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  1. Thanks a bunch, thats what I needed. I would like STEAM_0:1:86321379 Removed and STEAM_0:1:149719298 Added. Rick paid for this. (Person who made the post) I just needed to know all the steamID's on the class so that someone could be removed. Appreciate it!
  2. I need a list of the steamID's on that class so we know WHO to remove
  3. I approve, I will need a steamID list to know who to remove if possible though.
  4. +Support -Active -Good person -Knows how to deal with people -good leader
  5. Quaked

    48 Hours

    I am going to do my 48 hours,
  6. Quaked

    UMC Report

    Tbh it was me that started the advert. I can take the brunt of this if need be. Although besides that, we did NOTHING wrong. Sure it was morally probably wrong, but not wrong in a rules sense. We are sorry to Sienna and Porman like I said previously. This was actions against DD and the management. You also said "you stripped our weapons" No. We hid them prior because we KNEW we were going to be searched. Every UMC in some form "/me hides weapons" prior to entry. This was not mean't for the wedding people and we feel super bad for Sienna and Porman. I'm not sure another way to prove to them that this wasn't for them. I can go into more detail if necessary but UMC did nothing wrong in this situation.
  7. Quaked

    A Call To Arms

    you still are unfunny
  8. Alright, removing STEAM_0:0:67365734 and I paid (STEAM_0:1:169798709) Sorry for the hassle, I had thought wrong
  9. I'll just pay the 10 right now then, do I need to make another post or can we just go from here?
  10. Hey, so I had bought this class from you in teamspeak awhile ago, it should have had all members removed. I had added Mikey and that was it. If need be we can pay to get someone removed, but like I said no one else should be on it. I don't even know what steam ID's would need to be removed?
  11. Just an FYI, it's $20 to add an additional gun. It's $10 to change one. (Zeeptin replied to a previous post that its $20, though I couldn't find it in the format. )
  12. Ingame Name: Quaked Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:169798709 Job Name: Sans The Skeleton New Player: STEAM_0:1:160890078 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:1:160890078