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  1. He resigned yesterday or 2 days ago i believe i'm sorry i'm tired i forgot already.
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 104th ARC MAJ Raven WL 3223 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to be a commander for the 104th to continue the legacy that China has built for it and to better it in the areas it fails to succeed in. To train my NCO’s and CO’s how and what it takes to be a commander so that when my time has come to retire they will be ready. Commanding is in my blood as cheesey as it sounds their is nothing more satisfying then building something from the foundation up and to stand back and watch it prosper. I want to be a commander to give people an experience of RP they won’t forget. As well to bring my expertise to build the 104th up even further to be the most active battalion on the server. Not only active, but structured battalion meaning disrespect of any form is not welcome in my battalion, ongoing I have the vision to not only be active in numbers but to be active in activity, weather it be trainings, sims, tryouts, battalion inspection etc. I want to give everyone the RP feeling that I got from my first commander I’ve ever had from the 5 years of me being a part of the SWRP community. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose for a commander in a branch is to build a fortress. Put into terms as a building. Your Commander and your CO’s are your foundations, as for your NCO’s they’re your walls, enlisted are just additional pieces set to the side waiting to be built up and educated with the knowledge of what it takes to lead, be mature, get structured, and learn some life lessons in the process. A commanders Job is too look after his troopers and make sure not only their well being is okay but just everything in general. Teaching is the main purpose for a commander because without the most important piece of the foundation, it might as well just not be a building. A commanders purpose is to be an example. That is what I think is the purpose of a commander is. 7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : You should trust me to be the commander for the 104th because I know what it takes to be a commander. From the time I have joined the 104th I have shown my dedication, my loyalty, my drive to not only assist my fellow troopers but to assist my commander with my ideas to assist in the journey to better the 104th. I have shown i know what it takes to be a leader and lead a battalion into battle and come out with a successful mission complete. I have the drive to do good and make something amazing into something as great as it can possibly be. I have a specific system that I like to do to command a battalion and not a lot of people take things as serious as I do when it comes to commanding and the reputation of something that is trusted to me. I think I am a perfect candidate for the commander position for the 104th. I am a dedicated person to the things I start and I started dedicating since day one when I joined the 104th as a Private. At the rank of PV2 when my NCO’s didn’t lead me and made no effort to command so with common sense I took action and began to command. And I continued to do that until my current rank Major and have built some troopers to who they are today, as did I fail but as the saying is you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I am confident in my abilities and am confident in myself to lead the 104th. The decision is in your hands, yes or no my loyalty and dedication will always be with the 104th. Everyone’s time comes in time. That why I think you guys the SWRP Gaming light community as well as my fellow 104th brothers should trust me with the 104th commander position. I appreciate those who took the time to vote and read my application. 8. How often can you be Online? : As much as I can be online, depending on work and the attitude of my wife. Work I have a weird unset schedule but I can definitely dedicate my time to the server to further build the 104th and make my commander proud as he made me proud to call him my commander. 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have 1 warning sadly and it was for player dis. Nothing too big I stated an incident that upset me in the past and I called the character a jackass. In all honesty I had a really bad day with the new finding knowledge of the cancer that was found in my grandmother and not having the chance to vent to anyone about the situation so I lashed out. As well as a false warn for player dis on PoliceRP that was ridiculous that’s as far I’ll go on that. And another for taser rushing on PoliceRP because that was my first time ever playing PoliceRP and I was not properly trained or taught about taser rushing. But relatively I’m a chill person, I am a serious RP’er so I’m usually always in character.
  3. It is an honor to rank you as the second best commander to ever command me. I’d rank you 1 but that person is longer living. -MAJ Raven
  4. 1. What is your ingame name?:  104th 1LT ARC Raven WL 3223 2. Rank within the 104th?: First Lieutenant 3. What qualities do you think a Major of the 104th should have?: A Major should have already shown you the qualities of his dedication and loyalty by the time he as already became a SGT because that is when a trooper truly takes the oath to become a leader and to honor not only himself but his battalion and fellow troopers. A Major should have already possess the structure as a PVT to prove he has what it takes to follow orders and expand positivity to the reputation of the battalion he is in. A Major should have the quality of a ready whenever attitude that accepts all challenges no matter how stupid, little, difficult, retarded that said command should be. A Major should have the qualities to have a eye out for anything that needs improvement not only on himself but his surroundings and the battalion he supports and be at the ready to assist with those changes at any given time. A Major should have the quality to offer his time to the battalion to not only strengthen and better it but to improve its foundation and create walls for future foundations, think about a tower. Your commanding officers are the foundations. An NCO is your walls, and your enlisted are the equipment on the side ready to take in the knowledge you have to offer. A Major should have a strong level of maturity and knowledge within leadership and battle strategies. Without these qualities and more a Major isn’t a Major, he’s simply just a trooper who’s ready to take in said knowledge so that one day he can achieve the rank of Major for the 104th. 4. Why should you be a Major of the 104th?: I should be a Major for the 104th because not only have I shown my dedication to my Commanding officers, commander, Non commissioned officers and enlisted. I have given my loyalty, my knowledge, my structure, my heart to this battalion and to the troopers that are a part of it. I proven myself not only in battle, Officer structure, NCO structure and Enlisted structure. I have proven to be a perfect candidate for a position as a Major for the 104th. Not just in battle but in down time improving my troopers and my leadership skills. By taking in further knowledge I have gained from a specific group of commanders I have chosen to shadow and learn from a distance. I have shown the qualities I stated above for this position. The way I see things you can only get better the farther you advance and the more effort you put into yourself and the way you lead and hold yourself. I am a perfect example of a Major.  5. Should you be trusted? If so, explain: Yes, I do believe I should be trusted. I’m not going to explain it though I’m simply just going to say this. In time of battle when nobody else is handing out orders. Who is going to be the first CO that comes to your mind when a leadership Role is in dangerous need of filling to get the mission complete? Who will be the commanding officer you want to learn your structure, battle strategy, and most importantly to LEAD from? The choice is yours weather or not you trust me. Like I said it before yes or no I will always see room for improvement in myself. So a yes or no answer doesn’t mean anything to me. Only improvement and the well-being, structure and knowledge of my troopers and those around me matters.  6. Timezone:  PST (California)  7. How often can you be on?:   As active as the 104th needs me depending on work schedule and wife’s attitude. I’m just a steam/discord message away. Even if I can’t get on I’ll assist in any way possible.
