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SRT Accepted Applications 4/19/22


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S.R.T. Accepted / Denied Applications

If your name is provided on the list below, congratulations! Your application was reviewed and approved by S.R.T Command!

Catfishing For Nitro: Good application, look forward to working with you

Toolman: Very good application! Look forward to meeting you

If you have been accepted and your name is on the list above, please contact an S.R.T Field Training Officer (FTO) for proper S.R.T training! You have 14 days (05/03/22) to be trained properly! If you do not receive training within that time frame, you will be denied and removed from S.R.T. 

If your name is NOT on this list, this means you, unfortunately, did not seem fit for S.R.T and your application has been denied. All applications are carefully reviewed by S.R.T Command and we will only choose the best-fit people!

Please wait until 04/26/2022 to apply for S.R.T again! 

If you have any further questions as to why you are denied, you may come speak to the Commander's regarding the issue.

- SRT Commander Kitty 1K66
-SRT Co-Commander Masterson 1K73

-SRT Major Seb 1X48

PoliceRP Senior Admin | SRT Co-Commander

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

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2 minutes ago, MJTHEOG said:

Sheeeeesh Welcome! 


PD COL | SS R AD |  EMS Chief | SRT MSGT |  "Super Admin of Police RP" | Former MTF Nu7 RCT - MiniEpic



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