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  1. Hi all, Just to let you know that I will be unavailable through 10/08/18 to 12/08/18 I will be heading up to my buddies cottage for the weekend and I am unsure if he has wifi or the extent of cell coverage. If you need to contact me, please do it so over the forums or through the snapchat group chat (fastest way to get in contact with me)
  2. DENIED You cant leave
  3. Congratulations to all new recruits for this round of applications! Accepted on 04/08/2018 Blitzton * Dan White Jeff M Contact Jeffe, ArmyGuy, Strider, Jake or myself directly to be trained ****Note: If you are in another tactical department (SWAT CERT) you must put up your resignations effective immediately!***
  4. !Minge player 1 Works just as good
  5. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MT6jxtaBedA/maxresdefault.jpg E60 M6 V10 BEAST https://storage.googleapis.com/gtspirit/uploads/2018/04/1554806_P90301382-highRes.jpg or the 2019 M850li
  6. It was be that warned you because you blatantly NLRed. Here is the proof: https://imgur.com/a/KNJPnzl Richard and I were in your impound lot reclaiming our car. Richard killed you so we continued to keypad crack your fence which contained the car. 59 secondes later, you AWPed Richard and attempted to kill me too but by that time I had already came up to you and confronted you. THEN you said “Yeah I have a timer it’s been 3 minutes check logs” upon checking logs I found that it wasn’t 3 minutes, simply 59 secondes. That is when I proceeded to warn you for NLR. Now, as a Admin, I am in full right to want you off duty, let me quote this DIRECLTY from the staff handbook This confirms that I was in my full right to warn you and that this warn is not false. -Support
  7. SRT Accepted applications Finch* Dawgy Congratulations to all! If you are in a current tac team *SWAT CERT*, you must leave these departments. CMDR Will Newel
  8. Ill buy you a coffee
  9. Gonna have to agree with both party’s You have a lot of potential voxis, you tick off a lot of boxes when it comes to this rank however, from what I have heard from players, I think your biggest negative is in the fact that you still need to fufilk duties as an admin, but work into the server more than what you are currently doing
  10. On Thursday, the 26th, I will be hosting a training session for all those currently interested in advancing to Breacher or Sniper. Details: Thursday the 26th 11am EST: Breacher training 12pm EST: Sniper training If you have a chance at making these times, please try to make them. If you can’t, I will host a second session on the 27th after 4:30pm est, preferably attend the first two. CMDR Will Newel
  11. Thanks for serving!
  12. +Support I see you a lot ingame since I’m usually on late night EST Mature howver your inexperience in staffing is definitely a negative, I would be willing to give you a shot. After all, everyone needs to start somewhere.