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  1. So coming up to you and respectfully asking you to ask for my consent before picking me up instead you didn't me to speak you said i don't wanna hear it from you. So in return i yelled to make sure you understood that you pissed me off. In what form is that disrespect? if anything i just see the evidence of you abusing me and silencing my voice. And lol im slowing things down how am i slowing things down yall just decided to pop out of nowhere with a 6 year anniversary. If anything that slowed yall down from progress. But glad to know you're Agmnagka or whatever your name is. Finally found out the person behind the name that baton abused me and my two troopers as well as falsely arrested my trooper. But thats old news.
  2. I agree talk to texas about this as well. he would know as much as me cus we are always with eachother
  3. lol you're such a prude boo Honestly you all are my enemy you all are truly corrupt and completely misguided by rank. Dont talk to me or like you say to me all the time. DM me not in a public channel Cus honestly i liked you you where a chill dude up until now
  4. I like to consider this as a wakeup call. How many people did we just lose from HC due to corruption? thats all im gonna say. I don't care for this ban lift. I've moved on to another game so. When im ready to come back to the server i will but honestly i dont see myself coming back ever until i see a lot more new faces. Corrupt on kids
  5. Agreed and as I stated above the situation was taken care of, but blocking someone when they're trying to send you evidence when all you do is ask me to back up the incidents. That's a part of what i am talking about, i just feel like you guys silence my voice. I was sending you extra evidence and my stated opinions. To me when you blocked me thats you telling me that you didn't care. I understand you have school i do believe i was going to send you a message after my last one that i'm sorry if i spammed you just giving you some extra info instead my message was highlighted red and a notification of me being blocked popped up. And like i stated to you before I am not a disrespectful person nor do i ever disrespect in any form unless if i am disrespected first or someone around me. In return you muttered yea yea, okay , okay whatever and then left the teamspeak channel. like you didn't want to assist or help me in the process at all.
  6. Hey b sorry for the confusion. It’s a form that’s stating why my command restriction should be lifted. Actually it’s pretty much both.
  7. So in response to invaliff the commander position wasn’t given to me because the owners mother ended up getting breast cancer so he closed down the server. Like I stated to many people I love the server which is why I’m still around giving it now it’s 4th chance. The only reason why I called you a cunt because I brought you evidence and what did you do? Read my messages of evidence ignored them and blocked me because you didn’t want to deal with it. Like I stated I brought incidents to both you and science and you both ignored my voice in help. It even shows the evidence of you blocking me so you don’t have to deal with the situation. And since you want to attempt to tamper with evidence to better your side of the story here’s the real picture. Not to mention you called me coming to you for help and support HARASSMENT! As for calling your SMT a cunt can you show me “evidence” of me doings that Plage left for the same reason corruptness with higher ups as well as the people that left behind him. Where is the evidence of the “derogitory names” I called your SMT??? Because last time I checked the only things I said towards him where correcting him on how I resigned from was wasn’t a resignation of leaving because “things didn’t go my way. So just play scenario in your head. You yourself deal with the abuse of your troopers and yourself everyday. Bring it up to admins and higher ups only to be read and ignored (science) read, ignored and blocked (invaliff) and you decide to take action yourself because at this point you’re fed up with the abuse of everyone. You guys didn’t even take care of the BG incident Spike did. You know the BG that threatened death to me and my troopers. Or did you not read that far into my description above like you do with every other complaint message? The only form of administration that might’ve helped me and I thank him for that was stormz I kept him up to date on everything the abuse I went through within the span of this week. He understands what I mean and what I went through. As to Campbell... what does maturity have anything to do with making a ban lift request? Enlighten me... Actually this is a good example of a biased opinion, I can guarantee you that you did not read a single thing I type instead you quoted invaliff and wrote “not mature” so in order to do a command ban lift request we have to have a level of maturity? I’m quite sure honestly that majority of these responses will be biased and negative because invaliff and science have friends in HC like science stated. You didn’t even have the common sense or decency to tell me I was command banned. Brought that up to science which was read and ignored. it took for me to find that through another player tht I was command banned you only messaged me it because you where put in the wrong for not letting someone know something WHEN it had something TO DO WITH THEM. Instead you kept me blocked for another 30 mins then unblocked me and messaged me. 454B5AD7-B10D-4A44-82CA-7E3BE6F2BF9B.MP4 EBB89513-A38C-4FEF-9F65-581D51C4B7A4.MP4 8916434C-8604-4C11-90DF-F3DA694A66F1.MP4
  8. Hellla misclicked on my answer without double checking sooooooooo i +Suppot Would make an excellent commander for the 5th
