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  1. -support ddos threat is a ddos threat, nothing else to it lol
  2. Glad I was there as the ultimate ofc, (far left)
  3. Quaked


    Also normally frame lag and game tearing
  4. Kami more like, uhh, mmmm, yikes, Um... Mami Gottem +Support, Is a family ! !! ! !! ! !
  5. Job: Quake Server: PoliceRP Person that Paid: STEAM_0:1:101780348 (Paid for both) REMOVING: STEAM_0:1:33873913 (10$) ADDING: STEAM_0:1:101780348 (20$)
  6. -/+ support I don't know if you actually didn't know about the rule or not, but still they are in the same family and can help each other out !
  7. That's a prop car, you can see the keyboard he is grabbing, also I am just going to be neutral, I can see if he was just messing around, but he is staff and needs to represent better.
  8. Traz family just recently got unblacklisted! it was blacklisted for how Jeff M acted, and well before he did get blacklisted he gave me owner. So now I am doing the hard part, and trying to recruit again, so if you are interested reply here, and/or add my discord Cole#833 ! Our goal is just to be a normal family on here, but we don't play on having allies or enemies. We just want to STAY neutral! This doesn't mean if you shoot us, we won't shoot back. We just won't pick sides, being allies etc !! (If you are one of the OG's hmu again, me and jet remade the discord and would love for yall to join) WE ARE NOT TAKING MINGES, Don't even try
  9. Quaked

    Bank Robbery

    I am not really sure what I think could fix this but I have an issue, so the bank Robbery takes a total of 8 minutes for a good amount of cash, Witch is nice, but I have some concerns. 1. First if I killed a bunch of PD, it seems really unfair they can come back after 3 minutes, but MY family can't. (One idea would be to allow family members to come back after NLR time) 2. Another problem I have is having a hostage, lets say I have a hostage, there is ZERO way I can negotiate for 8 minutes for the hostage, the police never value their life anyways. (Maybe change the way people think of stalling, like for instance make it where there is not stalling, because they cant keep making demands, or something like the hostage has to be free'd at 3 mins or somethin. So that you can keep him there for a bit) 3. Lower the time, I know snar changed it, and I was there for it, but it just seems SO long now. 4. Allow only certain units to breach, or just make it if you die, you cant come back at all. I dunno these are just a few lemme know. also it's 2:00am, ignore typo's
  10. Quaked

    Leaving SRT

    Title says all, was a fun time when I got in last year. With so many changes and some personal stuff, and never being able to be online I am resigning. Congratulations @Matthew
  11. Quaked

    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Quaked Rank and Call Sign: SAIC Reserves Date: 4/28/2019 How active are you? (be honest please): Inactive
  12. So I have been dealing with a lot of family shit, my great grandma is sick and just have been having problems at school and at home atm. So I will try my best to be on more, but it may still be very Spotty, I will be trying my best to be on more, and keep my rank, just a lot of shit going on atm. SSGT Quaked
  13. Timmemememmes, I swear I could never get your name right. You were a Wack minge, but one of my favourite ones to roam with, I swear I murdered you with a mAchete every chance I got. I'm sorry you had to leave, but put your best foot forward and, well, go play minecraft more? I dunno, Good Luck brother