy. You guys are awesome. With the pandemic coming to an end and school starting up—I saw this situation inevitable. I’m starting school soon and I can’t spend as much time on the sever as I want to. It would be unfair to everyone else for me to be inactive. I’ll still be on from time to time, if anyone wants to RP. I’m not doing the typical, “tag a lot of people” post because I didn’t want to leave anyone out. For those of you that have been kind and respectful, thank you. For those that we had disagreements with, I’m not a perfect person and I hope we can still be on good terms. Thanks again for for allowing me this opportunity. Shabbat Shalom guys Edit: Added in shotouts now that I have more time. This isn't goodbye forever, but I'm trying to reach out to those that made a difference to me. More will be added soon! @lildrummerdude-- You've been a great friend and awesome SPRT commander. Hope you get State high command. wolf/tip--A true friend. Still down for that meetup. @rick sanchez-- You'll always be a senior admin in my mind. Thanks for being a great Major. @balloonhail4979--One of the best DOC warden's. Thanks for being there for me. @Toxic_Wolf10-- An inspiration to all State's members. I will miss you Bryce. @frog milk--Thanks for being there for me. You were always a respectable person and great leader. @behappy-- Best doctor in the game. @Doggo-- Stingray is that you? I will miss you very much man. @Towelie-- He's been here for 5 years. The best SPHP Deputy Superintendent ever! @pittman-- Thank you for being a good friend. @JakeSnake--A great friend and nice person. One of the nicest in the game. @Beans --The biggest State minge. In a good way lol. @sabek-- Thank you for being a nice person and respectful, even though we've had our differences . @hanxi-- Thank you for always repping state. @RaZe -- Good luck with PD HC and becoming SMT one day. I love our inside joke, eggplant parmesan @quavo-- Wish I got to know you more man. You've been great. @magic-- You pulled an all nighter the first night in the department. I'll never forget that. @doomnator-- You are an awesome person and great friend @Raven-- State comedian! @mrivers-- Muffin man @MiniEpic-- One of the more animated and respected state troopers. @King-- Wish I got to know you better. But you were a great person the times we did hang out. @rhammer-- One of the best DOC personell ever! Loved the RP dude. @Romero-- Love you man. Always there to talk. @ConradBearJEW @windu-- A rocket league god! Always down to be your friend. @Hammy-- Awesome guy. @Max Holland-- Best support member ever. I loved our convos. I forgive those comments you made about you-know-what in the suburbs. @voxis--Great guy. You will go far places in life Voxis, respect. @SCU Director smith--Thanks for being a friend to me and for hanging out in discord. @Igneous--The best manager in GL! I will miss you, and so will Papa John. Our mutual friend Goat would've been a great State HC member. LOL @Masterson--Dude, so many memories don't know where to start. Best deputy Head FTO. Awesome department member. @Jimmy James--Thanks for allowing me in HRT and the opportunity to be in FBI. I appreciate you and @Phil . @Havocc, wish you the best man. Sorry for any troubles I caused you at first. @CJTheGorilla-- You got the grunt of a lot of my frustration. Wish you the best dude and I apologize for all the reports. @Cammy--I appreciate you and the things you did for State. Thank you. @Yobo-- I know we didn't always see eye-to-eye, but as you said in the comments you were Colonel for a long time. I respect that. @maddog-- You were one of the nicest State HC members. Thank you for being so nice. @Echo A true friend and best fire marshall. Thanks for everything. @WinkleStink_69 -- God tier human being. @Chip&Dail-- One of the nicest people you will ever meet.
  2. Derek you are currently banned from DOC. Not sure why a CC was helping with DOC RP if they are banned from inmate job and blacklisted from State (DOC is a state subdepartment)... You are banned from participating in DOC RP in any respect--I made that very clear when I left the server yesterday and now I see this. The laughing part was bullying. Scruffy and Raven, you laughed at another players expense. Especially when, it appeared in the video, that Nikolas said "bitch" for RP purposes. It's unacceptable. I'd like to talk with you guys also.
  3. Cammy it is a very sad day for State. You will be missed as my Lt Col and friend. Feel free to hop in TS and hang out with us at any time!
  4. +support Nice and responsible person. Knowledgeable with server rules. Would be a great asset to the Staff team.
  5. +support Fair and friendly person to all players. Active on staff. Solid application . Knowledgeable with the rules. Wolf/Tip has been on the server for a long time, he's taken many of my sits and I've worked alongside him in State Troopers. He would make a fantastic addition to the admin and I can't imagine anyone better for the job.
  6. +support He only has 2 warns and is TTT admin. He's also Trooper High Command Reserves.
  7. Hey guys, Thank you FBI command, HRT command and the entire FBI department for being such an awesome and welcoming department. I really loved my time on HRT. However, as Trooper Colonel I have a lot on my plate and want to focus on that. Thank you Mar for training me --you did a great job. @Jimmy James As always, you can do whatever you want and I appreciate the hospitality. @Phil You a wonderful command command member. @frog milk I'll still be seeing you a lot but thanks your help mate. Also @Solomonnew is a cool guy.
  8. Make sure the props are welded, and then right click with your cursor on prop (with the green box active.) If it does't work try on a different prop. Let me know if you have any ohterquestion
  9. Sad to see you leave Frog -- Trooper Colonel Crease 1K-3
  10. Andrew, Thank you for all the work you put in to State Police and SPRT (formerly CERT.) You have made this family proud. Wish you the best with your future endeavors! --Trooper Colonel Crease 1K03
  11. Ingame Name : Crease Custom Class : Fire Marshall Adding This SteamID 20$: STEAM_0:1:456500954 Everything is Paid By : STEAM_0:1:456500954