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  1. Steam Name: [GL] Potato Ingame Name: RU CPT Flame SteamID: STEAM_0:1:107164595 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Console Reason for Ban: Blacklist/Charge Back Dispute: I had gone on LOA due to things about suicide I come back after saying I would be around again in december I come back and I try to join and I was banned I dont know what happen I was gone so I couldnt have done anything I really would like to know what is going on I love this server I just wanna be back.
  2. [GL] Flame

    Flames LOA

    Ill be inactive for a long amount of time sorry.. I have some stuff going on in my life and im not going to say what it is but it has something to do with suicide, so I need a break for lke 2-3 weeks I hope that is okay and im sorry... - AOVSK GRU MAJ Flame
  3. Okay so I have been busy with school and other things and I thought I could get on enough to be "active" as of now I see that that is now possible for me at the moment so if someone put me on weekends that would be nice thx.
  4. [GL] Flame


    SZ can whitelist for GRU and people are abusing this to take peoples whitelists away even if they have gru and are in gru core. So if this could get fixed thx
  5. YoUr WRoNg AnimeRP hAs SoMe AWeSomE rP
  6. +Support -Follows Rules -Dedicated - Mature -Respectful -Helpful -Good at training
  7. + Support You didnt make us dissapointed you just need to work on question 14 and 15 as they seem to be wrong Out of joke, your good man just dont get too attracted to CWRP
  8. [GL] Flame

    My bad.

    Okay so I know I have been immature and I'm sorry about that and I'm not going to make up a excuse for it I was just not mature and I am sorry for that I will try to become more mature and I just felt like I needed to say this because its been on my mind for a good bit of time an I'm just sorry for acting that way as I am committed to being serious its just gets away from me sometimes. So I hope you guys can see me as a more mature person from now on. -Flame
  9. Allof which are mainly US.