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  1. +Support he can appeal in accordance with rules and based on info it should be removed
  2. wait, are you saying "you have no reason to lie" or "why are you lying"?
  3. Fame added me but before I could accept I was permabanned. I decided to make my profile public now for everyone to see. I can also talk with any staff members via voice at any time. Just so happened that I was busy at that specific time.
  4. Edit: I'm just going to remove this as their have been recent developments.
  5. Steam Name: [GL] Jerry Ingame Name: Crease GSC, MSGT Crease 1C34, FBI SNR SA Crease KGB35, Head Para Crease P4, Crease T3R PVT, Crease King SteamID: STEAM_0:1:456500954 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Matthew in-game and Fame on TS. Reason for Ban: Blacklist Proof from Staff: Failure to add Fame on steam in a timely fashion when requested. My Side: I have ABSOLUTELY no affiliation with this blacklisted minge. Fame's steam Request was immediately accepted after I was banned. We are still friends. You can view my profile I talked with Matthew on discord for voice recognition. And can talk to any staff on discord/TS. Only 1 in-game warn, 0 strikes in FBI/EMS/PD and 200+ hours. on the server. I am sorry for making this situation more difficult for staff--that's the last thing I want. For y'all that read this far, I appreciate you guys the most. If you have any clarifying questions comment them.
  6. Name: Crease Rank: ADV PARA WHY DO YOU THINK YOU DESERVE TO STAY IN THE DEPARTMENT?: I'm the most fun person to do a ride-a-long with, a wicked driver, and never leave a dead man behind. ANY CHANGES YOU WANT IN EMS?: Implement EMS tac-unit. #BRINGBACKALEX
  7. +Support Most active PD low command I'm aware of. Definitely deserves Major.
  8. Ello, My name is Crease and I'm Jewish. I play on EMS (you'll know it's me because I take 20 minutes to revive), SGT on PD, SA on FBI and I'm in GSC family. The server has been fun so far and I'm excited to play on it!
  9. Thank u igneous for getting on PRP. You r the best.



  10. Big +1 As a low ranking PD member, Matthew has always been their to help. He doesn't neglect anyone in PD, is extremely level-headed and fair, good leader and role model and is consistently active.