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  1. What rank are you in the support team division, and what is your staff rank? Support Admin What is your name? Chad B SteamID: STEAM_0:0:66578410  Why do you wish to continue to be apart of support (Minimum Of 50 Words) I love being part of the support team, helping somebody that doesn’t know quite what they doing or just needs some help. I’d say most the time I help people that need tags for training or just have general questions about the server. I feel like I am pretty experienced with the server and every aspect of it. This allows me to help people with a wide variety of issue and I enjoy doing it Do you promise to uphold all the support team rules? (Saying no will result in an immediate removal) Yes
  2. Denied! Little to no effort please reapply in a week
  3. To clear the air, I didn't create a PD tac unit....SRT SM Duv @cherry force trained a group of 5 officers how to clear building and stack up ect. We made it very clear they are still not allowed to go into tac situations if tac units are online. The PD tac unit was said as a joke and other officers not part of the training changed their names and were minging around, as a result I demoted 3 officers along with holding a meeting right after. I NEVER gave perms to let any PD be a tac unit, One officer on radio said i gave permission for that which is a complete lie and im yet to find out that officers name
  4. Accepted! come speak with an FTO to get trained or me FTOs are on the roster
  5. Chad B

    PD meeting 11/12/18

    It was around 2PM PST
  6. @Danny Muller that'a all him xD Thank you! I really appreciate support from other departments