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  1. I'm more surprised that someone looked up to me, after I became a BG I didn't do much besides participate in war. I'm glad we became friends as well. I still have the sound file for xtatic's voicemail don't worry.
  2. Of course I'd see it buddy, I had a great time playing MilRP with you. Feel free to hit me up to play other games anytime.
  3. Bring back the soundboard and broseidon
  4. The baton already has a ridiculously large range, I don't think tasers are necessary.
  5. Eiffel

    Knife rushing

    Knife rushing isn't a viable strategy anymore, even though I am able to do it on my class I don't because knives don't do the same amount of damage as they used to. That combined with the speed nerf makes knife rushing a terrible idea, knives are really just a thing to show off now.
  6. Eiffel


    I'm pretty sure BroChaCho managed to get blacklisted from RU as a whole and permanently banned today.
  7. Juggs have always been terrible, movement speed > health imo.
  8. Eiffel

    donation issue

    I thought they did this intentionally because people were bad at flying and kept causing massive amounts of deaths to bad pilots so now people have to be trained to fly.
  9. who gave you PTL have fun my duck
  10. +Support Reborn is an extremely active and reliable staff member, even though I am a washed-up retired scrub now, I still see him every time I come visit MILRP. I've heard nothing but good things about him, and knowing him for awhile, I can safely say that he cares about the community and is an extremely friendly, amazing individual.
  11. This was pretty much already a thing with gas grenades and antidote, and gas was horribly overpowered when combined with nukes as you can not take antidote and defuse at the same time. I don't see gas being added back in.
  12. Eiffel


    What do you mean? You can already create a faction, and even though it disbands when you leave, you can make it again. Take for example my faction, Church of Anime, does this.
  13. What do you guys think of Easy Bodygroup Tool for VIP/VIP+ so that we can use the bodygroups for the models we get from wardrobe? Link to Workshop I think it would be pretty neat.
  14. +Support Precision tool is vital to base building in basewars, I've already seen players leave the server as soon as they find out that precision tool is vip+ only.
  15. I'm pretty sure they will add new tiers in the future already, however the server just opened, so pretty much what Cole said.