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  1. 2 New factors New manager who actually is taking part in helping the community Punch of new interesting addons This what got us new players not the fact we switched the map to a old and shitter one John just needs to stop ignoring it because it wont go away and god forbid if new map is terrible there are going to be riots
  2. Wrex

    OMON Nerf

    What you want to see? - OMON/INSCOM ( I havent seen INSCOM get any insane weapons or do any of this but i think they can again noone god damn knows) Why should we add it? - Because giving away something for free which other players have already paid for is dumb What are the advantages of having this? - Ok so many CCs have this same Layout the USAS and an AUG or something similar you can see it on most classes Aces combat class, the NATO soldier, Navy SEAL and RU Sky knight and many more so if we just give this to OMON then whats the point of paying for a CC when you can just easily spend 30 mins making an app and getting it that way. Also its kinda dumb they can just "infiltrate" US base which is against the rules but they just say "nah we OMON" they have no guidelines saying what they can and cant do or anything which also confuses players and staff. If you bring an OMON to a sit they just say my class allows me to break rules its just dumb in my opinion. Who is it mainly for? - Donators Links to any content - N/A
  3. Wrex

    Can i have this?

    Well there goes my navy
  4. Wrex

    Can i have this?

    OK so on your format it says Addition car for $50 and + $30 for not being on server It requires a second addon to work im wondering if this is allowed and how much it will affect the price. Vehicle i want added - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975506888&searchtext=Boats Secondary addon needed - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=218869210
  5. We arent just navy we are fishy bois we die without water
  6. I love seeing the glitches in trailers makes me so hyped for my minging xD
  7. A: Thought rockets were removed B: This is Rad3c he put a 3 in his name because he specikal he dont need a reason C. Why does C and : next to each other create a weird face it has broken my list now
  8. Nah Fam miss my with that gay shit
  9. You gey if there is more body then face in face reveal
  10. Name: Wrex Rank: Master Minger Questions: I did this too late?
  11. After reading thought his SWRP TMOD App Its almost a direct copy just changing the name of the server in #14. Its not plagiarism if its your own work but it just shows your down right lazy. -Support Too lazy to re write his app Not seen on server much
  12. +/- Support Not that active Good app
  13. Yes he was blacklisted and it must be bad if Kenny blacklisted him but its been 2 years. PS if the reason was attempted DDOSIng the server properly dont unban
  14. Yep and it aint waking from a coma until we get some water in our maps