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  1. Rest in pepperoni Just call if ya wanna minge and get banned like the old days - Love, Wrex - No homo
  2. He did say he deleted "gmos" and "everythinf" so i assume he has tried this
  3. Wrex

    MilitaryRP Survey

    I. Gameplay & Experiences Describe your experiences on Military in a single short sentence (not a paragraph.) Go to war shoot enemies shoot enough you get promoted have a laugh during down time or train then repeat What do you dislike about the Gameplay aspect of the server (More in the lines of gun play or other game mechanics.) Lack of transport we have a brand new massive map and im still using a shitty little quad to traverse it i want big jeeps and actual troop transport also guns just need a tiny touch up i mean the AUG is just again the go to weapon. What do you like about the gameplay aspect of the server? How do you think we can add to this or make it better? Honestly the new map has revived the server for me its actually got interesting areas to fight in instead of hill and crate combat What do you dislike about the role-play on the server? How can we change or fix this? Many of our players enjoy the laxed back attitude as long your not insulting or minging you fit in on this server so that is why many call it home. What do you like about the gameplay on the server? How can we improve this? In combat it feels like your actually fighting a battle instead of peak then shoot What do you like most about the server? The good balance of RP and fun RP is important but if you cant laugh once and awhile its not really gonna be fun What do you hate most about the server? Me not having a rank for King minge How do you think we can retain more player on the server? Active management: Alsher always kept quiet about his updates until last mintue and he rarely updated us but john is now actually posting stuff updating us improving the game play etc this is what brings in and keeps players If you could have one major addition to the server, what would it be? Better explosives the old rockets where a failure If you could remove anything from the server, what would it be? JUGGS: NOONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TRIPLE THERE HEALTH BECAUSE THEY PAIDED FOR IT II. Staff What do you like about the staff team? How can add to this to make it better? Most of lower staff are the best (TM - SM) they are kind, supportive and can take a joke when you start moving up the ladder they start to care alittle to much about there rank aka becoming stricter and less friendly and more succy to there master What do you dislike about the staff team? How can we fix this? We should have staff schedules and have it be more organised aka every 1 players there are required to be 1 staff on duty and during events there needs to be 3 or 4 when i come on i usually find that purple job to be empty or have 1 for about 50 people Do you believe more or less staff should be on at a time? Why?More read upper i cant copy and paste Do you believe staff sits are handled correctly? How so and how can we change this? They are fine straight to the point Do you think the staff team is friendly enough? In what ways and how can we improve this? Move staff should have a friendlier attitude especially with new players III. Community Do you feel like other members in the community are friendly? How do you think we can change this? Sometimes rivalries do form but they are often very small and rare Do you believe other members in the community are helpful to newer players? How can we improve this? Not a big issue most experienced players help those who are new and we have the DIs if they need them IV. Events Describe the current events in a brief statement. Events? We have events? What do you enjoy about events? How can we improve this aspect? I've only been in 1 event and it was just spammy mic spam face with a shit 2 min story What do you hate about events? How can we change this? More story and more intresting enemies dont just sit there with ya damn tool gun and turn on ya auto clicker Would you like events to happen more often or less frequently? More often peace times can be very sad Should events be role-play related or non role-play related? Role-play related as in we have our mission and we have a story for doing the event but not like drill events(aka we go to place we search place and event over) Should events happen on certain dates, randomly, or both? Both small events should just be random and big events should be scheduled V. Senior Management Do you feel as if management is trying to improve the server? Why? I mean if John was trying to kill the server he wouldnt be the fucking manager Do you feel like management engages with the community sufficiently? How can we improve this? John yes he is quite obviously trying his "hardest" other senior members like SAs and HAs and HOSs and STDs arent really engaging more just playing the server Do updates come to the server frequently enough? yEs
  4. Wrex

    Another Survey

    Yea our semi serious attutide is what makes us unique if we become full on seriousRP we would just be a shitter Icefuse server etc our player base is based off our semi laid back attitude
  5. I approve for him to be on my class
  6. Wrex

    Core Rolecall

    Format - Name: Wrex Rank: SGM Activity: Been daed for 3 weeks so inactive Any Concerns: How to un commit die
  7. Eyy We also started a community and attempted to steal members and half of us got unbanned so um yea +Support
  9. +Support Let me use big boi explosives
  10. -Support No Evidence Evidence is kinda required in these situations otherwise why should the admin believe this random man over a senior member of staff?
  11. Bro..................................I assume you mean where i said "That thing that increases damage" well yes i dont remember the name of some of the attachments with warface putting your attachments on are fast as hell press C and 3 quick clicks of each number and your done whereas on FAS guns like the Magpul There are quite a few sights, 3 suppressors, 1 grip and bipod and 2 ammo types, and the option for a lazer sight and honestly im not reading all the benefits these give me am I? Theres the simple ones like the ammo 1 increases damage but recoil and 1 reduces recoil whereas the sights and lazer sight have alot of different debuffs and im just saying if we DID have FAS the new soldiers might get confused about FAS
  12. Wrex

    Medic Exp

    Do you think officers look around for soldiers to promote when they fight they are focused on winning the battle not who the see doing good and recommendations may be random sometimes and thats due to that stupid "cant get promoted if ya dont recc" rule that US has RU doesnt have that however its more or less based off kills or real recommendations
  13. What really scares me is that second one that area of spray covers all of gas station and nearby sand. Also the skybox is way to low to be effective in a jet let alone be skillful
  14. Wrex

    Medic Exp

    All they have to do is open F4 and the skill menu is right there infront of them and i would bet a lot of PFCs are quite curious ive seen them ask in chat quite alot and your forgetting promotions are gotten from recommendations and if you are a medic who revives alot of people but dies because of dumb moves you'll still get a recommendation which encourages they to continue throwing themselfs in line of fire to revive a fallen man.
  15. Wrex

    Medic Exp

    Im not saying dumb plays is my reasoning im saying this will increase dumb plays as for point i assume you mean the smart player will be getting more XP then the dumb player because of his smart plays that isn't what i mean what i mean is it will make PFCs who are usually lower levels and want higher levels prioritise reviving others over there own protection which in itself is a dumb move