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  1. Ingame Name : Crease Custom Class : Fire Marshall Adding This SteamID 20$: STEAM_0:1:456500954 Everything is Paid By : STEAM_0:1:456500954
  2. Count state in! We're going to sing you happy birthday btw. Trooper Col Crease
  3. In Game Name: Crease Custom Class Name: The Doctor Adding car (already on server)- $50: aventador_new_sgm Everything paid for by: STEAM_0:1:456500954
  4. Max those are very kind words. I can tell they came directly from your heart and soul. Have fun as PD HC!
  5. You still might be able to edit the post and remove your report.
  6. +support This is as clear-cut as it gets.
  7. #banender He turned off the sun
  8. Accepted Troopers 6/26 Accepted - Ryan/thebigr - Torty - LT Ryzen (1 strike policy) - Dana White (1 strike policy) - PVPSavage (1 strike policy) Pending - LCPL Bars -- I sent you a discord message man. Denied: - Noahno (11 warns)
  9. Snar is allowed to do whatever he wants
  10. Echo, I appreciate everything you did for state. You are always welcome back as a reserves HC member.
  11. Sad day for DOC. Congrats on becoming the first person in DOC reserves though!
  12. +support - Active in game and on TS - Knowledgeable about the server rules and protocol. - would be a solid fit for superadmin Good luck mate!
  13. Is the format and pricing correct for this CC playermodel addition? IMPORTANT: This is a question post. I have not made any donations towards these changes. In game name: Crease SteamID: STEAM_0:1:456500954 Custom Class: The Doctor Adding 2nd Playermodel : Playermodel path: N/A (I'll add it in the actual post.) (Add another playermodel to your job) $40 + (Playermodel over 4MB but under 15mb ) $100 = $140