  5. Don’t make me regret saying yes. Prove to me you mean everything on this application. PS you remind me of myself so that’s how I know you will be a great officer
  6. +1 I think it would be a good addition to the server. Just need gamemasters to give them the opportunity to do tryouts and not start a event during the tryouts.
  7. This was posted before you came and started to explain and defuse the situation. As for elapin he came said one thing which was that I called someone dumbass and disappeared. So my guess is possibly the person I called dumbass was his friend unknown but it’s a possibility
  8. This is what you guys call “player dis” to the 4th degree? Say 4 sentences get falsely Mingified and disrespected by 2 Mods. Steve is good he's doing his job.
  9. I was told by your admin steve i could use @ to communicate cus i was mingified. Let alone you sir where aggrssive towards me when you TP'ed to me with the tone in your voice. Also i said you guys abused me 2 times. And besides the person i called a dumbass who else did i disrespect? Enlighten me.
  10. Questions Your In-game: Sandborne Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53452957 The admin's name in-game:Steve and Elapin The admin's steam name (If you know it):N/A What warning did you receive: Player dis without the chance of a defence Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): [AWarn] You have been warned by [GL] Elapin: Player diss +4/Minge/Appeal On gaminglight Forums [AWarn] Type !warn to see a list of your warnings. Trial Moderator| Staff Man Elapin: !warn CYpher Player diss +4/Minge/Appeal On gaminglight Forums Why do you think this warn was false: The warn is true but the punishment is unfair because i was not given a chance to defend myself from the situation. I further tried to investigate but was mingified for 20 mins. Never have i ever been treated with that much disrespect from staff before. And when i asked what i was accused of i was falsely accused of more thing that i did not say. Still wasnt given a fair trial or a chance to state my defense. Was flat out warned and mingified. Any extra information: Steve was up to talking to me about the situation elapin put extremely very little effort to defuse or fix the situation. Still none of them have bothered to come and talk to me and explain what was the 4 things i was accused of saying for "Player Dis" An admin of the name Smoke came and attempted to difuse the situation but just said " Go to the forums"
  11. As much as I respect you I personally do not think you are at Major ranking potential as of yet. From your trooper to you you need to absolutely work on communication within your troopers. You do posses the behavior and structure a Major has but you need to take control in events more Wichita I hardly ever see you do. Its a No for me. But I hope that someday you do.
  12. 1. What is your ingame name?: 104th CSM W Raven 3223 2. Rank within the 104th?: CSM 3. What speciality do you think a officer of the 104th should have. An officer should posses the traits of honor, integrity, respect, loyalty, and structure. A will to do the right thing at all time and know when it’s appropriate to have fun and when not to. A drive to get things running and efficient to make the thing he’s trying to get better, better then ever. 4. Why should you be a officer?: I should be an officer for the 104th because I have proven to the troopers and officers around me that I posses the discipline the honor and the structure an officer is to possess. I show loyalty to my battalion and my troopers but at the same time have no problem keeping those in line when doing wrong. I posses a structure that very few hold to themselves and don’t take mingeing likely for in my opinion ruins the reputation our commander holds and our battalion holds. And best believe the reputation and battalions reputation are my number one focus as well as getting our numbers up so that we can truly be the elite battalion on the server. 5. Should you be trusted? If so, explain: I should be trusted with this position because I have proven my loyalty and dedication to this battalion and proven that I mean business when it comes to the activity and behaviors of the 104th. As well as for having a drive to want to assist the improvements our commander is trying to input in this battalion.  6. Timezone:  PST I live in California.  7. How often can you be on?: As much as the battalion needs me. Just understand that my work schedule does not have set hours so it depends on my speed on getting my job done. Although weekends I am off and will always be active. Depending on my wife’s attitude of course.