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  1. Agreed the app could use some work which is going to make this a +/- support to a minus support. I would like to see in your app you know what you're going to be doing! The app also shows us how much dedication and effort you are willing to put in the server!
  2. + MAJOR SUPPORT - Active PD & Active Community member - Active in TS3 & Forums - Leader on the job - VERY Mature - Good ideas for the department - A LOT of time and experience - Last but not least. VERY DEDICATED! Note: I believe you deserve this rank without a doubt! Good Luck ~ Noah Jimes PD SM
  3. +/- Support - Friendly/Approachable - Decent Application - Becoming more forum active - Semi-Active - Petty / Revengeful Warns - High Warns Note: Haven't seen you in game much. Your forum activity is low. I say become more active in TS3, in-game, and on forums and this could be a +support. I just see you having no reason to be dedicated to the community.
  4. +Support - Very Active - Good App - (Few Grammar Mistakes) - Friendly/Approachable - Low Forums Activity Note : Good Luck I Think You Deserve a Chance!
  5. + Support As i have seen this request many times in the past it is always shut down by JMT/SMT. As this is only a Semi-Serious server speed is not a priority as explained in the past
  6. Welcome!!!! Hope to see y'all on soon!
  7. Good luck! Hope those warns are from the old you not the same you!
  8. + Support - Active - Mature - 1 Warn - Could have more forum post (11 Post When I Made This) - Parts in Application are wrong (STEAM ID) - Question 16 Could Use Some Work! Note: Minor Spelling Errors (Spell Check Your Application In The Future Good Luck! It only takes about a week to prove yourself! If you improve on just 2 of these you got yourself a +support from me but for now I'd take the criticism and grow from it!
  9. It's not that we think you won't be a good staff member it's that we need you to take the information of what these people are giving to you and improve on them. This can easily change someones mind and turn around to give you a +SUPPORT
  10. + MAJOR Support - Very Active/Dedicated - Very Mature/Approachable - Great Application - Helpful on and off duty! - Handles Staff Sits VERY Well - Very Organized