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  1. nooiooooo ps I was the Marshall nerd
  2. Your one to speak +\- support ban deserved but you are dedicated
  3. What you want to see? - Gov custom jobs having to have a sop approved by SMT, and be set to a goal - be like FBI, SWAT, or PD, not all of those combined Why should we add it? - more RP, requires custom gov jobs to follow a set of rules THEY make, so they still get freedom, but they actually HAVE rules, not just a them running and doing anything, but actually doing a task they have set based on their job (ex; Black ops helps do stealth, NASA helps NSA and BSI with surveillance, etc) What are the advantages of having this? - more rp, realistic jobs Who is it mainly for? - Gov cc Links to any content - n/a
  4. Vcmdr is a hard rank to get, especially if ur not ARC
  5. I’m going to fully and finally be leaving GL for a few reasons, mainly school, but I’ll list a few names of decent people Soul: good dude Sassi: Coolio Campbell & 91st: execute order 99 remember that JPN: Cool no mic Senior and Rhenic: NOTN buddy’s Mikedagamwhore: Funny memes divide: You understanding man everyone on SWRP who earned their ranks through patience and went one rank at a time, and never got handed ranks ( very few people) Nolan and Gwoor and Snorlax nimo tcoops sorry if I forgot u now for reasons I’m leaving 1. Neglect of SWRP. Some things were half assed or not even done. 2. Toxic people. Everyone on SWRP were dicks to each other, power Hungary, only wanted things for themselves, and everyone’s personality clashed a lot. Way too stressful. 3. Favoritism. A lot of people were handed ranks without valid reason, especially on SWRP, and most people who did it were dicks about it. Ill garuntee ( this is a example), every ARC CPT+ skipped a few ranks. 4. Every rule put in place only apples to new players. People who are friends with high ranks get to skip rules like the 2 life rule. Super admins and above act like they are above normal players, and rather then interacting with us or helping, they usually only use powers for fun.( this is for all servers ) 5. Game master branch is corrupt. They let who they want into their branch, and when confronted they hand ranks. The majority of GMs don’t hold events and extensively abuse. Only a hand full of gms hold events and actually do shit. The branch itself is toxic towards SWRP. Every time I’m in one of their channels, they are trash talking someone, or some branch, but when it happens to them they cry. They are biased, and when confronted with proof of abuse, they don’t care. They think of themselves greatly and care little for others. 6. I don’t like the taste of Dick so I can’t rank up any higher. See you guys later!
  6. +support a lot of this is waiting to be added
  7. Most people saying he can’t be active on both have 2 lives + stuff on another server
  8. I will make a Minecraft parody in honor
  9. I once led mr valk on a chase for like 30 mind until I got bored
  10. Guys don’t heat in this, hotshot is just trying to help
  11. Name: urmum Why u should be Janitor ??!? I have many experience
  12. No it’s Daft “ uhh uh uhm sure?” Approved