  9. Steam Name: |BB|~CYpher Ingame Name: 104th ARC COL Raven 3223 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53452957 Ban Length: 2 Months Admin that Banned you: Grand General Invaliff Reason for Ban: HC Disrespect Dispute: So for the past 4-5 weeks me and my troopers of the 104th have been constantly targeted at for abuse, let it be Administration abuse (picking up of Physgun and thrown across the room) not only do i have countless witnesses to that but it has been an issue towards the 104th for this span of 4-5 week. For Example i recently got back from a Week long LOA and come back to RP as a R2 unit to sell myself to a battalion for I had no exact clue on how to get myself into a battalion so i thought about it as movie wise (Tusken Raiders) do they ask permission before selling a droid? No they just sell them after collecting them. Not once was i warned or requested to leave instead i was picked up and thrown across the room, i came back and requested to be treated with respect as I treat you with respect with that being said i was then baton abused by the head admin and falsely arrested. Doing some time in jail 5th Fleet McCree pops up and asks why i'm in here i told him my story, the Senior Admin was then requested to come here looked at McCree and said to him i'm not talking about this nor do i care about this looked at me and said the same thing picked me up with his Phys gun threw me back in jail No clipped to the button (off duty) and locked me in. Weeks of abuse I have dealt with i have tried working the chain of command but my voice is always silenced and ignored as well as my troopers. I brought further incidents up to the head admin about administration abuse and baton abuse 4 days ago. those where read and ignored. I'll try and get that proof below. A week ago a Reserved BG threatened death to me and my boys for no reason all we where doing was marching to the sim room to claim a sim to train and he sectored the room off and threatened us. A CT COMMANDER took care of that situation and talked to the guy instead of a HC or Admin (correct me if wrong please) I treat my battalion as a family, these guys aren't troopers to me or randoms I meet online if you're in my battalion you're Family to me, you're a brother or a Sister. For the past 4-5 weeks i had to witnesses threats to not only me but my troopers, HC falsely accusing my troopers of using Vulgarity on the forums without actually Investigating before hand. This threatening issue escalated into Discord towards me of being threatened to be striked without that said person not even attempting to investigating the situation instead coming in guns blazing threatening my troopers with PT and Demotions and Me with a strike for causing drama when it was HC that caused the incident. I simply and respectfully asked that common sense and decency to be used in situation like that (pulling me aside or a trooper aside to attempt to find out the situation and think of a solution) instead like always OUR voices where silenced by the corruption of titles and ranks. I wouldn't be "disrespectful" If i was respectfully pulled aside and asked what the situation was and what was taking place, or if someone just asked for my consent to pick me up and put me in a different location instead it's a I don't want to talk to you about this and throw me across the room. I had an incident with a commander a few weeks ago that wont be named where he ran into my tryouts and immediately started screaming at me. In return i did yell and stated my reason why i yelled, i said if you just had any common sense and decency to pull me aside and talk to me instead of coming into my training yelling at me in front of my troopers the incident could've been avoided and nobody would be heated. HE LISTENED TO WHAT I HAD TO SAY and told me "You're right and i do apologize for that and we talked about the situation and that was that. Overall I'm fed up with the abuse and use of rank over everyone. I have troopers, commanders, HC, EX HC, EX Commanders and old troopers that used to play on this server that agreed with the statements i have made regarding the abuse that me and my boys have had to deal with. They agreed i was given an unfair trial and response to my 2 Month Command Ban and agreed that my and my troopers voices where silenced and ignored. My CPT was banned and blacklisted for defending his commander when multiple administration and HC came into discord threatening removal, consequences, bans and strikes towards me because I was tired of my voice being ignored, he was perma banned from discord and the server for doing what a loyal trooper should do. Yea i used profanity to defend my statements, No it was not appointed towards anyone other then what they said that in my eyes saw disrespectful and harmful towards me and my boys. If anything I am guilty for taking a stand and defending what i believe in was right and defending myself and my troopers from this abuse. I have messages from an admin agreeing with me that i shouldn't have to go through such abusive when i was proven innocent and not a threat to anything. I know i'm not a likeable person I can name a few people that i have a negative history with on this server because i kicked them out of the 104th for making us look bad (mingeing, SMT Disrespect, Jedi dis, Player dis, RDM, you name it) Higher command because I took my stand and corrected false accusations and comments towards me and my resignation from wolffe. Administration im sure at least 3-4 of yall have it out for me because of the abuse towards me and the refusing to listen or read my messages in game and in discord for assistance of said abuse. But overall like i stated before you guys aren't my friends you are my family my GL family which is why I continuously refuse to give up on this server. And as i stated yea i'm not a likeable person i can be a dick it just depends on how you approach me and my 104th boys. I'm usually always majority of the time a respectful person towards anyone. The only time i take defensive actions is when someone disrespect my trooper or any trooper in my presence or just disrespects me in general. I could continue with my abuse events that me and the 104th had to go through but i don't want to write a book on this forums post. I just ask that you guys hear my voice, my story and give me a fair trial for this command restriction. Not everyone is perfect yea i have my ups and downs. But at the end of the day we're all family. That's all i have to say and i only ask to vote what you think i deserve to be voted with.
