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  1. Oxteru's Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:427489147 (the owner and buyer) Girlboy's Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:447986037
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:447986037 Steam Name: girlboy Issue: Just got my CC on reset, but two players are unable to get on the job. There's four of us, and two can use it fine, but the other two (me, the owner, and another friend) can't get on the CC. I made the purchases if that matters. And the spawn is a little buggy, as it sometimes spawns us in the admin room, but idk if that's a server thing, or because the class is relatively new. The other player's Steam name is Oxteru, and his Steam I.D: STEAM_1:0:427489147.
  3. In-Game Name: girlboy (owner) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:447986037 (owner i.d) Server: SCPRP Custom Job Name: Lovebabes Adding player - Elias Rock STEAM_0:1:437430879
  4. sorry first cc and didn't know, is the awp allowed at least? i've seen d class ccs with awps, so i'm pretty sure we can. also, what weapons classes *are* allowed on d class
  5. In-Game Name: girlboy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:447986037 Custom Job Branch (D-Class, MTF, Security, CI): D-Class Custom Job Name: Lovebabes Color of Job: RGB (191,0,0) Job Description: just imagine Model: (already in game) Model Path: models/player/hazmat/colorable_hazmat.mdl (i don't know how to include in the path what color the suit is or if it can be changed in game, but if it isn't able to be changed in game, make it a cyan color, which in RGB is 88, 224, 192) Usable: Medkit and Pro Keypad Cracker Weapons: Secondary: tfa_ deagle Primary: tfa_contender ADDITIONAL Players: In-Game Name: Oxteru STEAM_1:0:427489147 In-Game Name: Sky STEAM_0:1:201564055 Extra: 100 armor for $20 and a Pro Keypad Cracker for $20 TOTAL $160 Base - $80 Player Slots (2) - $40 Armor and Pro Keypad Cracker- $40
  6. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:447986037 DiscordID: msispleled#1646 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): Military How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? 8/10 in my opinion. I used to pretty frequently scroll through the SCP website and read them a lot, kind of a past time for me. Familiar with all in-game SCPs and branches of the Foundation. Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I am adaptable, dedicated, and take the server pretty seriously. I'm familiar with the ins and outs of the Foundation, and I work perfectly with others. An excellent listener, communicator, and leader. Also, as a donator, I joined a CI meeting as CI Heavy Bren and practiced formations, and talked with some higher ups (don't remember their names, 2B costume) fully aware that I wasn't yet a "real" member. I just wanted to get acquainted with what the Chaos Insurgency would be like in preparation for the future. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? My charming personality of course! No, but I do feel as if my teamwork, communication, and willingness to work is truly on its own. I enjoy working with others, and I rarely get frustrated and impatient with other players. I am dedicated to cohesion within the CI, and can give and take orders without hesitation. I trust in my superiors and will not mess about when business needs to get done. A reliable player, through and through. How active can you be? If I'm not busy, daily really. If I'm busy, then probably 4 days out of the week, and at worst every weekend. Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes.