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  1. Your a amazing person tac you were a funny guy and gave me a good laugh once in a while gonna miss you running around being you thank you for your work within the community and hope you good luck in the future whenever your free feel free to contact me 07
  2. even tho suggestions are benefitting for the server and the community suggestions includes -Addons -Rules -Weapon Updates[Discord] In the future refrain from making a suggestion like this thank you
  3. This is not a valid suggestion If you want your warns to be appealed go appeal them in report center theres 2 ways of getting warns removed -Appealing -Buying the Warn Wipe Package[Which Wipes Warns from 2020 and before i think] Removing warns after a year isn't how people learn to not break rules as they will continue breaking rules in the future. -SUPPORT
  4. +Support -Former Staff member -Experienced
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