  10. +ULTRA MAGOR GODLIKE SUPPORT My boy you have proven to me that you have what it takes to be an amazing leader, an amazing trooper, knowledge within many amazing aspects. from PVT-CPT i have assisted you grow into the trooper you are today and look at you now. A damn good leader. You have my support as a vote to become a commander and you have my support in officer form.
  11. Name: 104th Commander Wolffe 3636/ 104th ARC COL Raven 3223 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53452957 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) 104th Commander Wolffe 3636 (Raven) Why do you want to be a general?: I want to become to General so that i can share the knowledge I have now to not only better the troopers but the future troopers they any battalion acquires, to bring my expertise to all the troopers that i will encounter to make them the true troopers I and themselves know they can be. I wish to become a General become I want to bring some more structure to the Ranks and the server to assist and make this server how i remembered it to be when i first joined as a PVT. I in my heart don't feel as my mission is not complete until i have done everything on my list to strengthen not only the 104th but all the battalions. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I should be trusted because i have proven to be a damn good trooper from PVT-MAJ, an outstanding Commander that knows what it takes to lead and create and elite set of troopers, and now my mission is to do the same to each and every battalion that I assist on this new possible upcoming adventure on this server. In my eyes my mission as Commander wolffe has been completed, i did what i needed to do and built an elite battalion with amazing troopers. The choice is you, the readers to vote me to become the next General. I trust that all of you will cast a vote weather it be a yes or a no. One of my Motto's are "Always room for improvements". How often can you be online?: Online almost everyday or as much as i can. Honestly depends on my wife's mood and how late work wants to keep me. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: 1
  12. -MEGA No Support Completely nerfs the 104th, might as well call us a donator battalion cus take our 2 most inhabited classes might as well get rid of the 104th off the server or not meaning to sound like a dick or battalion dis “the new 501st” if this gets passed. Sure you give us flame trooper but think of the friendly fire, the spread of the fire. The anger of everyone not just the other battalions but us the 104th as a battalion. You’ll also be fucking over the 38th cus they most likely won’t get jugger. I feel like this whole idea was thought more about attack battalions then defense. While the 104th and all the others are to defend. Let alone not to mention the 104th recently just did a mission where we did exactly what the attack battalions couldn’t do mainly because they didn’t think about sending a defense down to take care of a defensive situation. Won’t lie I went against orders on that but hey we got the job done. Mainly because we had HEAVYS AND MEDICS. In my opinion the only battalion that will benefit from this possibly is the 501st possibly 41st. Every defense battalion will plummet to nothing. Won’t lie, really pissed off reading this. As well as this shows the proof that I have been trying to show to some people that the 104th TRULY IS THE LESS THOUGHT OF BATTALION on this server. We had to fight for everything we have now and not once but now twice someone’s trying to take it away from us. That’s all I can say and think of. I don’t support this at all. Maybe only for the 501st.
  13. Job Name: 104th Juggernaut Model Path: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361936190 Weapon Kit: A Z6 Rotary Blast, Default Pistol, DC-15S, A portable shield that i'll be posting a link of below https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=663787240&searchtext=Deployable+shield Health: 450 Armor: 200 Description (Optional): A juggernaut is a mixed class weather it's Attack or Defense, depending on the scenario you use it in. We the 104th as a defense battalion would greatly appreciate the approval of a juggernaut class for extra support in defense. The class will indeed be hard to get into and not just handed to someone. I myself 104th Commander Wolffe 3636 will put each and every trying out trooper through an intensive tryout to get accepted into this class. We see it as a good addition to the Republic's defense force due to the lack of defense numbers. The Juggernaut equipped with a lethal heavy Z6 rotary blaster in the arms of a well trained trooper of course, a DC-15S for close up fast quarters combat, a Deployable shield for far distance, let alone making it an Amazing defense mechanism for civilians if caught in battle crossfire, and last but not least a traditional default pistol. I would love RPG's added to the class but i don't want it too be too buffed out and overkill. Moving on with that said the 104th would love and appreciate your support in the addition of a 104th Juggernaut Trooper class to assist and strengthen our defense force. I appreciate those that took the time to read this and hope to get your vote! ? -104th Commander Wolffe 3636 And The 104th Troopers
  14. [GG] CYpher

    Fix the 104th.

    - Support Equality should be for all battalions. This is like us saying take away all of your specialised classes because you guys are recon/mobile regiment. Take away your medic, heavy, etc. The 104th has a voice, we are aloud to have anything everyone else has depedning on if it's lore friendly. AS well what im getting from this post is a Sniper is'nt a Defensive class? When we the 104th are a DEFENSIVE BATTALION. As well as heavy is defensive.