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  1. I can deal with penguin through SRT as he was on active duty at the time. I can issue him with a punishment if you would rather go through a punishment in srt rather than a punishment through the server @BigJohnny
  2. If Im understanding the situation correctly, you used a prop to get your car in stuck which I have seen this happen on a daily on the server. Never has caused any issues. That being said, if you were globing around big props to try and get your car unstuck and interfered with other players then I can see where the warn is coming from +/- Support
  3. Will Newel


    Each department have their own unique Features that make them different from one another. At the end of the day, each one is a tac unit and we all work together to insure the safety of the town along with dealing with any tactical situation that arises. I personally am looking forward to working with aru along side SRT in the future.
  4. Name: Will Newel Rank: Admin Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:169655081 Server(s) you are apart of as staff: PoliceRp Date Joined (Go look for your app, and find the Date PLEASE- ??/??/???? (MM/DD/YYYY): 04/11/2018 Why should I keep you as a Forum Diplomat? (25 + Words Minimum):  Since my beginning here at Gaminglight, I have always strived my best to give back to the community by helping out as much as I can. I have been a memeber of all 3 subdivisons including the now late, Recruitment team, the support team and the Forum Diplomat team. I strive to maintain calm as a forum diplomat member. I consider myself to have good judgement, I know the difference between a hateful post to a constructive criticism / debate posts . I will always be diplomatic when making decisions to hide posts or delete chat box messages.
  5. As of 11/28/18 the listed members are now official SRT recruits Triggs Bambob Milo Wolfgang Duncan Speak to an FTO by 12/05/18 to get trained or you will be removed. If you are in SWAT/CERT you mustpost a leaving notice.
  6. Be patient Mr Valkyri3 Jr
  7. Jesus what a loss to the SMT team. The whole community will feel your absence and miss you. Shit I remember when we were both promoted on the same day to Senior Mod on policerp back in the days of Valkyrie. We both took our separate pathways from that point onwards. You have done a lot for this community and your work will not be forgotten. #magnificent6 (Tupac, Vinny, Louie, glow, myself and you)
  8. Those are simply amazing! Hmu on teamspeak and we’ll discuss payment
  9. Read and understood