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  1. Druzz

    Druzz Resignation.

    I'll pop on every now and then and we can best us like we always use too
  2. Druzz

    Druzz Resignation.

    You and krimson
  3. It's time that I ultimately resign and I have been attempting to put off the inevitable. I began with ru off a transfer from the us from seeing how terribly ran it was and how disorganized it was. I regret nothing and I love ru I would like to thank everyone that worked together with me as I climbed the ranks. Matress. Great commander dedicated and future Goa Reborn. Best gen Tempest. Greatest mp commander ever. Cat: Hated u at first then we became good friends Richard. Refuses to see I am the greatest helicopter pilot to ever live. Rook. You did it buddy core is finally active Green: Spetsnaz= Awg: Mr Voice guy. Nevmis: Great di bad sniper Tagoon : I don't know Krimson one of two people that's an og from when I first joined And last but not least Magpull and jug. I have no clue how I would have fixed my kd without you guys. I will be on every now and then once I replace the fan in pc (it broke)
  4. Did you guys ever get to the sending client info screen and just crash it's been happening for 2 days and it never did this tried deleting and reinstalling gmos and everythinf
  5. https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php
  6. If a game launches with DLC its nothing but a chopped up money grabbing incomplete game. Atleast in my opinion
  7. Druzz

    Cat's Resignation

    I lost nearly 100-200 mil on the old tables. I'll missing bugging you every 2 minutes with my flipped quads or broken helicopters
  8. I have been super inactive to the tenth power since about september 7 when school started. I will still be unable to be active until october 5th. I have to do a bunch of stuff for school to be able to go to 11th grade next year. I failed all my 9th grade classes cause of a surgery. I have to do 10th and 9th grade classes and I'm still trying to figure everything out and I don't have time for gmod right now
  9. Druzz

    Druzz loa

    Roster says 9/26 it only until 9/16
  10. Druzz

    Druzz loa

    I'm super busy now that school started back up and I have alot of After school stuff as Well and I can't be as active as is like to I will be on loa until September 16
  11. Bro mw2 gamechat was brutal especially when I was a 6 year old squeaker
  12. Mw2 is so good I've been playing the backwards compatible one recently it's a shame they don't make games like that anymore. It's kinda sad that theirs no kids in gamechat though because they all grew up. I remember the countless arguments back when I was a six year old. Kids today couldn't hold their own in a mw2 lobby today
  13. Druzz

    Candy Van Hoax

    Hey matricies is a legitimate candy dealer he said that he had cinnabon frosting but i had to suck it out of my tube with my eyes closed . Sure enough after bout 4 or 5 minutes cinnabon frosting came out it was a tad bit salty however. @Matricies.
  14. Druzz

    Timed XP

    +/-support 500 xp is so small in xp once you get to level 70+ however it could be a start