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  1. So I have been dealing with a lot of family shit, my great grandma is sick and just have been having problems at school and at home atm. So I will try my best to be on more, but it may still be very Spotty, I will be trying my best to be on more, and keep my rank, just a lot of shit going on atm. SSGT Quaked
  2. Timmemememmes, I swear I could never get your name right. You were a Wack minge, but one of my favourite ones to roam with, I swear I murdered you with a mAchete every chance I got. I'm sorry you had to leave, but put your best foot forward and, well, go play minecraft more? I dunno, Good Luck brother
  3. Man, I wish I would have knew friday lmao Understood.
  4. Switch the G3 for the AWP, as well as maral can choose what he wants to do with the 10 for something else. @maral the great
  5. Quaked

    Howdy! Traz.

    Also Timmemes will be helping me along as we go.
  6. Quaked

    Howdy! Traz.

    Hello! So I really didn't know how to start this but I am going to get into it. So I believe most of you know me but I am Quaked. So recently with Jeff M departing from the server the family was planning to be disbanded. I decided to have a talk with Jeff and I have become the new owner of Traz! So what does this mean? What this means is that I will basically be in charge and will be handling recruiting and everything like that. Here is the good part, TRAZ is now recruiting and open to all application, we are going to be as active as we can and I am going to bring this once small family back to bigger then before. I refuse to give up on this family and will not let it die out. With me still moving this may be a bit difficult but I will get some help along the way and make this the best I can. So we are recruiting! The link will be here to join the discord: https://discord.gg/wcZ2NQG Once you join PM me, "Wack/Quaked" and I will get to recruiting you! For now I am going to be doing these in VC! *Disclaimer* Mic's are not needed but will be helpful. Best of luck!
  7. Quaked

    King Family Warning

    Wait who are these kings I am hearing about? RIP Jeff, and RIP TZ. ; )
  8. So, We got ahold of wifi and I have my PC so I would like to cancel this LOA, also thanks for all of the kind words!
  9. Really? Calling him 12? That was deserved man. Be respectful people try there best for all the people on gaminglight. -support
  10. Howdy, So I really was hoping this would be later and I have told command, my WIFI will be out until around some time next month. My mom had to have surgery and her job told us she would be fine and her job would be kept. Which they fucking lied. So if you cant tell I am pissed. But the worst is I have to leave my home of 4 years to move. I love you all chiefs, I can make the meetings with DATA and TS on my phone. I also need to make a staff LOA Sorry for not following the format, I am on my phone. Also the wifi will be out today or is already out I am not home.
  11. So these are just questions I have been asked and am going to answer for some people! (Just Lil O'l quaked here but I will try) Isn't SRT not a thing anymore? First of all, that's how command gets angry. But here is the basics. So SRT has become a sort of high command in SWAT. We are a "Sub" division that is boosted and VERY exclusive. How do I get into SRT? You need to reach Staff Sergeant+ inside of SWAT. Which means you need to be at least CPL+ in PD to even apply. Why is SRT have so much armor? Well I kind of answered this before but we have become a exclusive tac unit with lots of armor and VERY low people! (The Roster) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VTbruqA_L1ck87uwMracqxWpCKmW-Ie8P93_dARZSKw/edit?ts=5c1ebee6#gid=95783878 How many people can be in SRT? From what I have been told a total of 15. Can SRT prop climb now? No, we cannot and for the people asking and calling staff that is a new feature we have gotten called a climb swep. Well if you have anymore Questions ask me, I have run outta ideas. ~SRT Quaked.
  12. Quaked

    PD Bank Vault

    +/- support. I guess like a new location would be alright but like SWAT/SRT/ARU? To me that's a nooooo, I really don't want people near the base. Most people already know.. what happens... when you go in...
  13. Wait in his room like me and maral did and message him. I would recommend having a decent amount of money depending on the class and TS message him in his waiting room that you are interested in buying an inactive CC.