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  1. In-game Name: RUAF ADF DSC Jesssy TS Name: Jesssy Faction: RUAF CMDR and DSC Rank: Commander (CMDR), Drill Sergeant Commander (DSC) Introduction: My name is Jesssy, people sing the intro of 'Hey Jessie' and that makes me laugh. My nickname are Jess, Jesssy. I dont have a lot of nicknames. I've been in GL since 3 months I think and I am commander for half a week. I was a young boy playing on gmod and one of my friends told me about the server, so I joined. Couple minutes later, I made it In the server and went to becoming a RU. Matricies I think trained me and I became an RU. I wanted to fly so bad so Matricies did tryouts for RUAF and I went to do the tryouts. I passed all of the training and I became a RUAF. I loved it so much that Matricies was a VCMDR when I was joining RUAF. Couple weeks later. I joined Drill Sergeants because I want to improve the popularity on the server. I made it and I loved the server. I made a lot of new friends. I made Matricies, L00l (I thought L00l was going to be a mingy person but no), Flame, Stalin, Awg and more. So I kept playing on the server and I became a 2lt. So I went to the officer meeting and they needed officers for RU core so I transferred. But I didn't like it that much so I told Matricies to transfer back to RUAF. So I became an RUAF and I stayed. We changed map and I was CPT I think when it happened. So I got promoted to LTC and waited a week. Kris resigned as the RUAF VCMDR and Matricies was by himself and we were both the active ones. I met shadow and we are best friends now and Matricies. Spencer that I didn't know about transferred to RUAF to help RUAF. Then I became a VCMDR. One week later, Matricies was BG and I needed to improve my activity, but I was so busy with volleyball. One week later, Spencer resigned and I became CMDR fir the RUAF. It's hard because I dont have a VCMDR and the Branch is inactive expect 2 of them. And I became a Drill Sergeant Commander and JOHN DIDNT GIVE ME THE ROSTER YET. But I got L00l do to it for me. Well that was my life of playing GL. All my best friends are from Gl and they are L00l, Flame, Stalin, Matricies, Rook, Funkey, Richard, Awg, Shadow, Spencer, Reborn, Bobby, SnookieBear, Scoot, RAC, Ace and John. (Sorry if i didnt say your name)
  2. Jesssy


    RU has way better guns and us has rage quit. We dont.
  3. HUGE +support -Very very friendly -Funny -Not mingy -Listen to orders -Could be a great leader ❤ RUAF CMDR Jesssy
  4. @SyrupNo I mean I that I will put more effort if I do another application
  5. +Support -Not mingy -Nice person -Kinda a great leader if you wanna say
  6. @RookNÒOOOOOOO WHY. I knew you were resigning but didn't know if it was today. Damn this is sad. Now a lot of people are leaving Mil to join another server. Man. I'm crying I'll replace your furry
  7. The biggest +Support -He deserves it because he could be a good leader.
  8. Will do if I do another application
  9. 1. what Is your In-game Name: US 1SG Jesse 2. What Is your current rank? 1SG 3. Who would like to see you as a Ranger? (Two Officer's): Nova and Smith 4. Why should we trust you with being a Ranger? (This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I am really nice, I'm not mingy and I take stuff really serious. I think stuff seriously. 5. Why do you want to be a Ranger? (50 Words Min.): I want to become a Ranger because I want to prove myself that I am not wrong and lead my teammates to battle and win. I would love to becoming a Ranger because it looks cool in my opinion but mostly to lead my teammates to battle and win even if we lose, we will win the next war. 8. What is your Timezone?: CT, Central time 9. How often can you be on? (How many days/hours a week): Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 5 hours. 10. Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes I am. 11. How many warns do you have?: 0 12. Do you have any Active strikes? No 13. Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way?: Yes
  10. +support -Active on the server and on TS -Nice guy -Not mingy -Funny to me