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  1. +support Voxis is a long time and respected member of the community. He has earned many ranks in many departments. I voted yes on poll good luck fam! --Trooper Major Crease
  2. +support dedicated and active player. doesn't have a mic but is a good roleplayer and in many departments
  3. Huge +support - Thinks in a logical manner which already puts him in the top 1% of staff - Is a nice person to everyone on the server and in TS. - Doesn't rush his administrative responsibilities. - Would be an excellent addition to the Senior Admin team.
  4. +support Takes sits. Which is huge because a lot of staff think taking sits is so 2019. Nice person. Knowledgeable with the rules. Wish you played on state more man good luck.
  5. Ban October for targeting staff and false report.
  6. +support Nice guy and plays a lot. Has a comprehensive understanding of server rules and my recommendation.
  7. The FBI shouldn't have arrested you at all.
  8. I forgave Yobo for rdming me. We were in TS and it was fine. The only unjust thing was you getting arrest for taking a photo (which you did not, I did.) Who arrested you?
  9. +support Look at screenshot above from PD guide.
  10. +support How can anyone be against adding the ransom price for one of the most sought out players on the server to kidnap? This post isn't about changing ransom prices, just implementing one for the president. Why would anyone -support this?
  11. The weapon checker is a very dangerous tool. Easy to justify it's use and can lead to 10 years prison time instantly... May cause confusion with new players who are unfamiliar with it. Also, there are no server wide guidelines for weapon checker usage. If implemented for PD, I'd highly recommend a comprehensive section in PD handbook of when it can be used.
  12. Out of curiosity, do you guys think he broke FearRP in the video? I posted it above. Don't think it matters but was just curious.
  13. Jack you were one of the best members of State there was. I remember when we were up and coming command and Gaur was testing who should be head FTO. You've been here since the beginning. You'll be missed.
  14. +support On 2nd thought, he didn't see me with my gun and I didn't announce it. As the reporter, I don't want him warned.
  15. Yeah, I wanted you Will for felony evasion because your car was ditched after felony fleeing. Wasn't there for this situation though...